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Mxm Xas Wish List

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#1 flattspott


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Posted 01 February 2004 - 07:43 PM


1. A Move modifier with <Vertical|Horizontal> <up|down|left|right> <Speed> <Limit> [STOP]
This would be use like so. You have an element (a box) at 200x200y and you use this modifier.
The original element X and Y will be the start points. The <Vertical|Horizontal> arg will define the axis to
keep to. The <up|down|left|right> arg is the starting direction of movement on that axis. The <Speed> arg is
how fast in terms of pixels the element will be moved per second. The <Limit> arg is an end point
for the move. Since the move is on one axis you'll only need to use just X or Y for the limit.
When it get to this point it will the go back to the start point at the same
speed it moved the first time. An optional [stop] arg could be used to only do it once

Imagine if you will, this little example-
[-] = a box or overlay coming in from the side of screen over a text string.

start move
|[-] Static|
|[-->-].168.0.2 Static|
|[---->--]8.0.2 Static|

then if you used a delay for the text so it changes while covered by the overlay.

going back
|[-----<-----]2004    |
|[-----<--]02-2004    |
|[---<-]02-02-2004    |
|[-]    02-02-2004    |

Hopefully you understand what I mean. Every time it moves over, the text changes


2. An duel-axis function. This would be for setting both X and Y coordinates into one single variable.
You could use this for defining your own XAS cursor and whatnot easier. Like if you had a grid or something.
Instead of going IF %Y% == "this" GOTO wheresZ, you could simply use, IF %duel-axis% == "X Y" GOTO whatever


3. A TRIANGLE function like the BOX and LINE ones. Could be used a a cursor.


4. ContextScripts can be put into whatever menu you choose.
This could be done in the following format-

 <Menu="Configure_DVD Drive"/>
 <Insert>Auto Copy</Insert>

Obviously there's only one sys menu so we wouldn't need to specify that.
The Insert part will put the new after the menu part.
From the example it'd work like this.
You press Y > System Menu > Configure > DVD Drive > Auto Copy


5. Have XAS files AutoMenu for $ActualPath$\Scripts\ (possible 2 deep, like $ActualPath$\Scripts\Tetris\)

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#2 Kthulu


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Posted 02 February 2004 - 11:13 PM

1. have no idea what you are saying smile.gif

2. try this:

IF %x%%y% = "2550" goto WHATEVER (alternately, IF "%x%%y%" = "2550" goto WHATEVER

where %x% = "25" and %y% = "50"

4. both sound pretty good to me too, but how bout a circle too

5. i believe this already being worked on. there's a thread somewhere where BJ talks about using the *.xsm extension for scripts that you want auto-added to the menu.

Edited by Kthulu, 02 February 2004 - 11:21 PM.

#3 geniusalz


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Posted 02 February 2004 - 11:30 PM

Have I said this before? rolleyes.gif

*rumble rumble rumble*

*Rumble for controllers
Selecting which controller to rumble might be a bit of a problem, but you could force it to be the last one used. Shouldn't be too much work for this feature.

*Oh yeah, and multi-controller support for scripts, if it's not too much work (though I fear it might be). Multiplayer games!

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