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Preparing D0, So Excited....

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#1 st4rk


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Posted 04 December 2003 - 01:25 PM

The x-ecutor is coming in the mail today, so I'll either have a modded xbox, or a cool new piece of plastic.

I am going to go with the alternate d0 point. I got a 1.1 xbox (the one with the fan on the processor).

I scraped away the coating on the top d0 point, and decided I am way too shaky to solder there. I accidentaly scraped away some of the coating on the traces (does that matter?), as in, there was green stuff on the traces, but now I can see copper traces. I hope its still ok.

Back to alternate d0. Of course I'll need a new wire to run under the board to the mod-chip gray wire. I know you need 30 gauge. Off the top my head, I do not recall how thick a 30awg wire is. Is a cat5 wire small enough? What about phone wire?

From the looks of the alternate d0 point in Intelligoth's sig, it seems that there is already solder on the point. I circled d0 in this picture (from intelligoth's sig, but with a cool new yellow circle!):

user posted image

I noticed the d0 on that side is much larger, and it seems it has solder in it. so this seems very easy. All I gotta do is touch the tip of the cat5 to the center of the d0 point, then I touch the solder iron to the cat5, thus melting the solder in the d0. Then I stick the cat5 into the melted solder, and pull the iron away and wait for it to dry. Unlike on the other much smaller side I would have to put a drop of solder in the tiny d0 point, tin the wire, touch the tip of the wire to the solder dot on d0, then touch the tip of the iron to the connecting point of the tinned wire and the drop of solder on d0, wait for the solder to melt. That seems way harder.

So I got it pretty much down right? I am so glad there is an alternate d0. Please tell me if my method is pretty much what I should do. I practiced alot on some old motherboard I have, and I am pretty confident.

I think this is the hardest part to getting my backup games to run. Burning iso's and flashing my mod chip is no problem, finding compatible media with my xbox's thomson dvd drive is just time consuming. d0 is a freaking nightmare!

Basically, will cat5 wire work, and was my process to soldering the alternate d0 correct?


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#2 moistness


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Posted 04 December 2003 - 01:37 PM

the cable you suggest should be ok, the only other thing i would add to the soldering method would be to "tin" (heat up the wire with your soldering iron and just dab a little solder on til it soaks in a little bit) the end of the wire before you place it on d0!

#3 HAL2001


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Posted 04 December 2003 - 06:08 PM

The Xecuter package come with two wires for soldering to d0. One for the header pin install and one for the wire-to-LPC install. Whichever wire you aren't going to use, just solder to the wire you are going to use, thus making the wire twice as long. It will be sufficient in length, at that point, to reach around to the alternate d0 pad.

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