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Fan Mod

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Posted 12 February 2004 - 09:36 AM

hey guys i am just posting a mod i visualized in my head just now im also new to the forums i come here quite often but ne ways ima cut to the chase
i am not good at explaing things as i will try my best
ok heres what i have thought of i was thinking if u cut the red and black wire on the original fan that came with the xbox and put a switch in it and drilled a hole in the back bottom of the case and used this http://www.radioshac.....ct_id=275-654 diagram here l <p l <g l <g2
legends p=power g=ground g=ground2
with the switch i snipped the power wire and soldered it the the "p" pin and then cut the "g" ground and snipped it in two and solder both to g and then i would get a piece of wire and solder that to "g2" ground 2 the tin caseing or the screw closet to fan put the wire snuggly under the screw and screw it in tight as i have thought of this in my head i am most certain with the flip of the flip of the switch u can make the speed from 6v to 12v with the flip of the switch
and sorry for my not so professionalism as i am not very good at explaing things i hope someone could try this out and see if it works they will get half credit on behalf of this prototype mod i thought of well ciao hope to make more mods for u guys love this site

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#2 Samstag


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Posted 12 February 2004 - 10:12 AM

If I understand correctly, you are saying that on the switch, G is the center terminal and P and G2 are the outer terminals, correct? And if I understand further, you plan on cutting the fan red wire and soldering it to P. You'll cut the fan black wire and solder it to G, and G2 will go to the case ground. Is that a correct interpretation?

If that is so, your method will not work. In one position the fan will simply not work. In the other position, the fan will not work and the power supply will start smoking.

What you want is to leave the red wire alone. Connect the fan black wire to the center terminal. Connect either of the other terminals to the case. If you want 12 with the switch up, connect the bottom terminal to the case, otherwise reverse it. If this isn't clear, there is a tutorial somewhere here on xbox scene that describes how to do the same thing with pictures.

Can I get a half credit for tranlating it into english? wink.gif

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