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Tiger Woods 2004 Ntsc

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Posted 17 October 2003 - 07:51 PM

Tiger Tiger Tiger Woods y'all!

this is my second review and i have decided to dedicate it to the game i am currently playing TW2004.

TITLE: Tiger Woods 2004 NTSC
DATE: Released 2003
1-4 Players

whoohoo Tiger is back and so am i! this years installment into the long running Tiger line up is the biggest yet with new courses, new golfers, new 10 year PGA tour, new chip shot, new green grid, realtime events, lots of new skill modes and most importantly I'M IN THE GAME!! and by that i mean the new EA GameFace editor allows for u to make a golfer that looks just like you + with the new improved ProShop u can play dress up with 100's of items to deck out your player. enough of the game teasers lets get into it .. FORE!

i have read a few other ppls reviews of Tiger and pretty much all of them have said that the controls are exactly the same as last year, i disagree with some of that, the controls in 2004 are tighter than 2003 with more room for error in your shot but allowing for better shots.. this time around if u push forward on an angle your ball will hook, if you don't push all the way forward u will duff the ball, it still is very easy to drive the ball most times and have it land on the fairway. for returning TW players u will feel right at home with the familer and great working control set.

if your not familer with the control set here goes .. your swing is made with the left or right thumbstick, back for your back swing forward to hit the ball, you are able to add Tiger power to your shot by tapping the black button in your back swing .. spin is made by tapping the white button and moving the thumbstick in your desired direction as the ball is in flight. Hook shots are made by pulling down on an angle on the thumbstick in your backswing in the direction u want the ball to hook and then pushing forward on the oposite angle. simple right ?

Tiger is a great pick up and play golf game .. the game is very nice to you and its easy to be good at it, far too easy i think .. some challenge lies in getting behond the good and hitting 7 eagles in a round :]

this year in TW2004 we are givin the new PGA Tour Mode and the new World Tour (improved Tiger challenge) both these are great aditions to the game however the computer players suck ..

Tournys are waaaay to easy, i should b able to finish -64 after four rounds on Royal Birkdale but the second place guy should NOT finish -10 after four rounds.. i have not finished all the tourneys in the game at the time of this writing but i'm not forseeing any challenge as i am on the 10th tourny and still beating everyone everytime by over 30 strokes, i have won all my tournys on the first day of the tourny... hopefully they are teasing me :]

World Tour mode is a breeze, why do they hit it over and over into the water ???! i even beat Tiger in the Target Challenge on my first try (double eagle 1st hole) ( sherwood target is the pwd btw :] )

Playing against your friends is always way better for challenge however for whatever reason u really can't make any money playing rounds with your friends, unless of course u hit hole in ones every other par 3 .. why can't we place bets ?? or play 2 player tournys like last year ??? why do i make $900 for a skin!?? i make more then that when i get an eagle .. this needs work EA. however 2 player has a few new tricks this time around with the new Battle Golf in which the winner of a hole gets to take a club from the loser and some new Skill Modes to test your driving and accuracy against each other. All and all its solid 2 or more player game

Real Time events are another new feature to this years TW. these are little mini games u play against other golfers or just against yourself (scenario mode) that pop up on days of the month. this is a good idea and adds that something special, they even remind u a few days before an event. having said that i tried changing the clock on my xbox to a day i knew had an event (halloween) and sure enough it opened plus it opened all the other ones for me to look at (u can only play them on that day) in the calender mode. u don't win much but its a kewl new feature.

ProShop / Clubs
one thing i need to address here is the proshop / buying items issue .. yep its pretty sweet u get sponsers and are able to purchase new clubs and cloths from them however buying these things does nothing for you until waaay later into the game .. yes i know u get modifiers for your stat points however all those modifiers do is give u the ability to get 110 in your stats .. whoohoo .. so basically use all the stuff they give u off the bat , spend all your money on stats till your guy is respectable and then get clubs and such, they are a waste of $100,000 when your attributes suck .. i know this is EAs first shot at this system but i play golf and clubs make a huge difference in your shot.

am i playing golf or sitting on the couch ?? i don't know anymore! .. the graphix in TW2004 are improved alot from last years installment and the courses have never looked better, the dragon par3 on the emerald dragon is a sweet looking hole :] .. EA has also fixed some really bad graphix glitchs from 2003 that would make land see through on some holes which is a good thing .. their is always room for improvment tho, the fans are ghosts, they disappear and re-appear as well as deep grass which does the same thing .. some of the golfers look like their real life counter parts others don't IMO anyway .. why does my guy bend down to pick up his tee after a shot but the tee is still there when the next player steps up to the mic ? .. u can't tie up laces in sandles either :] the new grid on the green is a nice new adition.. all and all this game is the closest your going to get to being on a course playing a console golf game.

"y'all goin make me lose my mind, up in here, up in here!" .. EA gets some strange songs for their games .. If u do get tired of DMX this years TW supports xbox ripped soundtracks of your very own music.. being that this is a golf game no music is really needed when on the course but we are lucky enough to get anouncing from David Feherty and new this year Gary McCord, Bill Macatee didn't make it for this years show .. this pair has alot to say + they even take pokes at u for bad shots or being over qualified to be on the white tees .. the rest of the sounds are ambient more or less, birds, water, wind in the trees and of course golf clap.

this game is great for golf fans and non golf fans looking for something different in a sports game .. its arcadey with the smoke and slow mo and its sim with the ability to pick different clubs and improve character stats through a PGA season .. EA needs to make it harder tho .. Graphix are great, controls are great .. oh ya and this year your caddy went to rehab and is no longer on crack(if u played last year u know what i mean) ... don't know what else to say... buy it! :] 9/10

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Posted 17 October 2003 - 08:51 PM

QUOTE (c-2 @ Oct 17 2003, 04:51 PM)
oh ya and this year your caddy went to rehab and is no longer on crack(if u played last year u know what i mean)

LOL...I know exactly what you mean biggrin.gif

Great review...Great game wink.gif

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Posted 18 October 2003 - 12:45 AM

QUOTE (c-2 @ Oct 17 2003, 09:51 PM)
Tiger Tiger Tiger Woods y'all!

down 2 earth laugh.gif

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