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Obvious Idea For Homebrew Prog

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#1 jubilex


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Posted 29 May 2002 - 04:59 PM

I'm sure others have thought of this...it seems to me the most important homebrew prog to get working would be one that allows the Xbox to send the DVD data through the ethernet cable, so you can hook it up to your PC and read the DVDs -- thus making you able to backup your own originals. Doesn't seem like it would be at all difficult to code for someone who knows what he's doing. The interface would just be some kind of functional file explorer kind of thing.

#2 bubbasmurph


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Posted 30 May 2002 - 07:31 AM

ohmy.gif This could work, unsure tho unsure.gif

#3 Drakull


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Posted 31 May 2002 - 12:46 AM


In fact i was thinking on that way but it's not that easy: you've to control the other machines on the network, if you're using different subnetworks you've to control also that... etc... too much work when something easier can be done.
I'm going trying a different approach (as soon as i refresh a bit my visual C++ basis... as i'ven't been using it for a few years... so... you know... when you're developing in something different you've to re-adapt to the old system.. smile.gif
Well... the fact is that probably inclusively can develop this idea faster than myself... but it seems simplier than making a network explorer: making a ftp server application:
An ftp server application just need controlling a tcp/ip port (generally port 21). It's not really hard finding what ip is the xbox using on a network, and after getting that ip it's not a big deal using an standard ftp program for connecting with the xbox ftp server program. If the program is made allowing anyone connecting with full permission as anonymous user (or hard-coding a username/password on the program), then the access to the different drives on the xbox is not that hard, as it will be only using standard access to files/folders for being able of recreating the cd & hard-disk drives structure onto our clients.
After getting all the files from a DVD... making an unsigned iso is not a great problem.
The only problems i've still to check for knowing is this way is functional enough or not are the following ones:
- The xbox dvd file structure is easily allowing to differenciate between files & folders & the dvd drive unit is always properly mapped on the own xbox as a drive (for what i was reading on the xbox sdk that seems to be fine).
- How to make the xbox running our ftp server: if using a dvd for copying the ftp server program to the hard drive (seems to be logical keeping it on the hard drive), we've to find a way for running the program when inserting a new dvd so we can connect to the xbox and open the dvd contents. If using a dvd for copying the program and starting the ftp server, we've still to solve the problem of changing the dvd for the game's dvd without resetting the xbox, so our program does not stop as ftp server.

For solving that problem, may be a way is having the dvd for installin onto the hard drive and run the program, them connecting with an ftp client to the xbox and copying ALL the files& folders on the hard drive to a folder. After doing that, replacing the standard xbox desktop program with our ftp server program (the games should not be ables of running when inserted, but our ftp program should be run when turning on the xbox). After copying the contents of the dvd to our hard disk, we can re-replace the ftp program with the standard desktop one.

The only problem on doing that is how to replace the executables on the hard disk: at least on windows while you're using a file you're not able of renaming it... so you've to stop using the files before renaming them... may be the ftp server program should be run on a standard program and what should replace the desktop one is just a launcher... but will be still able of replacing the standard desktop manager one??

Just ideas with educational purpose....

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