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Tutorial: How To Edit Level Models In Halo...

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Posted 09 November 2003 - 11:28 PM

This simple tutorial will explain to you how to export meshes from Sparkedit and edit them with Milkshape, then finalize them in Gmax. If Sparkedit had an import function, you'd be able to import your edited maps into Sparkedit and view them, but seeing as it doesn't and I do not know of a way to save your edited maps as actual Halo Sparkedit-readable .map files, you unfortunetely cannot view and explore your edited level with Sparkedit. You may, however, be able to play your edited maps on your Xbox or PC once the new HMT 3.0 is released. Until then, consider yourself ahead of the game by doing this, because until now, no one has though of using Sparkedit to export their Halo maps, and edit them in Milkshape/Gmax/etc (something that was only thought possible with the new upcoming HMT 3.0! laugh.gif ) Anyway, lets start editing those Halo map models!


  • Sparkedit 2.0 - Download here.
  • Milkshape 3D. If you don't already have it, download here.
  • Gmax. Everyone should have this! Download it here:
  • A few cache's of your chioce (campaign or multiplayer)
  • Favorite soda and some chips

Alright, let's get started.

First, open up Sparkedit. Open the cache file of your choice. For tutorial purposes I used Blood Gulch (cache003.map in this case):
user posted image

Then go up to File > Export mesh to obj.... Then save the file under the name you prefer (I simply saved it as "Bloodgulch").

Once you've saved your "Bloodgulch.obj", open up Milkshape 3D. In Milkshape, go up to File > Import > Wavefront OBJ and select your Bloodgulch.obj file and Viola! There's your Bloodgulch level in all its Vertece-covered glory!
user posted image

You can edit all of the vertices you'd like here in Milkshape, and once you've edited everything you like, proceed with the next step (I find it kind of hard to really change any of the vertices in Milkshape though, considering you can't zoom in mad.gif).

If you're already happy with your changes, go back up to File > Export > Wavefront OBJ and save your Bloodgulch's changes.

But If you want to fine tune some of the minor details of your level, go back up to File > Export > AutoCAD DXF (down in the middle column). Export your Bloodgulch as whatever name you'd like (I just named mine "Bloodgulch" again) and save it.

Once you've saved your "Bloodgulch.dxf", open up Gmax. Go up to File > Import. Make sure your "Files of type:" blank is set to AutoCAD DXF. Now select your "Bloodgulch.dxf" and open it up:
user posted image

You can now right click on any of the windows, and go down to "Convert to: > Convert to Editable Mesh". Now you can edit any of the factors of your map (vertices, surfaces, edges, etc) using the Editable Mesh extendable menu to the left.

After you finish editing everything you see fit, go up to File > Export. Export the file as whatever name you want (once again, I just used "Bloodgulch") and make sure you export it as a Wavefront OBJ file (because I'm 98.7% sure that this is the format in which your maps will be Injected back into your map files with the new HMT 3.0).

You just edited one of your Halo maps (for Xbox or PC) and have just done what was until thought impossible (probably not thought, I'm sure someone else had maybe thought of this, but not made a tutorial about it though)! Consider yourself, as said before, ahead of the game and ready to inject your own model edited map over your old ones when HMT 3.0 is released!

Sorry if this tutorial seemed like a waste of time to you, but I think this is a very useful thing for all of you to do, not to mention it gives you something to do until HMT 3.0 actually comes out. Hope you enjoyed this tutorial,


Now time for those chips and that soda cool.gif .

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Posted 10 November 2003 - 01:29 AM

Your right I never thought of useing two programs to do what I do with one, Lightwave 3D.
Oh, HMT won't allow importing map objects. At least that's what T told me.
Just weapons and stuff like that, or has there been a new developement.

To edit maps with Lightwave just click FileOpen. Then select veiw all file types and select your map object.
To save it just click FileSave, or you can export it as an object.

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Posted 10 November 2003 - 10:59 AM

or for 3ds max you can download a plugin for importing .obj files

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