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Gamecube On Xbox

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#1 DravenJ


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Posted 07 December 2002 - 01:39 AM

it would have to be posible because look at all the other systems the emu has been ported to




#2 darkfox


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Posted 07 December 2002 - 01:56 AM

Thats funny, Gamecube on a Fridge, Game cube on your calculator.

Some one has was too much time on thier hands and are addicted to photoshop.

#3 dkoikadabra


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Posted 07 December 2002 - 02:03 AM

You'd have to be a dumbass to believe that any system beyond the Atari 2600 could be emulated even half-ass on any TI Calculator. The Photos are faked.

#4 alee132


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Posted 07 December 2002 - 03:10 AM

Those were fake??? I feel outraged at these bastards!!!! I thought I was going to be able to play my GC game on gameboy advanced. Those bastards.

#5 marcusradabe


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Posted 07 December 2002 - 04:06 AM

that really cracks me up, some sad people have a lot of time on their hands and a very sad life!!!!! gamecube on a gba, tee hee

#6 al_moranas


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Posted 08 December 2002 - 02:08 AM

But if it's on the internet, it must be real. beerchug.gif



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Posted 08 December 2002 - 02:23 AM

that pinball one just cracks me up!@!@! Does the left flipper do specials, and go left, and the right do punch, and move right? wink.gif lol

#8 SSSSSmokey


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Posted 31 December 2002 - 07:09 AM

I like the Game and Watch one most....just think of the screen...

#9 murphness


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Posted 09 January 2003 - 09:29 PM

QUOTE (DravenJ @ Dec 7 2002, 01:39 AM)
it would have to be posible because look at all the other systems the emu has been ported to




it says morons at the end of the page.......moron

#10 gsta_uk


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Posted 10 January 2003 - 01:07 AM

If you highlight the end of the page you get this lovly message for the idiots who believe!!!!


Of course, this is still a joke. You can compile it if you have some sense of humor, but it won't do a lot of stuff. Well, check the source. It does a bit more stuff than the older version, though :-) For curious people : the first screenshots were made by plugging my GameCube (yes, the real system) on my TV Card and using composite source in xawTV. The other ones only needed screen captures from various websites, and a Gimperization. Wanna play those great games ? Buy a GameCube. It truly deserves it. Many thanks to all the porters for the fine screenshots. Keep it up.
Many people have been asking me why I'm doing this. Telling me it sucks. Telling me it disrespects real emu authors. What is my point doing it ?
I'm a GameCube-lover. And an emu-lover.
- gCubix was created to tell people who wanted to play NGC games without paying for them they were morons.
- gCubix was created to tell people that emulation is about nostalgia. And that if you thought it was only a way to play games for free, you're a moron.
- gCubix was created because I got bored of morons asking on Usenet for PS2/xBox/NGC emulators. I've seen so many great projects cancelled due to morons harassing the authors I thought it was time to kick some ass.
It's pretty impressive to receive mails asking you for a "firmware zip file" even though you've told you won't give it, even if it existed. Any person with working brains should quickly understand gCubix is a joke. Many understood it that way, and sent new screenshots. Some were tricked, and finally got angry. That's understandable. But so what ? It is a joke. Not a virus, or some evil stuff. The only thing it can screw up is your fucking ego, morons.
I'd never try to harm the emu scene, I love it, and I'm not that kind of sadistic guy. If you think I created gCubix because I just felt unable to write a real emulator, please yourself. I admire real emu authors. I'm not one of them, and probably never will be. Use Mame, zSnes, ePSXe, Project64, Gens, Mess, any other you like. They all deserve it. Buy a GameCube. It deserves it. Send me screenshots, they'll be published.
Oh, I had feedback from morons. To have an in-depth look at how far human stupidity can go, check the link belowhttp://benjamin.francois.free.fr/artwork/gcubix/morons.html

I can't believe anyone could fall for that!!

#11 Cheerio


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Posted 10 January 2003 - 01:17 AM

you wouldnt belive the posts we got here on it.

#12 crackz0r


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Posted 10 January 2003 - 01:45 AM

damn... i got all excited when i saw R2-D2 emulating a gamecube.. so i went and told R2 to show me the games.. and that stupid little trashcan wannabe just whistled at me and rolled away..

#13 SuPaTeD


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Posted 11 January 2003 - 01:24 AM

ROFL!!! Thats funny shite i sware >=D

"Captain Kirk's personnal build on gCubix, running on the USS Enterprise's control screen"

#14 mattboy2


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Posted 11 January 2003 - 05:30 AM

laugh.gif no dood.. eniac and irc ports actually kept me laughing for a few minutes

#15 HeLiuM


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Posted 11 January 2003 - 05:50 PM

no gc on alarm clocks yet? that pisses me off. damn you slow ass coders.. ive given u a whole year and i dont get gamecube on my alarm clock in the mornin?

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