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Posted 22 December 2003 - 09:56 PM

I chipped my xbox (version 1.5) with the aladdin advance chip, it was working great but wouldnt play cd r white tops. I have another xbox also chipped with the sst chip which has a samsung drive in it which plays anything you put in it. So i decided to put the samsung drive into the new xbox with the aladdin advance chip in it, this is where it all went wrong for me and i cant get my head round it what has happened. As soon as i put the samsung in the xbox it powered up then shut down everytime i booted it up. I then took the advance chip out and put the dvd reader back in the xbox but it is still turning itsself off. I can boot it up and it will boot ok, but if i tap on the xbox it shuts off. Ive checked the mb over and over again and all the cables are in correct. All i did was swap the dvd drive and this happens. If anyone has any ideas what it could be, i would be most greatful for your help. Thanx lee. sad.gif

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Posted 23 December 2003 - 11:28 PM

I can only make suggestions, when your having problems...Look for the easy problem..I would check

to make sure the IDE pins on the drives and m/b are not bent..I have bent them pulling them out

from one side...make sure the ide cable is all the way in on the drives and M/B ,make sure the

connector with all the yellow wires is pushed all the way in ..that can be difficult sometimes, even when you Think it is all the way in. Another reason hardware shuts off is overheating ...cpu fan not running or you forget to plug in the main fan, I have done it all. I installed a celeron in a pc & forgot the fan.... wow did that thing burn up.

Make sure all the screws are in ..I don't know how you installed the chips ..but some of those m/b screws are grounds.. Check the power cord ...sometimes they work loose..they will drive you nuts.

Make sure the molex power plugs are all the way in and all 4 pins are making a good connection. I have seen the molex plugged in with one of the connector pins get pushed out as you plugged it in.

Good Luck............

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