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Code To Get 2 Memory Menus...sweet!

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#1 BobMcGee


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Posted 18 September 2003 - 12:23 PM

Ok...I think this is a really sweet feature. The following code will allow you to add multiple memory menus (the one with the saved game icons). On my xbox I have one that I left in the original state and one that is modified to launch things only...that way my friends don't erase my saves or cause some other catastrophy...JbOne and Gcue gave me the info to help me debug this...couldn't have done anything without their hard work.

This process is, basically, 7 steps, and they are assuming that you are using the EasyMusicConfig type setup...you can modify this to work with JbOne's autofill dash, etc...:

1) Open the default.xip--->default.xap and add the following DEF. You can replace the word Games with whatever you want as long as you are consistent. Additoinally you can rename the Games3.xap to whatever you want to call the copy of the memory menu:

DEF theGamesInline Inline
  visible false
  url "Games3.xap"

  function onLoad()

function GoToGames()
  if (theGamesInline.visible)
      theGamesInline.visible = true;

2) In default.xip-->default.xap search for the following line. There should be 4 or 5 to replace:

if ( MainMenuLaunch4 == 8 )

replace this if statement with

if ( MainMenuLaunch4 == 8 )

3) Open the config.xap file. Change the XBMP tab to read GAMES and assign this tab to function 8 if it is not already. Save. Reinsert. Save

4) Copy the file default.xip-->memory3.xap and rename the copy to games3.xap.

5) Open games3.xap and search for default.xap. There should be two...the second one is memory_files2/default.xap. change to default2.xap. Save. Reinsert. Save.

6) Open memory_files2, extract default.xap copy it...rename the copy to default2.xap...reinsert...save.

7)Resign the dash and if you did everything correctly it should load**

**Note this will just give you 2 copies of the memory menu in their original state. You can alter the games3.xap to load games by following dlux's tutorial in the pinned section (Codes only). It is also very easy to erase the delete function. Additionally, it is possible to customize the crap out of this launch menu...trust me...but it's not my code to release so try experimentation for now.

Hope this little information helps you out.



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Posted 18 September 2003 - 04:29 PM

pretty cool man, nice work tongue.gif


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