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Posted 18 October 2003 - 07:10 AM

DEVLOPER - Terminal Reality
Genre- Action
Release Date - 10/13/2K3

Being my first review I will just begin on the background of the game. Roadkill starts out in a Mad Max world but in the US. You play as Manson Strong, one lone survivors of a disease called the rot. So the rest of the survivors (kinda like in the Mad Max movies) have firefights and such in these crazyly modded cars.

Imagine taking GTAs missions and its crued humor and language plus Twisted Metal's play, physics and weapons and a dash of Mad Max and you got Roadkill. Now if youre consired about the cars in terms on how to get them, you cant get out of your car and take some one elses. But you do earn cars still by races, finding hiding car icons and blueprints and other side missons. Speaking of missions, if you played GTA, you will be really familar with doing missions, well you know, a talk from your boss or whoever telling your mission, you do the mission, you know the drill.


The sound has a good mixbag of music from classic rock artists like Judist Priest, Blue Oyster Cult, April Wine, and Foreigner. The music in game are a rap station, a love talk station rolleyes.gif and few others. In SFX department, the standard fare as in gun shots and such, not much to talk about here.


The graphics have a Twisted Metal sharpness and detail so Terminal Relaity has done great job in the graphics department. Not much to talk here, just very high detail graphics in a Twisted Metal way.


I recoommend getting Roadkill if you like Twisted Metal and GTA and if youre curious on how it plays just rent it. Its defent must get for Multiplayer mode(I cant try it dont think i only one controller and noone really comes to my house to play games sad.gif and certinly for single player missions.


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