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Pheniox Loader With Xtender

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Posted 07 January 2004 - 04:38 AM

I want to upgrade my bios and im not in the mood to solder around the 29 wires i have installed on my xbox. I was wondering what path I would take to change the bios, I have been trying to read up on the pheniox bios loader but I can't find a decent tutorial. Each one seems to be using a different hack.
Any suggestions?

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Posted 07 January 2004 - 11:01 PM


Just to make sure we're on the same page, Phoenix Bios Loader is a program designed to load a BFM BIOS file off the hard drive. The reason it is mainly used in conjunction with software exploits is that it allows "soft-modders" to load a BIOS of their choosing which, more often than not, disables signature/media and other security checks. Aside from the obvious benefit to chipless XBOXes, it's useful to those who can't flash their chips or for those who just want to be able load a new BIOS without flashing. There are a few disadvantages: people running XBOXes with software exploits (then PBL) have found certain games hang and don't load properly (one known game is Crimson Skies). If you are willing to have a go at it, there are two routes you can take.

1) You can setup PBL as an APP so that you can run it manually to load a new BIOS
2) You can move a few files around and have PBL automatically load upon startup, thereby making your system startup with the new BIOS automatically. Aside from the already stated disadvantage, your startup will be a little longer as PBL does take a little while to load.

** PATH 1 - Setting up PBL as an APP **

If you're going the route of running PBL as an APP, you would need to first obtain a copy of PBL. There are various versions out there, but I'll design this walkthrough around the release, PBL 1.3.5i. You don't need to worry whether it's audio/font signed as you already have a chip. Specially signed xbe's are mainly for guys using software exploits. Next, you would need to obtain a specially packed BFM version of the BIOS you want to load. BFM stands for "Boot From Media", and you need to make sure the BIOS you are trying to load is a BFM version. If you try loading a regular BIOS, PBL will hang. All these files can be found in the "usual places".

After you've obtained these files, you'll need to make sure your boot.cfg configuration file is filled properly. It requires RC4 and EEPROM keys that I will not give you. It also requires that you state your "Romfile". You can either leave it as the default "xboxrom.bin" and copy over your BFM file and rename it as "xboxrom.bin" or rename the name designated in the cfg file.

All that's left is for you to copy all the files into a folder on your XBOX's hard drive. If you have EvoX automatically add APPs from your E:/APPS folder, you would copy all the files to a folder (in this case called PBL) in your APPS folder. For example, you would add these files:


Now you need to either restart or refresh EvoX's menu listing. PBL should have been added to your APPS menu. Now if you run PBL, it should load the xboxrom.bin BIOS file, which will in turn look for C:/evoxdash.xbe. Unless the BFM BIOS file you obtained had been modified, they should generally look for the file C:/evoxdash.xbe first. If you use a different dash, I would recommend using XBTool to open it to check to see if the dash you use is listed among the dashes loaded by the BFM BIOS.

** PATH 2 - Setting up PBL to automatically load **

This path isn't necessarily difficult, it just requires you to sit down and plan out your method first. I am going to assume that your current BIOS looks for C:/evoxdash.xbe first. Here's a quick overview of what you're going to be doing:

Original BIOS loads C:/evoxdash.xbe (Which is actually PBL renamed as evoxdash.xbe)
PBL loads BFM BIOS which looks for C:/default.xbe (which is actually EvoX renamed)

As I mentioned, most BFM BIOSes load C:/evoxdash.xbe first, so you are going to have to use XBTool to load the BFM BIOS and change it's dash path. I won't go into great detail about this as it's already been discussed here:


In my "quick overview", I used "C:/default.xbe" as the new EvoX Dash. In reality, you can rename your EvoX dash (or any dash for that matter), as long as you design your BFM BIOS to load a dash by that name. If you follow my example, in the end you'll end up with these files:

C:/evoxdash.xbe (PBL 1.3.5i)
C:/default.xbe (EvoX Dash)

C:/*.* (All other necessary files such as original dash, font, audio, and EvoX Skin folder)

Upon bootup, your chip's BIOS will load evoxdash.xbe (PBL 1.3.5i), which loads the xboxrom.bin BIOS file which has
been modified by XBTool to load default.xbe (EvoX Dash).

I want to conclude by saying that I have just tested both methods using a chipped XBOX originally flashed with X2 4979.06 BIOS, and through PBL loaded the X2 4979.67 BFM BIOS. Hope this helps answer your question... if not, I'll be watching this Topic to see if any questions pop up.

- ZoGger

P.S. This forum seems to like to remove backslashes from posts, so everywhere you see a / in a pathname, replace it with a backslash

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