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#1 devilman2075


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Posted 26 January 2004 - 06:16 PM

hi all, i am thinking about buying the DreamX when it is
available midway through february. Do you think it is a
good deal to get the Dream X with the 1.4 ghz cpu and the
128 mb ram for 299.99 and then get the 200 gb harddrive for
199.99. I was looking and just the motherboard with the 1.4
ghz cpu is 199.99 so i dont think its a bad deal. But the
thing that bothers me is they have a trade in service, and
wether you do it or not it adds 200 dollars to th total. so
instead of buying a chipped, fast and very fine in memory
xbox for 499.98 i have to pay 699.98 and if i trade in my
xbox i get 200 if it is in good condition. It says a
gamestron.com that itsis ready to play backups of your own
games you just ned to flash it with evox. i just figued i
ould buy a prechipped xbox but with this dreamx i get
prechipped xbox with upgraded cpu and upgraed ram. and i
liek the trad in servce but relly its like ripping you off
you pay 200 fo it ad they give u 200 or less depending on
the condition.

#2 Onslaught_X


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Posted 26 January 2004 - 06:20 PM

Honestly i never saw the point in having a faster xbox rather than getting bragging rights, but i guess it could come in handy when running Linux or possibly a future version of windows. Who knows?

Besides, think of it this way, most of the games made for Xbox are made by developers who know the limitations of the xbox and will only make games that will run nicely on the ORIGINAL xbox. No one is going to make a game saying its "DreamX Compatible" for enhanced performance (even though most games will load faster).

#3 dmack_901


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Posted 26 January 2004 - 07:07 PM

Although the games load faster I don't think it's a great deal unless your going to use linux or windows ect, as Onslaught_X said. If you look at the compatability list (or at least the one I saw a while back), most games perform worse a 733 with the new chip, or won't boot at all at 733. So I'm not shure how much better the 1.4 setting is conpaired to the original chip. In general, the only reason to get the 1.4 is either for bragging rights, or to use linux. But in that case it would be cheaper to get a regular computer.

#4 devilman2075


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Posted 26 January 2004 - 08:52 PM

i'm glad i came here before ordering. i guess i thought it
was to good to be true. i mean faster load times are always
nice but xbox compared to ps2 is already faster by a mile.
so i am just going to get a chip for my current xbox and
upgrade the harddrive. it will also be alotsmaller of a
hole in my pocket seeing i'm only 15. How hard is it to
install a different harddrive? My dada can do thechip
because hes good at that kind of stuff buti don knwoabot th
hard drive. i was thinking of eh xecuter pro and of course
the newest model. Probably go wth Evox as a dashboard.

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