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Newbie Welcome Guide + Additional Rules

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Posted 04 November 2003 - 06:13 PM

Newbie Welcome Guide + Additional Rules v2
Once again, the pinned topics in this forum were growing, and becoming quite a mess. The 1st version of this thread can still be found here, and I will most likely be including a little more of that thread shortly.
If you find any errors, or feel that something should be added, please PM me here on the boards.

First off, let me welcome you to the Xbox-Scene Forums. Most likely, you came here to get help with modding your xbox. On behalf of Admins, Mods, and Members, I plead with you to read the forum rules, and to follow them. Please use the search function of the forum before starting a new thread; there are tens of thousands of members, and hundreds of thousands of posts, chances are, your question has been answered 10 times already. With that said, we'll go ahead and get the rules out of the way.

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Posted 04 November 2003 - 06:17 PM

Last Updated: Nov 2005
Forum Rules are enforced by the Moderators(MODS) and Administrators of the board. It is up to the MODs/ADMINs what threads/posts are outside of the boundaries of the rules, and up that person what to do with the thread/post.

Stuff that will get Posts Removed, Edited, and/or Locked:
* Direct or indirect links to Xbox software (this includes retail games, backups, BIOSes, and MS XDK-compiled homebrew software)
NOTE: This includes links to .torrent files, OR sites that serve as a "tracker" for .torrent files.
* Any requests or offers for Xbox software (see above)
* Links to sites that sell 'backups'
* Any requests or offers for PC, MAC commercial software (including OS, NON-shareware/freeware utils, etc)
* Requests or offers for any type of crack/patch/serial # for any of the above.
* Any requests or offers for game console ROMs (including, but not limited to Xbox, PSX, PS2, GameCube, All GameBoy, Nintendo, SNES, all Sega, arcade, etc.)
* Requests or offers / pointers to PORN pictures or sites.
* Do not create a thread, or poll about a member, mod, or admin (see below for more detail)

Stuff that will get a Thread/Topic LOCKED:
* Lame Flame posts... including clear attempts to goad others into unconstructive and abusive arguments. (to be determined by the staff).
* Questions repeated often. These threads will either be deleted, or merged to existing topics.
* Any thread in violation of the rules.
* Recreated threads of those which are closed (see below).

Stuff that will get a Topic MOVED:
* Threads posted in the wrong forum. Whether intentional or not.

*Max 4 lines of text (as viewed on an 800x600 display)
*No 'large' or 'largest' size
*Max 1 image (gif/jpeg/png)
*Max size image is 450(w) x 140(h) pixels
*No animated gifs allowed! (this has been abused in the past)
*No offending/illegal images or text allowed
*No referral URLs of any kind
*No requests for donations ever!
*No racism/racist/slanderous/antagonistic remarks
*No swearing!
*No links, direct or indirect to Xbox XDK or Sony SDK produced files.
*No links, direct or indirect to piracy/warez sites or files.
*No links, direct or indirect to nude pictures, or other pornographic materials
*No links, direct or indirect to game ROMs (don’t waste our time telling us you have a right to it.. or you own the original, etc)
*Links to outwar/outpimp click-point type or any other referral service-type service in your sig may result in an immediate ban - you have been warned!

Note about Sig rules:
Rules will be enforced at the admin's and moderator's discretion; reasonable variances will be allowed, as well as extenuating circumstances that may permit exemptions from the rules (such as helpful info). Staff have exemption from sig rules.

If you have an issue with a member, or notice that a certain member is violating the rules, and it is being overlooked, the best thing to do is to PM a head mod. If it is concerning one particular forum, PM the mod that leads that forum. If there is no one for that forum, if you would rather not discuss it that mod, or if it is a general complaint, PM a head moderator.
If you have an issue with any staff, PM HSDEMONZ.

You can find an entire list of the ADMIN/MODS here

DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE, start a thread about a MEMBER, MOD, or ADMIN. This includes Polls such as: "Who is the biggest post whore", "Do you like so-and-so", "Do you think so-and-so should be banned". This is one of the easiest way to get on the HEAD MODS' and ADMINS' bad side.

How To Get Help (The Right Way)
Please read this general guide: http://www.tuxfiles....elp/forums.html
Be sure to read the pinned posts in the forum that you are posting in (Esp. the "What not to post in this forum" topics)


Some other helpful tips:
* Do NOT send PMs or emails to members requesting files/ROMs/games/etc. Do not post your email address and ask people to email you any files or anything, and do not post your email/website that would contain any illegal files. I must remind you, any links to XDK compiled software, ROMs, or anything else piracy or possibly piracy related is forbidden on these boards. Don’t think that just because you handle it in a PM doesn’t make it the concern of the staff. “PM/email me (forbidden request)” or “PM me because I can’t talk about it on the forums” posts are a good way to get suspended/banned.

* If a thread sparks a different question in your mind that isn't 100% related to the main topic, start a new thread and ask. Posting unrelatedly in another’s topic is thread-jacking and is considered highly rude.

* Any attempt to start a flame war, any trolling to get others to start a flame war no matter how subtle, any kind of disrespect to other members no matter how minor, any attempt to change the subject and direction of the thread to what it's not originally intended will NOT be tolerated. No warnings. This forum is not here for your amusement.

* Posts like, "I love this product/software" or "I hate that product/software" or “Which product/software is better/best” offer no value to this forum and mostly end up in flame wars. If you are introducing a new product or software, that's fine, otherwise avoid those posts. How you feel about a product does not warrant a thread.

* Duplicate threads and crossposting are frowned upon. Do your research before posting. If you have done your research and still don't have the answer, let us know that and help avoid people quoting old threads back at you. Let us know exactly what it is that you haven't found in those old threads and what exactly you are looking for.

* You don't have to post in every thread you see. If you can't be helpful, stay out and let others help.

* If a mod has to delete/edit/close your posts more than a few times, chances are they make sure you won't post in this forum at all.

* If your post is deleted/closed/edited, don't post publicly about it or add a subtle hint to it in your next post, because that post will be deleted/edited/closed as well. If you want to know what happens when mods have to delete/edit/close your posts more than a few times, see above.

* POLITE PMs about why your post was deleted/edited/closed may be answered, otherwise, don't bother.

You guys are joking right? I mean, everyone here downloads games! And all the programs and bios's that you use are illegal!

First off, no, not everyone downloads games. Second, from the "scenes" standpoint, homebrew apps dont really hurt MS's or game devs bottom line, piracy does. And last but least, it doesn't really matter what others do. The only thing that matters is that you follow the rules, or lose your right to post here. This forum is provided as a service to everyone free of charge. This site, and forum will not become a target from MS or game devs because of loose talk of piracy. So be sure to word your questions carefully, or you will find your post removed or locked. Its nothing personal against you, its simply that we have a policy, and expect all members to adhere.

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Posted 04 November 2003 - 06:17 PM

Like I said before, be sure to go through the tutorials and SEARCH on the forums before posting a question. Have a question about evox? Look at the pinned topics in the evox forum. Question about XBMP, read the pinned topics first (especially the one about the MANUAL). This applies to just about any topic. If you ask any of the following questions, your thread just might find its way to the garbage bin.

1. What is Evolution X?
2. How do I connect to my PC with my Xbox?
3. How do I install a hard drive?
4. Where can I download ________? (insert any possible program, xbox or pc)
5. How do I copy games?
6. What brand of CD-R should I use?
7. How can I read retail Xbox games in my PC?
8. How can I stream games from my PC to my Xbox?
9. How many games can I fit on <insert any # here> gig hard drive?
10. I fucked up my ________ because I'm a retard monkey and I didn't read the tutorials... what do i do?

A good read on how NOT to post a question be found here:
How To Write A Newbie Post, ... that will make everyone ignore you.

Some of the most common questions and terms will be answered here.

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Posted 04 November 2003 - 06:21 PM


Xbox-scene.com has a collection of hundreds of tutorials written by members. There are usually 2 or 3 tutorials for any one thing (installing evox, modding a samsung616t, etc). Do NOT just read the first one you come across and get started on your xbox. Read all that is available to you. If you find conflicting info, then ask detailed and specific questions.

Please... do some research and try ONE PROJECT at a time!!! Do NOT try to replace your xbox dashboard with evox, make a reset switch and install a new HDD all in one day... take your time, learn some new things. And dont forget, its an Xbox! PLAY your games and have fun!!!

Many guides are also on the forums, especially for topics which info is constantly changing. Like I said earlier, check the pinned topics in the individual forums, the forum leaders have made a point to pin"hot topics" and links to other guides.

Examples of theses are:
General Hardware FAQ
Xbox Networking and FTP Guide
GameSave Exploit Tutorials
Dashboard Exploit Tutorials
EvolutionX Tutorials
Xbox Live 2.0 FAQ

An awesome guide written by mastertito4:
Total N00b Guide To Everything - This guide is a basic walkthrough for modding your Xbox.

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Posted 04 November 2003 - 06:24 PM


We have the SEARCH button… Near the top of the screen.. where it says HELP / SEARCH / MEMBERS / CALENDAR.. is the important SEARCH button. Click SEARCH to search the past and recent posts of more than 75000 members. A wealth of information is at your fingertips!

Currently.. SEARCH is limited to a minimum of 3 characters in a SEARCH.

So.. a search for x2 will result in…

ERROR MESSAGE: “One or all of your search keywords were below 3 characters, please go back and increase the length of these search keywords.”

However.. a search of XECUTER will find many dozens of HITS!

Join keywords with AND, OR to help define the search, improving the odds of finding the info YOU want..

matrix AND flash” without the quote will improve your odds of finding MATRIX FLASH details and instructions.

I’d also recommend spending a little time familiarizing yourself with the SEARCH function. This will help you to find info faster in the future, and to avoid getting FLAMED by the regulars!

TIPS: Turn on the SEARCH POSTS FROM to ANY DATE.. as this will reveal more HITS!

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Posted 04 November 2003 - 06:28 PM

What Chip should I get?

This very popular question is unfortunatly only half answered in the middle of a 10+ page flame war.
The first thing to understand is exactly what a modchip does. A modchip is a memory chip that holds hacked BIOS for the xbox. any generation 3b modchip can use any bios. the bios decides what the xbox can do, NOT the modchip.

We're seeing a lot of "Mod Chip 1 vs Mod Chip 2" threads and "Which Mod Chip Is Better Threads?" Please refrain from creating any such threads. We simply cannot have every user, or every other user, creating topics so they can have their own personalized response on what mod chip to use. It takes up too much space and ends up annoying the users who frequent the forums.

The best thing to do is to look at this detailed charts comparing Modchips. Dont always be so quick to jump on the newest and latest thing. Read through the forums some, see what problems people have, and what chip they are using, and what method they are using to install it.

While comparing the actual features is fairly easy to do, there is the next question, "what method should I use to install my chip"


v1.0 boxes have prefilled LPC holes, meaning u just gotta heat them up and stick the wire in
(you still have to solder d0 point with your own solder)
very very sturdy
can be done without removing motherboard (i removed it anyway)

requires more soldering on 1.1 boxes
more permanent than other installs
you can potentially mess your box up if you horribly mutilate the solder job... very hard to do

Header Pin

extremely easy on 1.1 boxes
only requires you to do a wire to d0

slightly less stable then wires but still very sturdy
solder must be removed from LPC holes on 1.0 boxes
must solder pin on back of motherboard to keep it put (just to fix it to the board)

Pogo Pins

no soldering required
easy to remove
easier TSOP flashing (see below)

unstable compared to other installs
may require adjusting from time to time
been a snap to install for some people, a long time pain for others
-Matrix and Xecuter 2.0 (Lite Plus or solderless adapter) models won't work on new v1.2 boxes without soldering a wire to d0, making them pointless.
-Chameleon (with solderless adapter) and Xecuter 2.2 and up (Lite Plus or solderless adapter) models work on v1.2, v1.3, and v1.4 with no extra soldering, but require extra soldering on v1.5 boxes.
-Xecuter 2.3 (Lite Plus or solderless adapter) work on all Xbox versions up to v1.5 with no soldering.

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Posted 04 November 2003 - 06:29 PM

What bios should I get?
Like the question above, there is no real clear but "best one". Again, Xbox-Scene has nice chart which compares all recently released Bios's

If you would like to discuss which bios is the 'best' please do so here. Like modchip, we simply cannot have every user create a thread to find out what bios they shoul use. Chances are, you have a chip that lets you use multiple bios'. I suggest you take advantage of that feature

Big things to look for in a bios:
IGR - the x2 bios's have an IGR in the bios that resets the xbox when you press a combination buttons on the gamepad. Optionally, the Evox dashboard also has an IGR feature included.
Eject Fix - (EF) - This lets the Xbox eject the dvd tray without reseting the Xbox. Most people use this feature.
no-patch hack - Xbox game .xbes have a media flag that tells the xbox to only play the game from the dvd. This feature in the bios means that you dont need to patch your backups on your hard drive.
Bios Size - Be sure that your modchip can hold the bios that you are trying to put on it. The matrix, and cheapmods only have a 256k bios, and as such, you cannot use a 512k bios.

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Posted 04 November 2003 - 06:32 PM

Xbox Programs and Tools

One of the first questions that someone asks when modding an xbox is, "Where can I get all these cool BIOSes and homebrew apps?"

Xbins provides a service free of charge for members of the community.

A tutorial for accessing the Xbins FTP can be found here
#xbins is on EFnet, a list of all EFnet servers can be found here

And for those of you asking "Where can I get games?", the answer is Best Buy or Circuit City, and no where else.
Xbins does NOT host retail games.
Xbins does NOT host a copy of the original MS dash.
Xbins does NOT host the XDK, or the XDK launcher.
For bandwidth reasons, Xbins does not host autoinstallers such as Slayers, SuperDisc, X-Disc, etc.
Xbins also does not host Xbox-Linux distros.

If you have a problem with #Xbins, or for general xbox modding help, you can ask in #xbins-help AFTER you read through the FAQ.

If you are looking for legal downloads of xbox tools/utilities for your PC, all legal tools can be obtained at the Xbox-Scene download page.

What you need to open:
.rar - http://www.rarlabs.com
.zip - http://www.winzip.com
.iso - Any XISO program such as Craxtion

In addition, do NOT send PMs or emails to members requesting files/ROMs/games/etc. Do not post your email address and ask people to email you any files or anything, and do not post your email/website that would contain any illegal files. I must remind you, any links to XDK-compiled software, ROMs, or anything else piracy or possibly piracy related is forbidden on these boards.

Please remember, this is all we can tell you. Do NOT attempt to obtain info other than this in any way on this board. This is for legal reasons to keep this board running.

OK, got all that, now, what apps should I get?
The apps that you going to really want to get are:
*A dashboard - Evox, UnleashX, Avalaunch, MXM, and more.
*Xbox Media Center (XBMC)
*Something to use to backup your games/movies - DVD2Xbox.
*Emulators - When you have some free time, be sure to try out a few of these, just remember - dont request ROMs on the forums.
*A filemanager - boXplorer or XCommander (the better dashboards have these built-in, however)

A list of all of the xbox homebrew software can be found HERE

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Posted 04 November 2003 - 06:33 PM

I want to backup my Games!

This is one of the main reasons that people mod their xbox; to backup their games to DVD/CD or the Xbox hard drive. A compilation of Links to guides can be found here.

Just to clarify a few things before you ask:
You cannot read retail xbox games in a PC.
Dont use xISO by Yursoft to make/extract xISO's. The most popular applications for creation/extraction on xbox game images are Craxtion, Qwix, and SimpleXiso.
You cannot run games over a network from your PC or another Xbox.
Can the xbox read CD-R's, cd-rw's, etc?
This all depends on your dvd drive. The samsung is known to have a high success rate with cd-r, cd-rw, dvd-r, and dvd-rw. There is a lower success rate with dvd+r and dvd+rw on samsung drives. The philips drive is known to have a similar success rate to the samsung, except it may have a better chance or reading dvd+ media, and a lower success rate of reading cd-r. The thomson drives have a very low success rate with cd-r. Please note that all of these factors can vary depending on the media you use/how you burn, etc.

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Posted 04 November 2003 - 06:34 PM


First, check out the FAQ Forum

Xbox Hard drive

What are of these drives/partitions used for on my xbox hard drive?
C - 500 MB - menu code, graphics, sound, DVD player, etc (partition 2)
D - Dvd Drive
E - 4895 MB - Data - saved games and imported CD audio tracks (partition 1)
F - See below. (partion 6)
X - 750 MB - Game Cache - temporary data of a game for faster access. (partition 3)
Y - 750 MB - Game Cache - temporary data of a game for faster access. (partition 4)
Z - 750 MB - Game Cache - temporary data of a game for faster access. (partition 5)

The Seagate Drives are 10gig and have 1896 MB of unused, unpartitioned space. You can format this space and it will be your F drive. If your stock drive is made by WD, then the sizes are just as shown above. Also, when replacing the hard drive, all space outside of what is shown above is partitioned to the F drive. The only exception to this is with drives larger than 137gig. You then have the option of creating a 7th partition, "G drive" using the space above 137gig.
You cannot change the size of any the drives, they are left alone for compatibility.
Dont use drives X Y and Z for any kind of storage, there is a good chance that it will be deleted at any time.
Memory cards are mapped to "drives" H - O in Evox (I'm sure what the other dash's support, PM me if you have more info). There is no way (yet) to launch an .xbe from a memory card.

Is there an app I can use to defrag my Xbox hard drive?
No, the avalaunch team is working on one, and there is no ETA on when it will be done.
I want to ask this question anyway!
Great, do it here and save me the trouble of moving your post.

Can I use a USB hard drive with Evox/Ava/MXM and run games/apps from it?
No, you cannot use a USB hard drive with Evox/Ava/MXM. You cannot run games or apps from a USB hard drive. This is not just becuase of Evox/Ava/MXM. The USB 'drivers' for this hard drive would need to have support from at a lower level: ie: the bios.

Can I remove my dvd drive, and use a hard drive in its place?
NO, not at this time. Team Xecuter has stated that are looking into, but no one knows for sure if/when it can be done.

Xbox Live
Can I play games from my hard drive on XBox LIVE?
No, you cannot. The only way you can play game backups is with a modified bios, and you get banned if you go on LIVE with a modified bios. Put 2 and 2 together wink.gif

Can I play game backups (from disc) on LIVE?
NO, see above.

Can't I just start up my backup, turn off my chip and get on LIVE
NO, the hacked bios is still loaded into ram, and will still be checked when you connect to LIVE, and still get banned!

Can I play backups on LIVE with an exploit (no modchip)
NO, you cannot get a LIVE with a hacked bios loaded, it doesnt matter if it was loaded from a modchip, TSOP, from the Phoenix Bios Loader, or patched on the fly with the Complex !Loader.

Are you sure about <insert any of the above stated>?
YES, I am, please do not post asking "just to be sure", the answer is NO.

I have more questions about Xbox LIVE.
Great, read this and this first (and all links in those posts).
I heard I can play games online without LIVE, is this true? How?
There are tunneling services that let you play system link games over the internet. Check out their websites for more info
Each has a forum on these boards as well.

Other FAQ's
Can I stream games/apps over a network to my xbox?
NO, there is no way to do this, and most likely never will be.
What? Why not? They put an FTP server in a bios, why not do this?
Read this

Why do some files fail to transfer to my xbox?
Most likely you are trying to transfer files which have too long of a file name, or use 'bad' characters. Below are the 'specs' for the fatx filesystem.
Maximum File Length: 42 Characters

The following characters are permitted:
! # $ % & ' ( ) - . @ [ ] ^ _ ` { } ~
Numerals 0 through 9
Upper and lower-case letters A through Z

The following characters cannot be used:
< > = ? : ; " * + , / |
Characters values 0 through 31 and 128 through 255.

Filenames are not case sensitive. XBOX, Xbox, and xbox are all the same.

When I start my backed-up game, I get a black screen with sound?
Turn off all three IGR sections in Evox settings.

How can I transfer music from my PC to the Xbox soundtracks to use in games?
Where is the music the Xbox uses for soundtracks stored?
Is there any other way of getting soundtracks on my xbox other than burning to cd, and ripping with the MS dash?

Click Here

How can I take In Game Screenshots?

Where else can I get help
Coders Sites
Many Xbox programs have their own website and forums. Some are:
Team Xodus
Team X-ecuter
Xbox Media Player / Xbox Media Center
More can be found here & the "Respected Sites" box on the right hand side of the xbox-scene.com homepage.

IRC (EFnet)
There are many channels on IRC, some of which are 'official', others are not. Be sure to read the channel topics of the channels, as some have very specific and scrict guidelines. Don't expect people to jump to help you, or walk you through xbox modded A-Z. To be quite honest, people on IRC can be quite mean sometimes, so tread lightly. None of these channels have "fileservers" or provide downloads to xbox software, so dont ask for it. None of these channels support piracy, so dont ask "Where can I download Barbie Horse Adventures??"
#xbox-scene (General xbox chat / help)
#xbins-help (Xbox modding help, usually people active 24/7, this channel doesn't help with "backups", whether its making them or getting them to run, so try somewhere else)
#xbmc (Xbox Media Center)
#xbmp (Xbox Media Player)
#xbox-link (x-link)

(I am writing this I see new forum posts that are asked all the time, so if you have a good FAQ, PM me and I will add it)

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Posted 04 November 2003 - 06:37 PM


1.0-1.5Xbox Versions

Avalaunch - another popular dashboard. Includes an IRC, Telnet, and FTP client, as well as an integrated Fileserver and the ability to download game saves from xbox-saves.com right from the xbox. Displays game icons and plays shoutcast streams. Check out the Avalaunch Forum here on xbox-scene.com for help and more info.

BIOS - Pronounced "bye-ose," BIOS is an acronym for basic input/output system - tells your xbox how to work! A hacked bios can allow unsigned code (backups and homebrew software) to run, as well as various other features.

BFM - Bootable from media. This is a bios flag that allows the bios to loaded from the hard drive with a debug bios or using the Phoenix Bios Loader. Do not flash a BFM bios onto a chip. Some people think that 'bootable from media' means that it boots a cd in the drive, while other bios's do not. Those people need to take an english class on what the suffix 'able' and the word 'from' means. Notice its not 'boots media' or 'boots to media', but 'bootable FROM media', meaning the bios itself boots from media (media in this case meaning not a chip).

Chameleon - A mod chip manufactured by Team Xodus

Cheapmod - A simple mod chip made of a SST Bios chip and PCB. Due to the simple nature of these chips, they are often sold for $10-20USD.

Cromwell - A clean rom replacement devoid of M$ code designed specifically to run Linux and other alternative OS's, It currently does not run games or ordinary xbox executables.

Crossover - the kind of cable you need to connect an xbox DIRECTLY to another computer or xbox. if you are using a router, hub, or switch this is NOT necessary and will not work; use a regular patch cable for that. the xbox system link cable is a crossover cable

d0 - an install point in 3rd generation mods, to the right of the LPC holes. if this is not connected right the xbox will boot to the original bios like there is no modchip there

Dashboard - the program first run when you start your xbox up with nothing in the drive. the default MS dash is the familiar menu for dealing with game saves and audio cds

EEPROM - Electrically Erasable Erogrammable Read-Only Memory - a chip that is on the xbox motherboard, located directly 'above' the TSOP. This chip contains information about your xbox (the hard drive lock key, region code, video mode etc.), can be backed up and restored. This is what is banned by xbox live.

Eject Fix - bios fixed so that opening the dvd drive DOESN'T reset the xbox, letting you load a cd with, say, a media player, then putting a video cd in

Eject Trick - pressing the eject button while the xbox is on will disable the modchip, and the xbox will boot from the TSOP. This is used on the matrix modchip

Error <Anything> - Xbox error codes explained

EvolutionX - 2 things
EvolutionX Dash - the most popular custom dash, has a boot menu for homebrew software, ftp server, custom skins, etc.
EvolutionX Bios - this is a bios made by the Evolutionx team.
The whole "Evox is the bios, EvolutionX is the dash" thing is false; not sure where this got started, but its not true.

EvoX - see EvolutionX

Flashing - putting a bios on a bios chip (modchip or TSOP)

FRAG - when you try to boot up, the light on the eject button Flashes Red And Green (get it? smile.gif ). means that the xbox cannot boot a bios. This could be anything from, problem with installation of your chip, bad bios, solder splash, lifted traces, etc.

FTP - File Transfer Protocol - lets you access your xbox hard drive from the pc (or from another xbox) when it's running evox or another ftp server. you can do anything you could with a drive attatched right to your pc

HDD Swap - Switching the xbox hard drive with another, usually a bigger PC harddrive

Homebrew Mods - Older mod chips. Don't confuse these with cheapmods. I don't beleive these had a pcb, and all wiring was connected direct to the bios chip.

IGR - In Game Reset - pressing buttons on controller (usually both triggers + start + back OR triggers + start + black) to either reset the xbox (x2 bios IGR) or return to dash without resetting (Evolutionx IGR)

Locked - Xbox hard drives, like laptop hard drives, are locked. You must unlock it to use it in another xbox or pc, and it must be locked to be used without a modchip. You can lock a hard drive on any box, but you need the xbox that locked it to unlock a hard drive. unless you have the eeprom

LPT - printer port, used for external programmers

LPC - points in a 3rd generation chip install, 2 columns. filled with solder in a v1.0 xbox

Matrix - A Cheapmod chip with pogopins. Manufactured by Team Xodus.

Media Flags - each game has a value according to what media it is on. retail games have flags for dvds, so you have to patch it to run off the hard drive (change the media flag)

MediaXMenu - based on MenuX, a popular open source dashboard/multigame launcher. Has a powerfull scripting language, as well as HIGHLY customizable skins. User is able to play music, display preview icons, and videos. Check out the MXM forum here on xbox-scene.com.

MenuX - a hacked version of MS's Game Demo menus. Used for multigame discs

Milksop - A homebuilt TSOP programmer which uses a TSOP test-clip or other attachment method to program the TSOP without the cooperation of the xbox hardware.

Modchip - holds bios, makes xbox boot to the bios held instead of onboard bios

MXM - See MediaXMenu

NexGen - another custom dash, early in development. shows potential, beta is a bit too buggy for some

Parallel - see LPT

Patching - retail games need to be patched to run off the harddrive. x2 bios all automatically patch older games for you on the fly, and x2 version 4975 does the new ones as well

Programmer - any way to externally flash your modchip, using a pc

RTFM - short for Read The Fucking Manual, usally said to a person that asks way too many questions that can be found in the manual.

"The Usual Places" - Places for obtaining xbox files. Often newsgroups, irc rooms (such as #xbins on EFnet)

Torx - A star-shaped screwdriver tip/receptacle in the head of screws. Many/most modern electronics use Torx screws as they are easy for robotic assembly drivers to align. Torx bits can be purchased wherever fine tools are sold.

TSOP - Thin Small Outline Package - the onboard bios chip, can be flashed with a hacked bios as a cheap alternative to a modchip. switches can even be installed. dangerous though, you might ruin your xbox

Xbins - #xbins it is an channel on IRC for homebrew games and files

XDK (SDK) - Xbox Developer Kit (Software developer kit) used to make games and apps for use on the Xbox (Do NOT ask on the forums where to find this!)

Xecuter/Xecuter2/Xecuter3 - Another brand of mod chip, currently in development. Made by Team Xecuter

Xenium - 4th generation chip, made by Team OzXodus

Ybox - a bios version that looks for yboxdash.xbe when booting up, so you can keep your original dashboard intact. most bios search for evoXdash.xbe now, so it usually isnt necessary.

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Posted 06 November 2003 - 01:40 AM


If it weren't for these people, none of this info would be here, and the scene just wouldnt be as fun as it is.
chefelf, cm4n, GLaCiERDC, HeLiuM, HSDEMONZ, Iriez, N00bvin, lookformeb, mastertito4, mrRobinson, Senates684, shanafan, Superfro, swolsten, theultimatechuff, vidgms4me, x3ro, XanTium, Xeero



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Posted 23 January 2004 - 02:27 AM



Why Doesn't My Post Count Go Up?

Anyone starting new "WTF? why does my post count not go up?" should expect to be ridiculed publicly in the forum.


XBOX, PC, MUSIC.. etc.

It's considered direct linking here.. and you could be banned for it.

This site is not here to help hook you up with WAREZ.



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Posted 08 March 2004 - 12:52 PM

Since we have ALOT of stupid people on XS.. allow me the time to make some points perfectly clear...

XS IS NOT HERE TO HELP YOU PIRATE GAMES. We don't care about your claims to own the game.. or to have imported a game etc. If you are downloading it.. we don't want to hear about it. (DON'T ASK DON'T TELL POLICY!)

If you download scene releases from WAM, PROJECTX, CSiSO etc.. and post problems with them cause you downloaded them.. eg...

"dude.. I download WAM's release of 'J00 SUCK BALLS' game.. and it doesn't work here on my HD"

...expect to get a warning.. and maybe a ban.

"dude.. the CSiSO XBE fix fuxored something.. help"

.. expect a warning.. and maybe a ban.

"dude.. I need the XBE repleacement for "x" game.

.. expect a warning.. and maybe a ban.

"dude.. anyone got a Torrent for..."

.. expect a warning.. and maybe a ban.

"dude.. my mom threw my game out.. can anyone PM a copy..."

.. expect a warning.. and maybe a ban.

"PM me privately.. I can get you the link/xbe/etc for "x" game or the complete game etc..."

.. expect a warning.. and maybe a ban.

You get the idea.

People will be banned.. guaranteed. .for posting "PM me for the XBE".

MODERATORS will be cracking down.

Do not discuss PIRACY downloads.. or PIRATE SCENE PATCHES for problems. All it does is encourage people to use this board.. publicly or privately for piracy.. and that isn't what we are here for.

Links to WAREZ, ROMS, XBE, files produced by XDK will get you AUTO BANNED.
Links to Scene WAREZ "fixes" like WAM/PX/CSiSO/Riot Fixes will get you a warning.. and maybe a ban.
Expect more to be added as we see fit.


If you are dumb enough.. to admit in posts that you downloaded a game and want help with it.. expect the catch the attention of the staf.. who will likely edit or delete your post.. then suspend your posting privs.. then have have you banned.


If you want help on how to backup your inventment.. enjoy our site.

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Posted 19 March 2004 - 08:11 PM

After seeing more and more of these posts roll in daily, it's time to bring more attention to the FAQ forum...

Read this:

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