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Camelion 1.3, No Light, No Linux 1.8 Promt@start

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Posted 07 November 2003 - 07:11 AM

i just got my new chip, I've determined i have a version 1.2 or 1.3 x-box, one of the two. besides the point. I put the chipin and turned on my box and no blue light, from what i've read that is some times ok right. the only problem is I read somewhere else that once the chip is in I am supposed to be prompted with a window the says linux 1.8 legal or some thing like that when I start my box to let me know it worked, which i was not. so the question is, since the chip is so easy to install, clips in and all i gotta do is connect to the DO with the tiny wire, is their something i'm missing, do I have to do more? connect to the power and eject or the A15 what ever that is on the board, like the manual shows, or is it as simple as clipping it into place with absolutely no sodering, because it is in-fact a sodderless chip connector so why would i have to sodder. The box is not hooked up to my computer yet and i have not flashed yet or have set up ftp or anything else. I read somewhere that you must have a evo something dash board for the chip to work, could that be my problem, or do i have to sodder some wires on a sodderless chip for it to work, i cant tell cause good install directions for the chip are so hard to find, all I got was the addapter install PDF and it made it look like all I had to do was clip in the addapter and go. Please give me some insight into this cause I am a noob but I'm sure I'll figure it out if someone just directs me in the wright way, thanks for reading this! wink.gif

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Posted 08 November 2003 - 02:16 AM

Take a breather. Sit down and relax.

1) You do not need to solder any hting for the chip to work. The optional E and P points for sodering are just that OPTIONAL. The only thing you will loose by not using them is the option to fully use the chameleon in Mode 4. (Mode 4 uses the E and P solder points to connect the E ject and P ower buttons on the front of the BOX to the chip. This enables you to boot on with the chip ON or OFF) You can still do this but it will need to be done via software from the EvoX dashboard. More on that later.

2) You DO NOT have to have the EvoX dashboard to get the chip to work. In fact you need to get the chip to work inorder to get EvoX onto the BOX. EvolutionX Dashboard is merely an alternative to the original dash that has added features that make managinf the content of the BOX easier. ( Like being able to run apps from the hard drive and creating menus to access these items as well as changing the settings of the BOX.) As for the Software selection of Mod On and OFF from EvoX, this can only be done from the EvoX dashbaord. You can run other dashboards like Avalaunch and MXM but they do not have support for the software switching of the chameleon.

3) Once the chip is in and connected properly, you should see the LED flash from it once when the power is turned on. You should also make sure that you are using the original A/V cable that shipped with the BOX and NOT an S-Video, Advanced A/V or High Def Pack. The reason for this is that the Cromwell bios that is on the chip from factory does not support those other A/V packs only the original with the 1 yellow video connector and the red and white audio connectors.
If you use one of the others it will still work, just that the screen will be blank and you will have to work blind for the flashing procedure.
If you are using the standard A/V then you should see a screen come up with the Linux Cromwell bios info and some graphics that will prompt you to insert the CD containing the bios for flashing to the chip. At the same time the DVD tray will eject. You should now insert the CD-RW that contains the bios of your choice, makeing sure that the bios was named LINUXBIO.BIN. Now close the tray and the flashing process should start. IF you got an error message then it could mean that either it could not read the CD-RW or the bios file. Try making the CD again following the instructions in the Chameleon users manual or try another brand of CD-RW or possibly a DVD-R incase your system has trouble reading CD-RW. Otherwise if all went well the BOX should shut itself off. You can now power up and check to see if the new bios loads instead of the Cromwell bios.

4) Depending on what bios you used you may not be able to tell as the only thing on the hard drive at this point is the original M$ Dashboard so it would look like it is booting without the chip. THe best way to tell is by loading either a COLOR moded bios ( one in which the Green X has been changed to another color. e.g. RED, Blue etc.. Or by using an Executer bios as they change it so that the Micr..... that pops up under the X is changed to say Executer. Your only other way of testing this would be to try running a copy of EvoX from a CD-RW or by playing a bakup or one of the homebrew apps, games or emulators from a CD-RW or DVD-R. ( This may or may not be easy depending on what model of drive your BOX is equipped with and the compatability it has with sertain types and brands of media.)

5) If you power up and are getting NOTHING like I stated above then either the chip is not installed correctly or it is a bad chip. Try removing the chip and clean all the contact areas including D0 with a cotton swab dipped in Isopropyl alcohol ( DO NOT USE rubbing alcohol it contains minerals and oils that could damage the board) Isoprpyl can usually be found in electronics stores ,Radio Shack and pharmacies.) Now replace the chip and try again. if things look like they are working this time then refer back to 3 and 4 to finish the job. Also try searching the forums or go and check out the great tutorials section at the main xbox-scene page.

Good luck

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Posted 09 December 2003 - 06:28 PM

I should have replayed this a long time ago, my problem was that i was so stupid at the time that i forgot to use the rivets that sit in the holes in the board to make good contact with the chip, its so easy, thanks who ever made it that way

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