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Couple Questions On X-ecuter Mod Chips.

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Posted 19 November 2003 - 11:41 PM

Ok, I will start by saying that this is my 1st post, so if i screw up and post stuff that isnt welcomed, go easy on me. Anyway, I was looking at the X-ecuter mod chips and the different installations, and I am wondering a few things. 1.) With the 2.2 Lite+, is the installation esier and more reliable then the 2.2 Lite/Pro? Because I was looking at installation pics, and they (Lite and Pro) all had 10 solder points. but the 2.2 Lite+ has the pogo pin things. Is that why the 2.2 Lite+ is more $$$ then the 2.2 Lite. Also, are the pogo pins as strong as solder connections? 2.) How come when I look at pics of what is included in the boxes, the 2.2 Lite+ has much less stuff then the 2.2 Lite/Pro? 3.) What exactly is "Hardware Bios Flash"? I know that you dont need the Lite programer for the Pro. Is this what differs the Pro from the Lites? And how does the Flasher/Programer work? 4.) What will the difference be from the 2.2 chips to the 2.3 version chips? I know that this is alot (maybe too many) of ?s but I rally want to mod my X-Box and I want to get the right chip for me.

Thanks alot,
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Posted 20 November 2003 - 12:03 AM

I wouldn't say it's easier...it just requires no solder. Those with no soldering experience often feel more comfortable with this install. Those with experience would never consider using a pogo pin mod, as the connected is not reliable and they sometimes have to be realigned. Pogo pins themselves are expensive, and this drives up the price of the Lite+.

The Lite and Pro have more included in the box because they both offer a couple different methods of soldering the LPC points. One option is the pin header install, which utilizes both a pin header and a D0/ground adapter. Another option is a wire install, which utilizes a single wire adapter that connects to the LPC points, D0, and ground. Conversely, the hardware that connects to the LPC points in a Lite+ is built into the chip -- the pogo pins.

I believe that term would apply to using a cable and a computer to flash the chip. That is, you use hardware to flash the chip regardless of the contents of the flash ROM. The alternative would be a software flash (as in EvoX) which depends on the BIOS on the flash ROM being valid.

With respect to the Lites and Pros, the 2.3 will tap the power and ground connections in the USB ports rather than the LPT port. Additionally, the switch adapter will have a green (on) and red (off) LED. The X2.3 Lite+ will also have more appropriately shaped pogo pins to make a better connection.

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Posted 20 November 2003 - 12:05 AM

Hey, thanks for the reply. Now I understand this stuff more!!!


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