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Read Before Paying to Have Your Xbox Modded

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Posted 04 February 2004 - 09:41 PM

There has been an increase in reports about bad transactions in the area of installers.. both in the BST and the Installers forums.

People are finding.. that they are taking their used or even one day old units in to someone advertising in bst or Installers.. and are not getting all their
hardware back.

Here is some advice for those wanting to get their XBOX modified by these installers:

.. assuming your XBOX was fully functioning and working properly before you take it to get a MODCHIP installed, a TSOP flashed, or an EXPLOIT installed.. why not open it up anyways and take a peek inside.

The DVD and HARD DRIVES are stamped/stickered and marked. Same with the motherboard and powersupply. There are plenty of identifying marks on that hardware. Write down all this good info.

You can also use a SHARPIE and MARK and sign with your signature EVERYTHING that is in there. This way.. if someone tries to swap parts and not tell you.. you'll know.

I recommend opening your unit.. signing parts.. and then taking pictures.

I know alot of you go to an installer because you are afraid to open your unit.. but if you follow instructions.. and take care and use caution.. you can safely open your case and inspect it. Basic Guide to safely Open your XBOX for Inspecition

Something else to consider.. whether they guy is doing a Modchip, Tsop Flash, or Exploit.. an experienced installer can Pretest your unit, do the job, re-test to determine if it function in less than 20-30 minutes. Inexperienced ones will take much longer. Keep that in mind. An exception is a HARD DRIVE install.. expect to add some time here.

If getting a modchip installed.. why not familiarize yourself with what they look like.. and where they are in the unit. How many times have we heard the horror stories of people taking their XBOX to get an XECUTER or CHAM chip installed.. and coming home with a 10$ TSOP flash but charged 50-100$ for a chip they didn't get. (far too often I'm afraid)

If you want to get a modchip.. check the MODCHIP Section here on XS.. and learn what it looks like and where it goes.. then.. have the installer show you his work. If they bitch that they don't want to re-open the unit.. remember.. it only take 6 screws + 3 more to get to a point where they can show you the modchip they installed. (less than 2 minutes work)

I recommend opening your unit.. signing parts.. and then taking pictures.
After all.. the install will be voiding any warranty you might have anyways.

If you are unwilling to open your unit and take these simple steps to protect yourself and your investment from con artists.. then don't complain on XS about it.

Now.. assuming you've taken these precautionary steps to protect yourself.. take an additional step.. and make a PRETEST SHEET.

CONTROLLER in each port_____
anything else you think is important..

...then take that with you to the installer.. and have him test each item before he does anything. It can be done very quickly. Have him sign it saying everything worked FINE before you let him do anything to your unit.

If something fails during the pretest.. then you can arrange with him how it is to be fixed or circumvented.

If he isn't willing to pretest.. he's not the right installer for you. It's your unit.. and your money. Spend it wisely.

Buying a PREMOD can be just as nerve racking. Ideally.. have them tell you upfront what parts are inside (Name of manufacturer of the DVD, HD, modchip if any) If they refuse.. then you need to decide if that is the place you'll buy a PREMOD from. That's a decision only you can make.

My Personal Opinion on PREMODS:
.. if I'm going to be buying a new XBOX PREMODDED I would want to know the make of parts inside. After all.. they had the unit open.. they should know what is inside.  If I was just buying an XBOX that wasn'y opened.. then that would be different.  I wouldn't expect the seller to know the manufacturer of the parts inside.  But that is just my opinion. It's your money.

I also have some advice for those doing the installs...

When you accept an xbox to be modded.. test it there immediately in front of the user. Test the controller in all ports, do a basic nic test.. video test etc.. make that PRETEST SHEET I told the customers to make. If you pretest properly.. you'll know ahead of time that something is wrong.. and can turn down the install before being on the hook for it.

As An Installer.. don't set yourself up by modding an xbox that is flaky. If it looks old and beatup.. don't do it. Alot of people will give you a box they've fucked up.. not admit it.. and blame you. If they say the box hasn't been modded.. and you find evidence it has been.. what else are they lying about to you?

If there is an issue with the unit.. but it is one you are willing to work around.. or better.. fix.. than have the user sign something to the effect that there was a problem to begin with.

For everyone involved on both sides of this issue...

There are alot of con artists (on both sides of this issue).. and XBOX-SCENE can't mediate your transaction problems.


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