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How Do I "hotswap" My Modchip?

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#1 Softco Industries

Softco Industries

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Posted 09 January 2004 - 10:56 PM

Skim through this tutorial to get a rough idea of what you'll be doing first, as you should do with any tutorial.

This FAQ assumes that you know the basics of modding, and opening the Xbox. This process is dangerous, and may kill your Xbox/Modchip if you're not careful. I do not take any responsibility for what you do to your Xbox when using this guide. Follow instructions carefully and you should be fine.

Ok, let's start! First off, we need the following materials:

*Evolution X (Ready To Flash A Bios Of Your Choice)
*A Working Mod Chip (I prefer Solderless to fix bad flashes)
*A Non-Working Mod Chip (By A Bad Flash)
*A Soldering Pencil/Iron (OPTIONAL)
*A Torx 10 and 20 Screwdriver

Follow all instructions carefully, and good luck!

1) Open the Xbox (if you haven't already done so), voiding your warrany, and leaving the DVD Drive and HDD still all attached.

2) Boot up the Xbox with a working modchip, and have EvoX start up. Idle EvoX in the main menu.

3) While the Xbox is still running, carefully remove the modchip that is in the Xbox.

4) Leaving the Xbox still idling in EvoX, solder/install your non-working modchip into the Xbox. Be very careful, the Xbox is on. Don't let any 2 points touch at all! You may have to start over if they do, or screw up your Xbox - forever!!!

5) When installed, make sure the modchip is ready to flash. Then, flash the modchip from EvoX with the BIOS of your choice!

6) Put everything back together, and enjoy your modded Xbox!


-To Fix bad flashes, I used an Xecuter2.0 Lite+ which is solderless, because it is easy to remove. I reccomend solderless, because of this reason.
-Leave the Video cables plugged in, and the TV on while doing this, so you may monitor the Xbox while in the Hotswap process.

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#2 hotjanitor


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Posted 11 May 2004 - 06:05 PM

In various other 'hotswapping' guides, it is advised that the chips (dead and recovery chips) be 'similar'. I have some variation of the Matrix chip (I got the system from my brother who had it modded in asia), and am unable to find any current hardware named 'Matrix', would the X-chip work? What chips work best with eachother? None of my pals have chips yet, but I'll talk one into getting one, if only to fix my system (and they can borrow my games).

Hot Janitor (the stupid little brother that flashed the bios)

#3 Softco Industries

Softco Industries

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Posted 17 May 2004 - 10:17 AM

Chips do NOT have to be the same. If they give you access to EvoX (or another flashing application), it's okay.

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