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Important / Key Threads: Backups, DVD/CD Burning

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Posted 26 September 2003 - 04:56 AM


Following up on what LepPper has started in the other forums.. instead of making every Tutorial or Key Thread a PINNED or Sticky.. We'll include them here in this master list.

NOTE: a few pointers that are linked to our DWL server are currently offline and will be up shortly. All other links WORK unless stated to be temp down. For these links to work reliably.. you need to allow XS access to your Cookies and make sure you have enough of your security "open". This has been a reason some people fine that a link works.. but not persistantly.

All Links checked NOV 2nd 2003

This will be updated by the HEAD MODS, and the FORUM MOD(s) for this forum.

Game Specific Hacking / Game Specific Backup Threads:

The Warriors Files To remove To Shrink The game

Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance that is playable from 2 DVD-R (or RW) Metal Gear Solid 2 (Mgs2) Substance 2xdvd-r Backup - [sonix] - A detailed guide with links to tools.. that will help you to make a working backup of Metal Gear Solid 2 Substance that is playable from 2 DVD-R (or RW) - EXCELLENT

More Metal Gear Solid 2 (MGS2) Substance 2 DVDR Backup info - HERE by CABSHIELD

Detailed backup instructions and info for ENTER THE MATRIX game
The Definitive Guide To Backing Up ENTER THE MATRIX (Etm) Inc. Pal

More ENTER the MATRIX here in this Thread - Buttza

Complete ENTER THE MATRIX PAL Patch and rename PAL TOOL by BUTTZA

Re-Linking Files Tutorial from XS / LinksAwakeningRe-Linking Files Tutorial

NFL 2004 Backup and Hex-Editing Info NFL FEVER 2004

FATX Limitations and allowable Characters (ascii) - Heinrich Characters that XBOX accepts / donesn't accept

Games that contain files with ILLEGAL Names (for HD/FatX)List of Games that have Illegal FILENAMES for XBOX HD - Whiffen

Games Taking Up Too Much Space? Rahszhul

How To Write Acls ! guide for fixing long filename issues - WiSo

Game Backup Troubleshooting Freezing? Dirty Disk Error? Read here. chefelf



MEDIA: Collection of posts.. detailing peoples experiences with different media and their XBOX.
What Type of DVD-R, DVD+R CDR, CDRW, DVD-RW etc work best for XBOX

The TRUTH about who makes what discs, and which ones are best.

Some interesting notes on the DVD+ Media here

DVD Blank Media Compatibilty with hardware. DVD Media listing/Research by HSDEMONZ also some percentages here

Reviews: Dvd Burners From the other site I work for.. CDRINFO HSDEMONZ

MEDIA NEWS : DVD+R9 announced Oct 3rd, 2003 New dual-layer DVD+R technology developed by Philips in cooperation with MKM increases DVD recordable capacity to 8.5 Gbytes Phillips Research Research PDF and here 2. A dual layer presentation here

BURNING SOFTWARE: Current Poll on what is more reliable to use to burn XBOX iso file.. from our current membership Burning Software Poll - Nero Vs Record Now Max (Primo DVD) - Xeero

STOCK DVD DRIVE: Read this to figure out what type of STOCK DVD reader came with your XBOX.. without even opneing it. What Type of Stock DVD drive Do I have in the XBOX (3 types) - BenJeremy/Xeero Pics.


BACKUPS: XBOX Backup/Iso/Burning Tools Specific

Common Craxtion Errors.. and how to fix them Craxtion Errors

SimpleX ISO guide SIMPLEX .doc guide by HSDEMONZ

How to use DVD2XBOX to backup an XBOX game to your HD.Backup A Game To Your Hard Drive - Using dvd2xbox (application written by WiSo, tutorial written by heinrich) Fixed link.

Faq: My Game Backup Won't Run -or- Locks Up! - Some tips on how to get things running.

Patching New Games - Comments, Questions, Patches - Xeero Patching New Games - Xeero - A cornocopia of info.. on patching games (post Feb 2003) Read before making a post saying.. "does X game have copy protection?"

Creating An Evox Disc For Testing Creating An Evox Disc For Testing - explicitlyrics100

The Complete Guide To Producing , Extracting, And Burning XBOX Iso Image Files (PC + MAC) - HSDEMONZ + MR ED Complete Guide To XBOX Iso Image Files Older guide.. but still completely valid. Everything you need to know. to learn the basics of backing up games for play on your XBOX. (note: Read this guide.. then.. grab CRAXTION and/or SIMPLEX.. and use in place of some of the GOOD (but older) tools in the guide. (Full Thread.) - Older version of the guide.. in HTML form HSDEMONZ Complete Guide to Backups

Complete Craxtion Guide - HSDEMONZComplete Craxtion Guide Online - Detailed guide on using the best features of CRAXTION for Iso Creation, Extraction, and Multi-Game ISO making.

MAC Backup Guide by MR ED.Complete MAC based Backup Guide by MR ED

Make a ONE to ONE (1:1) backup of a backup game disk.Complete Guide to making a ONE to ONE ( 1:1 ) backup of an already burned disk - Direct pointer to post.. details the process of making copies of burned copies.. er.. backups of backups.

CDR Backups for XBOXBurning XBOX Backups to CDR.. Yes.. it is possible.. and on ALL XBOX Readers. (with some limitations) - Detailed guide on getting backups burned onto CDR.. for use on XBOX. Works on all 3 types of XBOX stock readers.

DVD movie backup to PC HDD to DivX Guide Tutorial written by : myffonline

How to create an Xbox iso file: Oldest XBOX Backup guide. - Xantium

How to create an Xbox iso file (several programs): Another OLDER guide. - non-functional/missing?

How to extract an Xbox iso file (v0.1) using XISO OLD extraction guide using XISO - Xantium

Burn ISOs with PrimoDVD: Burn ISOs with PrimoDVD (v0.4) - Xantium

Burn ISOs with Nero: Burn ISOs with Nero (v0.1) - Xantium

Guide to making Multi Game Xbox DVDs: Godsins Guide to Making Multi-Boot XBOX DVDs v1.00

Down Sampling Movies and Audio HSDEMONZ Downsampling



Firmware for DVD Burners (Hacked or otherwise) Info: Using Hacked Firmware to Burn 2x on 1x DVD-R, plus more info and links to Firmware related forums. Additional info, and testing results on using Hacked Firmware to Burns Cheap media at 2x when rated at 1x



Bad Software / Appz or methods to avoid. Don't Use Xiso. An Essay written by HSDEMONZ detailing the reasons to not use XISO by Yursoft - A short but detailed rant.. on the pitfalls of using this STILL buggy software.



Having problems with your backups? Important Info about what you think is a "BAD BURN". Also read Bad Burns Do Happen...


Game Backup/Freeze Problems, How to Fix 90% of Game Backup Problems by chefelf


CANADA - PIRACY / BACKUPS / LEGALITIES / and LEVIES: http://forums.xbox-s...mp;#entry731880

Legal Arguments About Backups & Piracy

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Posted 08 March 2004 - 12:39 PM

Since we have ALOT of stupid people on XS.. allow me the time to make some points perfectly clear...

XS IS NOT HERE TO HELP YOU PIRATE GAMES. We don't care about your claims to own the game.. or to have imported a game etc. If you are downloading it.. we don't want to hear about it. (DON'T ASK DON'T TELL POLICY!)

If you download scene releases from WAM, PROJECTX, CSiSO etc.. and post problems with them cause you downloaded them.. eg...

"dude.. I download WAM's release of 'J00 SUCK BALLS' game.. and it doesn't work here on my HD"

...expect to get a warning.. and maybe a ban.

"dude.. the CSiSO XBE fix fuxored something.. help"

.. expect a warning.. and maybe a ban.

"dude.. I need the XBE repleacement for "x" game.

.. expect a warning.. and maybe a ban.

"dude.. anyone got a Torrent for..."

.. expect a warning.. and maybe a ban.

"dude.. my mom threw my game out.. can anyone PM a copy..."

.. expect a warning.. and maybe a ban.

"PM me privately.. I can get you the link/xbe/etc for "x" game or the complete game etc..."

.. expect a warning.. and maybe a ban.

You get the idea.

People will be banned.. guaranteed. .for posting "PM me for the XBE".

MODERATORS will be cracking down.

Do not discuss PIRACY downloads.. or PIRATE SCENE PATCHES for problems. All it does is encourage people to use this board.. publicly or privately for piracy.. and that isn't what we are here for.

Links to WAREZ, ROMS, XBE, files produced by XDK will get you AUTO BANNED.
Links to Scene WAREZ "fixes" like WAM/PX/CSiSO/Riot Fixes will get you a warning.. and maybe a ban.
Expect more to be added as we see fit.


If you are dumb enough.. to admit in posts that you downloaded a game and want help with it.. expect the catch the attention of the staf.. who will likely edit or delete your post.. then suspend your posting privs.. then have have you banned.


If you want help on how to backup your inventment.. enjoy our site.



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Posted 03 July 2004 - 06:22 PM

wink wink nudge nudge cough cough

Got a legit question to ask.. then ask. Get cute.. and skirt the rules on piracy talk.. and expect the mods to ban you.

"dude.. I own 14 games.. and cough PGR2 cough ain't working.. help.." is a quick way to get banned.

XS is NOT here to help you pirate games. We will help you.. and give you detailed instructions on how to backup your investments.. but we won't help you with your pirate downloads.

Expect the mods during the next week or so to crack down and you see more idiots removed.

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