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I Dont Understand How I Got Banned...

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#1 chalde


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Posted 02 November 2003 - 05:21 PM

OK - Last night, I installed Xbox Live ( Chip off / Upgraded HD ) and it was working fine - I was able to play and connect on Live without any problems.

This morning, I turn on the Chip, I transfer some files on the HD ( movies and a game ) and watch a movie using Xbox Media Player.

I use the Xbox Media player reboot button ( it takes me to the Xbox dashboard ) and turn off the Xbox.

When it rebooted to the Xbox Dashboard, it didnt try to connect to Xbox Live ( I turned off the Auto connect thingy )

I turn the chip off, turn on the xbox, go to Live and I get the Live error message ( modified Xbox ) and I have the dreaded 6860 code...

Did I screw something by booting with Evox when the Chip is on ?
I didn't try to go on Live with the Chip on -

Last night though, when I had the chip on and I was using Xbox media player, when I used the reboot button, the xbox tried to connect to live, but I turned it off really quick -

Might it be that I didn't turn it off fast enough and some informations were sent already ? I was still able to connect afterward with the chip off without no problems...

Unless I don't access Xbox Live, no data should be sent right ?

Any help will be greatly appreciated - Before i start looking for a new EEProm, I would like to know how to prevent to get banned again in the future...


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#2 Fuzzy


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Posted 02 November 2003 - 05:44 PM

You didnt nescessarily get banned then. Usually banning takes a few days. Possibly could you have used a live aware game with your chip on? If so theres your problem. Remember what Shanafan the bear says, only you can prevent banning (no offense shana laugh.gif )

#3 chalde


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Posted 02 November 2003 - 05:50 PM

Nope - I didn't play anygames from the HD since yesterday - And when I booted one to check, I have the cable off -

I do have the Banned code though - sad.gif

#4 Mad_Gouki


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Posted 02 November 2003 - 05:53 PM

be sure to have your internet connection turned off while you are transfering games i guess...
the only reason i dont have to do that is because i have a usb modem so it is like having a strange firewall... it has been a curse and a blessing.

#5 chalde


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Posted 02 November 2003 - 06:21 PM

Ok - Now the question is :

Xbox Unbanned by changing the EEPROM - If I unplug the Network Cable, turn on the chip, boot up with Evox from the HD - Play a HD game ( without Live content ), or use Xbox Media Player...

Can I still get banned ?

Do I need to run Evox from a cd, or I should still be able to run it through the HD - Can I run Xbox media player, or any APPZ without having the risk to get banned ?

Thanks for the help -

#6 Poppyseed


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Posted 02 November 2003 - 06:44 PM

You got banned because your XBOX connected to Live through the Dashboard. You weren't quick enough to turn it off. I had the same thing happen to me this week. I rushed and turned it off. Then I turned it back on and I could still connect to Live. However, by the next day, I was banned. Boo.

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#7 Genessee


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Posted 03 November 2003 - 02:41 PM

I had a similar thing happen, was loading a DIXV movie in XBMP. It crashed and the Live dash came up. Luckily I was sitting right infront of the XBox and turned it off before it connected. THis was just after the Live 2.0 update, I didn't have the auto-sign in crap turned off at that time. Pure luck that I didn't get banned.

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