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Halo Pc

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#1 Heathen


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Posted 10 September 2003 - 04:45 PM

I just had a play around with beta 1.5 of Halo for the PC and a couple of things jumped out at me as I played, I just wondered whether or not anyone else had any thoughts on this...

The first thing that hit me was the awful quality of the graphics at the moment...now this is quite obviously not final but still, the general layout of the graphics and the overall look hasn't really been optimized for the PC...yet...at least I hope it will be.

The next two or three things that hit me were gameplay points, I hopped into the back of a warthog and was very suprised to find that the warthog no longer had a chaingun...it now has a rocketlauncher, did I miss this from one of the lists of new features/changes that have been seen? because I don't remember it and a lot of the things I did see mentioned were there...Flamethrower...Fuel-Rod gun etc...

As far as overall gameplay goes the game seems at least a solid as the XBOX version, nothing was worse although with this being a beta release (which I don't understand since there is less than a fortnight until the final release...so why so late for a release?) there were some nasty parts, Active Camouflage was horrible both in third person view and in third person view over a LAN...which brings me on to my next point...Multiplayer gameplay is everything I could have hoped for in Halo on the PC and more :-)

Last thing, I don't see any options to use mods...maybe I missed it but it would have been nice, I know it wasn't listed as a feature but I was still hoping :-)

To surmise, even as a beta this is an exceptional game, some things are lacking but those things are tasks almost certain to me completed in the final release, and even then these are small things...and the new things are nice too...the flamethrower looks and works the same as in the Halo game on the xbox (if you obtain it by switching the values in a cache map file) except now it causes damage, and a lot of it too.

Has anyone else tried this? How do you like it? Were the problems I put down to this being a beta not a problem for you and just a bug with my GFX card?

Not too much flaming :-)



P.S. Oh yeah, it installs DX 9.0b...I thought 9.0a was the latest? have I again missed something :-)

#2 DaGamePimp


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Posted 10 September 2003 - 04:58 PM

Game seems to be better looking on Radeon 9500/9700/9800 at this point [ from what many are saying ] , GeForce cards probably have not been optimized as of yet [ or most GeForce users may not be using the latest drivers that have been tested with Halo 1.5 ] .
DX9b has been around for a while now wink.gif .

#3 Heathen


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Posted 10 September 2003 - 05:02 PM

Thanks, I'm not using a GeForce card though, I'm using a Radeon 9800 :-)

I missed DX 9.0b :-(

Anyway, Thanks :-)

#4 Illumina


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Posted 10 September 2003 - 06:43 PM

yeah, I play this game multiplayer every night with my clanmates from another game. I absolutly love it and cannot wait for the retail smile.gif 2v2 ctf is the most we've gotten to play with so far :/

One thing I thought about is who knows how recent this beta is. beta 1.5 could be a relatively old beta for halo ohmy.gif I'm sure most of the things you mentioned will be fixed by retail launch.

#5 Foe-hammer


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Posted 10 September 2003 - 06:47 PM

Does halo pc allow for controller support; ie., xbox controller via usb adapter?

#6 moodcrush


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Posted 10 September 2003 - 07:22 PM

I read on some forum (can't remember which) that 1.5 is about 2 months old.

#7 jaredkortje


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Posted 10 September 2003 - 07:44 PM

yes its about 2 months old and if any of you would like to play me u can use a prog called battle.lan so u can play over the internet me and my friends do it works great
add me on msn messenger and we can arrange some games Some_Randum_Guy@hotmail.com

#8 Notachance


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Posted 10 September 2003 - 08:11 PM

I thought the graphics were very good: just high res versions of the Xbox original with what looks like exactly the same polygons. The textures could do with being upsampled, and I guess we've been spoilt by games that use more polys. Unreal 2 in particular (which has clearly been heavily influenced by Halo) really looks far better, and I don't think Halo PC will be able to compete graphically given the original source material. I had no problem with active camouflage, and I'm also using an ATI.

Heathen: Don't panic, there are now two kinds of Warthogs.

I wasn't that impressed with the flamethrower. The one in Unreal 2 looks miles better.

It's great to have a mouse. It made me realise just how obstructive the controller is. I'm now dreading playing through Halo 2 with the sodding thing. I feel the player speed is painfully slow now it's on the PC. MC felt pretty slow on the Xbox, but that was largely to compensate for the controller. Having gotten used to electron-fast reflexes dodging shots in UT, plodding about in Halo is incredibly frustrating.

One thing I was holding out hope for was better co-op on the PC. Fighting through Halo as a team would've been great fun (if a bit easy). However, it seems there's no co-op at all, and it won't be in the release version either! Bummer.

Although I will definitely buy Halo PC, I think it'll be a disappointment. The single-player experience is basic and clumsy by PC standards, and multiplayer won't be able to compete with UT2k4, which is looking to offer a Halo-style multiplayer experience with vehicle support and all the other stuff we now expect from PC FPS.

#9 Haruno


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Posted 11 September 2003 - 03:37 AM

does anyone have the files to make it at least have direct connect? anyone try the pre gold version? i'm using the beta 1.5

#10 Biznaz


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Posted 11 September 2003 - 07:40 AM

the pregold rls is the same as the 1.5 release. as i said in a different thread, you don't need battle.lan or any other software to play online. all you need to do is create a shortcut on your desktop to halo.exe, and right click properties, in the target box, add -connect ip at the end, after the quotations. substitute ip for the servers ip. You'll need to change this if you want to join different servers

"E:Program FilesMS GamesHalohalo.exe" -connect

Edited by Biznaz, 11 September 2003 - 07:41 AM.

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