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Rf Remote On Question

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#1 mizel


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Posted 25 December 2003 - 10:47 PM

First post here. I started doing the "Cheaper and Easier XBox RF (Radio Frequency) Remote Power On/Off Mod (v0.2 )" written by MomDad. In the faq ( http://xbox-scene.co...es/rf-power.php ) MomDad labels two places that can be grounded in order to power the xbox on, here is the picture:

user posted image

I decided to use the bottom pin on the column of nine pins. But when I tested the pin to see if grounding it gave me power I got nothing. Curious, I started testing some other pins to see what would give me power. If we consider this bottom pin pin1 and count up so the top is pin9, I found grounding pin2 or pin4 gave my xbox power. Also I tested the top box of four pins (the four pins above the box that contains the second possible grounding location show in the picture) and I found that if either of the top two pins are grounded, my xbox powed on.

My question is if using any of the four pins that seem to work is any worse than using the two given in the tutorial? If so, why? Also, does anyone know why the bottom pin does not turn the xbox on when grounded?

Thanks for any replies and I suggest this mod for everyone. It is simple, useful, and cheap. And for the lazy, a combination of this, a mod chip, a new HD, and turning on 'in game reset' and you'll never again have to leave the comforts of your couch to play/change xbox games.


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Posted 25 December 2003 - 11:45 PM

hay man trust me it works if you connect the negative speaker wire to the negative power button on the xbox and it will work becasue that what i did and works fine becasue i did it and works fine. i would suddest you extend the anntena for more resepton and make it extrenale for more reseption also. mine is extrenal and can be turned on anywere in the house and the remote is inthergrater in my tv remote also. all try to get pics up but if you like all e-mail you them and you post them because i have no web space to do so

#3 mizel


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Posted 26 December 2003 - 01:57 AM

Well I got restless and decided to try it out. I soldered the remote signal to the top left pin on the top 4-square arrangement. I now realize that these top two pins were for EJECT...but that's not the worst of it. Now instead of having a remote that starts the xbox, you would think I have a remote that starts the xbox AND ejects the dvd tray. But no, now I have a remote that doesn't work and an eject button that doesn't work.

I already clipped the wire off the pin but niether grounding that pin or pressing the eject button will eject the disk. I'm not sure how soldering this pin screwed it up. Anyway it looks like the pin is lacking solder now so I am going to go back and touch up that solder joint later (I am at my parents for xmas and don't have a good soldering iron here) and hopefully my eject button will work again.

I'm not sure how simply soldering the joint screwed it up. I tested the pin by holding the lead of the wire on the pin before i soldered it and it worked like a charm. Anyone ever heard of this or have any ideas??

I guess the only game I'll be playing for a while is top spin.


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