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Dvd Replacement Switch

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Posted 27 September 2003 - 02:25 PM

I'd like to add an external Lite-on DVD drive, as shown in a few of the tutorials on this site, but I also want the original drive operational by a switch, to switch between original DVD & Lite-On DVD. I have made a three drive cable and I need to know the best way of doing this.

Option #1: Per the tutorials on this site, cut wire 23 and run it into a SPST switch.

Option #2: Cut the power of the drive not being used. The Lite-On is enclosed in a parallel to ide external housing, which has it's own 50W dedicated P/S. This helps by not drawing power from the Xbox's P/S and involves much less wiring. I can obviously just shut this drive down by turning the external drive off. I would like to put a DPDT switch on the 5V & 12V leads going into the Xbox DVD drive to power the drive down. The powered down drive should then not appear to the Xbox, and the powered drive will become the slave.

Here is my question, I would like to do Option #2, as it's less messy than cutting wire 23 on the ide cable. But the DVD replacement tutorials on this site states the following about getting a replacement DVD drive to boot a game:

Insert nothing in the xbox-drive.
Open the PC drive and insert disc.
Close the PC drive.
Reset Xbox. (reset button or "reboot xbox" in EvoX).
Game should launch , if not , try METHOD2.

Eject the xbox drive (<-- Xbox drive!!)
Insert the CD-r/rw or DVD-r/rw disc in the PC drive (<-- PC drive !!)
Close the xbox drive with an original xbox game inside. (<-- Xbox drive!!)

If METHOD 1 works, I would think adding a DPDT switch on the Xbox drive should work, but if METHOD 1 doesn't work, and I need to use METHOD 2, I'm screwed because I won't be able to eject the Xbox drive with the power cut from it.

Can someone with some expertise assist me with this matter?

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