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Bad Burns - Nero6 U - Princo 1x Dvd-r -?

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#1 lemboaw


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Posted 08 January 2004 - 12:45 PM

Hey guys,

I'm having a problem with burning games smaller than 1GB on princo 1x dvd's. The iso's burn fine, but nero always writes some kind of dvd compatibility info up to 1GB on isos that are smaller than 1GB. Or something to that effect.

Well the net effect is that my xbox recognizes these as game discs, but wont load them. Same iso's burned on Phillips dvd+r's load just fine and nero doesnt burn anything above what the actual size of the iso is.

I'm fairly new to dvd burning so sorry if this is a stupid question! But I've burned quite a few isos's on dvd+r's, and iso's over 1GB on dvd-r's and they work flawlessly. But Small iso's on dvd-r's with nero6 ultra are giving me problems.


#2 chefelf


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Posted 08 January 2004 - 01:27 PM

What program are you using to create your ISOs? Have you tried another burning program such as RecordMax Now?

#3 Aron Parsons

Aron Parsons

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Posted 08 January 2004 - 01:41 PM

Why not make multi-game discs? It sounds like you've burned more than 1 disc that's less than 1GB; combine all of these, and make a 4 GB disc with 2+ games.

#4 lemboaw


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Posted 08 January 2004 - 02:37 PM

I've tried making isos with gdfimage, craxion 3.1, and the dreaded xiso... same results, I'm thinking it has to be nero, I'm going to fetch a copy of recordnow MAX and see how that works. Just thought it was really weird.

For some reason... I just dont like burning multigame discs =P I have a few of them, I just prefer single discs, they're cheap enough and it makes it easy to xbcopy/dvd2xbox a single game onto the hd if I feel the need.

Thanks guys, I'll let you know how recordnow max works out, let me know if you have any other suggestions


#5 skeen


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Posted 08 January 2004 - 04:35 PM

Blindwrite is worth giving a try as well. Everyone seems to be happy with Recordnow Max, but for some reason it didn't like my x4 Princo's and or my Liteon411s. Test burns would succeed then the actual burn would stop around 80% and spit out a coaster. This happend three times before I gave up on it.

Nero burned a few ISO's OK for me, but making a UDF or Video CD with files and it would crap on me half the time. Sometimes it would work fine while others it would stay at 1% yet keep acting as if it were burning. Then the only way i could get it to stop was hard reset my computer. I made about 5 coaster using this method.

Anyway I guess this is all completely unrelated so I'll shut up now.

I've had good luck with Blindwrite is what I'm ultimately saying here.

#6 mr69ways


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Posted 08 January 2004 - 05:00 PM

Just curious. I bought some 1X compusa DVD-R's from Compusa this week (manufactuered by Princo) and I have the same problem (I have a Lite-On drive). Have you got any to work

#7 lemboaw


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Posted 08 January 2004 - 05:55 PM

Actually I havent gotten any to work in the xbox, but for xbox isos I've only tried burning games under 500MB on them, and even with the DVD+R's that I normally use I have to turn the xbox completely off and boot from the dvd to get it the game to load, it loads fine afterwards though.

I have used the princo 1X discs to burn dvd movies though and they work fine. Its just a pain to wait for stuff to burn at 1X, I ordered the wrong discs on accident so I think they're going to be just for movies since I know they work for that. The princo 1X discs that I've burned DVD movies on read fine in the xbox also... So I dont know...

I just tried recordnow MAX also, same problem...

Anyone else had problems burning small games on any type of dvd media? seems to be under 600-700MB and I get some problems (nothing major really though, just have to boot clean from the dvd when I use dvd+r). I've done a few that are just over 700 and they work perfectly (Phillips DVD+R)

I may have to go ahead and make some multigame discs for the small stuff... Going to try that just to see if I have the same problem, I'm thinking I wont though, we'll see.


#8 lemboaw


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Posted 08 January 2004 - 05:58 PM

I have a lite-on 411S btw and I've burned about 20 types of media in it, hundreds of discs, and nearly no problems, havent found any media that it wont burn yet... running the latest firmware...

#9 Joshua Wood

Joshua Wood

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Posted 08 January 2004 - 07:02 PM

Check the options for nero 6 - I've seen somewhere an option "Make all dvd ISOs at least 1gb for compatibility" type setting...you could try turning this off and see what happens - I have no idea what it does, or why they need to be 1gb+ for compatibility....I've burnt a cd image to a dvd+RW (700mb) several times, and they all go fine on my PC (was a PC iso).....

Also, get yourself at least 1 RW, saves wasting so many Rs... wink.gif

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