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Several Questions About My First Experiences

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#1 mears


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Posted 17 December 2003 - 11:53 AM

I have a v1.0 xbox with a Thomson drive. I dl'd Slayer's 2.5 auto installer, but I wanted to edit the evox.ini for my network settings.

The following were all burned to 4x 80min Memorex CD-RW using a Lite-On 52x24x32 w/ the latest firmware.

First Disc - I extracted the cd using XDFS extract. There were no error messages. I then edited the .ini and created an image using the latest version of iso maker. I burned with Nero 6.0(2x, DAO, Finalize). I attempted to boot, but after 15 tries gave up.

Second Disc - I decided to try just burning Slayer's, but did so at 4x. It booted up on first try and has only failed once or twice after multiple boots.

Third Disc - So now I'm thinking that it must be my xbox doesn't like burns at 2x so I burned my modified Slayer's ISO at 4x and attempted to boot, but it wouldn't go after about 10 tries.

Fourth Disc - Now I'm certain that it must be a problem with the ISO I created so I decided to try to use SimpleX to extract and form the new ISO. However, SimpleX could not extract it correctly. After pointing it the iso and telling it to extract it immediately responded that the extraction was completed (althoughth the status bar was still at the beginning). After reviewing the directory I extracted to, it was clearly incomplete. So I extracted using XDFS extract again and then created the image via SimpleX. I was pleasantly surprised to see Evox load on my first attempt (burned at 4x). I did random reboots and found that it wasn't always booting. In fact, at one point it didn't boot three times in a row.

****trick here (I don't think I've noticed this in any of the tutorials I've read, but it may have already been pointed out)*****
I found that if turned on the xbox by pressing the eject button and then inserted the disc just as the second splash screen appears(the one that says xbox and has xecuter2 listed underneath) my successfully boots were greatly increased. Furthermore, I was able to get my third disc to boot using this method (I already broke my first disc in a fit of rage so I wasn't able to test that one).

So here are my questions:

1. Anyone know why SimpleX couldn't extract Slayer's image?
2. Anyone ever use the trick explained above?
3. Why is Slayer's ISO more reliable the the ones I created using ISO Maker and SimpleX? His is supposed to be an XDFS image as well?

#2 Xeero


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Posted 17 December 2003 - 11:58 AM

1. You created the "new" ISO as an ISO9660 or a UDF image. SimpleX, Qwix, and a handful of others will either return an error or, more likely, will show the process as being completed without any files being extracted. You should have built it as an Xbox ISO initially if you wanted to treat it like that.

2. It's not a trick - it's pure coincidence.

3. It's not more reliable. CD-RW is a COMPLETE toss-up with Thomsons. Sometimes they work, sometimes they won't.

#3 mears


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Posted 17 December 2003 - 12:09 PM

Xeero, I think we may be on seperate pages. The ISO I was extracting was Slayer's auto installer which is distributed as an XBOX ISO. It claims to be an XDFS image in the documentation.

I can certainly tell you that the "trick" is not merely coincidence on my machine. I can't get the third disc from my description to boot w/o doing it. I noticed that with all cd-rws that were making it in to the MS Dash and reporting invalid media would spin up do some processing and become idle just before the Xecuter2 logo apeared in the second flash screen, whereas the attempts that were successful were still spinning when the logo appeared. At least in my case, inserting the disc later ensures that the disc is still spinning when the logo appears.

#4 Devenic


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Posted 18 December 2003 - 01:05 AM

Slayer's ISO was built with Qwix. I've never used SimpleX but I suspect it doesn't handle the AVL trees properly, especially since it was designed to so closely mimic gdfimage.

The ISO is valid...use Qwix or xFER 2.02 or Craxtion 3.1 to extract it and you should be fine.

#5 mears


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Posted 18 December 2003 - 04:11 PM

Do those programs you listed do something different than XDFSextract?

#6 Remedy


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Posted 20 December 2003 - 12:33 AM

I'm having an almost identical problem that mears had. My slayer 2.5 bootdisk will not boot. I've tried 2 different types of media, verbatim and memorex CD-RW's with a tommy. I also came across the SimplexIso problem. Now I'm trying to extract the slayer image with craxtion so I can fool around with it, but craxtion says the slayer image is not a valid XDVDFS iso??? I'm thinking I can solve my probs if I can get in the image, but craxtion won't let me.

I installed all the extra files on the craxtion website so I don't need any files.

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