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Espn Nhl Hockey, Ntsc

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#1 wweboy


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Posted 18 November 2003 - 05:44 AM

ESPN NHL Hockey 2004
A new hockey is starting soon and out rolls the new line of games from various companies I got my hands on ESPNís NHL Hockey 2004 former, sega sports titles. I was glad to see Visual Concept is still on the team along with Se-spn. So letís get started!

I started the game and watched the Sports center opening and a special intro about the game I thought that gave it some authenticity. I started the with a season, It brings you into a office/ luxury box of a hockey stadium, you could look at your unlocked items which was like 4 shelves and there much be a lot. You could also look at your trophy cases and then there was a Stanley cup case. I then started my first game. I was given a very good thought out comparison of both teams and that was good.

The graphics are really good; the rink is crisp bright and has a glossy icy look to it. The players themselves look really good and yet are a little off. The players look all too skinny but otherwise look good. The goalie animations are crisp but nothing I havenít seen anything before. The Checking animations are awesome, I felt the pain as I checked the other players, they just donít fall they spin, go over head to feet and you can go though the player benches and I thought the checking was fun. The game flows really well and there arenít too many slow downs.

The Controls were really easy to get used too. If youíve paid EA Sport NHL Hockey youíll know the controls off the bat. All the same controls, The only thing I dinít like is it was difficult to check them, it seem liked you could hit them but then they dive skate out of the way but maybe that makes it realer.

The A.I is good, and yet dumb, The A.I is smart and will get the puck from you and if you donít clear it from your zone your goalie will be pummeled with shots. But on the other hand the A.I is stupid because they will not be in position and they will not help you out with getting the puck. Theyíll just act dumb and skate around I also had a lot of breakaways during game play. But after playing longer on harder and harder modes I have found the AI to be much better and youíll rarely get a good shot off because theyíll either hit you or just take the puck away. I have bumped up the score from a 5 to an 8.

Sound is a huge thing in any game and the game came though with flying colors. I loved the commentary and thought it was great. During puck freezes the camera would show a player and the announcers would say heís good or said he already scored a goal tonight and the other team should watch out or something. I loved the commentary but there was no commentary that was funny unlike EA sports who always joke around but have great commentary as well. They used the best sports theme in history. Queenís ďWe will rock youĒ that and some other piece of crap music which was annoying. After awhile though youíll get sick of the music and want to use custom soundtracks. Ad for sound effects everything was great, the skates gliding across the ice, pucks hitting off the wall. And even you hitting the wall sounded good if you missed your person youíd go smashing into the wall and youíd hear it.

There was one other thing I like about the game. The extra features, if you get sick of playing hockey, you can take in a mini game or do skill comps and I loved the air hockey game. My friend and I played it for an hour and then decided to move on and the skills comp was very fun and it gave the game more replay value and all the items you can unlock is massive.

I had fun with the game and it gives EA sports a run for there money and thatís my review my final total is a 9.5 and I enjoyed the game and will continue playing it.

#2 EcL|PsE


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Posted 31 March 2004 - 11:22 PM

i agree, and i lovbe this game so much.

but i get pissed with sum of its more, unrealistic aspects, from a hockey players point of view

-> sumtiems they call a shot from the side a wrap a wround
-> i can score everytime from a fake shot forehand/backhands, or jus go oneway tehn qucikly go to right and go blocker side high.
-> the hits take way too log to recover from, u get cranked or jus a lil hit and are down for 10 seconds.
-> they pokecheck way to much in the higher levels.
-> on my own goalie, the AI gets sum prety stupid, easy and some repetive goals.
-> when u goalie passes it out, he passs it slowly in front, and often to the other team

my 2 cents

#3 Wild182


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Posted 04 April 2004 - 03:23 PM

I played NHL on PS and PC
I was thinkin of gettin it on Xbox
Nice review, definietly worth getting??

#4 Dismay


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Posted 05 April 2004 - 03:03 PM

ESPN NHL HOCKEY may have great graphics , but the game is unplayable without roster edits , goalies are super

#5 death_driver_911


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Posted 17 April 2004 - 03:21 AM

played this game at my friends and totally loved it. has all of the aspects of a real hockey game. biggrin.gif

#6 Roj X. Mugwump

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Posted 16 June 2004 - 11:26 PM

on purely a gameplay / player control theme, can u pls compare
ea nhl 2004 and the espn nhl?!?

i have got nhl 2004, and really like the gameplay, however being an
aussie and not knowing the full go with players / team etc the
dynasty mode in this is a little daunting...



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