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Solderless Chip?

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#1 sportz157


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Posted 11 July 2002 - 03:28 AM

Will we ever see a no solder modchip for the xbox, i dont mean right now, or even in the next few years, but is it possible, and if so has anyone heard of anyone working towards making one?
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#2 moxzero


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Posted 11 July 2002 - 03:46 AM

if everyone writes Bill Gates a letter asking for him to include a socket for easy access, then it will be possible...that way we just buy the system then buy a modchip and then put pop it in!...that would be great...


in case anyone here takes me seriously...I am only kidding biggrin.gif

#3 CBR900rr


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Posted 11 July 2002 - 04:37 AM

never doubt the dedication and skills of hackers, and since most if not all are anti MS, they will someday probably have a coded boot cd that uploads to the xbox hd, and allows all sorts of shit...time will tell.

#4 Hammy


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Posted 11 July 2002 - 10:49 AM

Yes it is possible if someone like EvolutionX could write and use assigned code to boot up and then use there great bios mod to flash the onboard bios.

I wish that somebody could explain why it is so hard to get assigned code for the xbox as game company's can do it!

Like,do you need to ask MS for special promission or do you have to supply $MS with you unassigned code and get them to convert it to assigned code or what!

I ask this as i still do not understand this assigned code bit as if game companys produce games that work on retail xbox with assigned code then what is the problem with writing a flash util in assigned code so it will work on all xbox's and then simply flash the bios so that in future it can then run unassigned code!

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