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Case Modding FAQs

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Posted 15 February 2004 - 02:36 AM

Firstly, a world of thanks to NeO529 for starting the original Case Modding FAQ, then letting me tear it apart and add onto it. This list is reorganized, reordered, and re-vamped to make it somewhat easier to find exactly what you are looking for.

Be sure to also check out the Case Modding Tutorials on the main page of Xbox-Scene.

=====[Old Pinned Threads and Key Threads]=====

The Comprehensive LCD Screen FAQ

Any Color Front Panel (eject Button) LEDs

How To Find Which Resistor(s) You Need For LEDs

Guide To A Dead Power Supply Fuse Replacement

The Jewel Clearing RESOURCE THREAD
See also halofreak007's thread --> http://forums.xbox-s...howtopic=359930

For easier searching and scrolling, search (ctrl-F) the alphanumberic code beside the topic to hop directly to it (for example, "A01," or "D10")

=====[Table of Contents]=====
A. Basic information you must know before modding.
- (A01) What Xbox Version do I have?
- (A02) Where is the Xbox-Scene tutorials page?
- (A03) What type of soldering iron should I buy?
- (A04) How do I solder?
- (A05) Basic electronics for beginners!
B. Where to get modding supplies
- (B01) LEDs & Resistors
- (B02) Custom Xbox Jewels
- (B03) Circular Cold Cathode Fans or other Cathodes
- (B04) Soldering Supplies
- (B05) Replacement Parts/Other Parts
C. Taking Apart The Xbox
- (C01) How do I open the Xbox case?
- (C02) How do I get the face plate/front panel thingy off?
- (C03) How do I remove the jewel?
- (C03b) How do I make the jewel hole?
- (C04) How do I clear the jewel?
- (C04b) How do I get the silver Xbox lettering out of the jewel?
- (C05) Okay, So I took off my jewel and sanded it, or got a custom one. How do I get it back on???
- (C06) Is it okay to remove the top metal shielding?
- (C07) What the heck is all this white goop on the PSU!?
- (C08) How do I remove the DVD Bezel/Faceplate?
D. Lighting Mods
- (D01) How do I change the power/eject LEDs?
- (D02) What size LEDs do I need for the power/eject assembly?
- (D03) What type of resistors do I need for ____ LEDs?
- (D04) How do I light my jewel? Cold cathode or LEDs?
- (D05) I have a cathode or a pre-made light kit...how do I install it?
- (D06) I bought a lighting product that uses an inverter...now Xbox won't turn on!!!
- (D07) There is not enough room for my jewel lighting!!
- (D08) How do I install LEDs in the controllers?
- (D09) How do I install rumble LEDs in the controllers?
- (D10) How do I install LEDs in the controllers to make the A, B, X, and Y buttons glow?
- (D11) How do I install LEDs in the controller dongles/plugs of the controllers?
- (D12) Easiest, no-solder method to change power/eject LEDs to red.
- (D13) Ultimate Jewel Mod (HDD activity + Jewel LEDs)
- (D14) Underglow Mod!
- (D15) Side Vent LED mod
- (D16) How to use your eject ring to control your LEDs
E. Cooling Mods
- (E01) What are the average temperatures for the xbox cpu and motherboard?
- (E02) What is too hot for my xbox?
- (E03) What's the best way to cool my xbox?
- (E04) How can I make the fan more quiet?
- (E05) What are sizes for the back fan?
- (E06) How do I do the 12v Fan Mod?
- (E07) Hard drive cooling mod
- (E08) Watercooling?
- (E09) Side Intake Fan Mod Tutorial (PDF)
- (E10) What are the dimensions of the Xbox heatsinks??
- (E11) How do I install the Iceberq 4 Pro heatsinks?
F. Painting Mods
- (F01) What type of paint should I use on my xbox?
- (F02) Painting tips for newbies!!!
- (F03) Complete Two Color Painting Tutorial
- (F04) Preview your paint mods with an editable Photoshop Template!
- (F05) Flash app to preview your paint mods online
- (F06) Painting Flames on your Xbox
G. Misc Info
- (G01) Guide To A Dead Power Supply Unit Replacement
- (G02) DVD Window Mod Tutorial
- (G03) In-Depth instructions on how to cut the metal DVD-ROM lid
- (G04) deviation56's Xbox-to-PC case mod tutorial
- (G05) Hip Screen LCD Mod
- (G06) Moving all of the Controller Ports to one side of the Xbox
- (G07) Wireless Controller Mod - Internal Wiring & Mounting
H. Pinouts and Connection Diagrams
- (H01) Power Supply Pinout
- (H02) Molex Power Connector (Hard drive power cable)
- (H03) Video Connector Pinout
- (H04) ATA Connector (HDD/DVD IDE cable)
- (H05) DVD-ROM Power Connector
- (H06) Front Panel Connector (power/eject assembly)
- (H07) Ethernet Connector Pinout
- (H08) Controller Port
- (H09) Memory Card Slot
- (H10) AVIP Chart
- (H11) Guide to adding Hi-Def Outputs
I. Updates
Sketchup Files - See second post.
XS Case Modding Dictionary - See third post.

Section A - Basic Information

A01. What Xbox version do I have?
- http://www.xbox-scene.com/versions.php - There are two guides here, one details version finding by opening the case, and the other by checking manufacture dates.
- http://xbox-linux.so...onsfinding.html - This is a very accurate guide to finding your Xbox version by its manufacture date. however, there are a lot of blank spots, and despite it's accuracy, it could be wrong. The tried and true method of determining your version is to open the Xbox up.

A02. Where is the Xbox-Scene tutorials page?
- http://tutorials.xbox-scene.com

A03. What type of soldering iron should I buy?
- It really all depends on your level of skill with a soldering iron. For those new to soldering, a 15w iron can be the best because it is not as hot as a 30w. However, experieced solderers may feel more comfortable with a 30 watt iron. It is not reccomended to go much higher than 30w.
- As for BRAND, it doesn't matter. Cheap Radio Shark irons are perfect to pick up if you are new to soldering and don't want to spend a lot of money on a professional iron (one with variable heat controls)

A04. How do I solder?
- As soldering is something that is too long to explain in one FAQ, a number of posts and websites have been collected that answer many questions, and have many tips.
- http://forums.xbox-s...t...24&t=155478
- http://www.circuitte...uides/7-0.shtml
- Google Results for 'basic soldering guide'
- http://www.xbox-scen.../soldering2.php
- http://www.xbox-scen...icles/stems.php
- http://www.epemag.wi...erfaq.htm#howto

A05. Basic Electronic Stuff for Beginners!
- twistedsymphony sent me this helpful link - it contains a lot of simple, easy-to-understand info if you're new to the world of electronics, circuits, soldering, etc. It also has a lot of basic projects that you can build and practice with before you mess up your Xbox!
- http://www.kpsec.freeuk.com/index.htm

Section B - Where to get modding supplies. (thanks a lot to cleary for his links)

B01. LEDs
- http://www.LSDiodes.com - Highly reccomended by a lot of modders on the scene. LEDs & Resistors.
- http://www.besthongkong.com/ - Also highly reccomended. LEDs and resistors.
- http://shop.sickmods.net/ - (Run by SICKdimension) LEDs and resistors.
- http://www.coolerguys.com/ - Expensive, but one of the few places that has RED/BLUE bicolor LEDs. subdigital had some advice to offer - he phoned coolerguys, and they suggested that people phone in their LED orders to save money on shipping - around 5 bucks! See their contact page for phone numbers and ordering hours!
- eBay LED listings - You can get bulk LEDs for very cheap on eBay, you just have to watch what's there.
- Don't buy LEDs at Radio Shack. They are weak and terrible.

B02. Custom Xbox Jewels
- http://shop.craxtion.com (run by LepPpeR)
- http://www.mad-modder.com (run by No_Remorse_666)
- http://www.hotmodz.com (formally Xport1) (run by Xport1)
- Which to choose? All are great places. Mad-Modder and Craxtion offer thick, engraved custom jewels, as well as "standard" designs. Xport1 offers a very wide selection of thinner laser-etched jewels at a slightly cheaper cost. Visit all three sites to get an idea of which one is right for you.

B03. Circular Cold Cathode Fans or other Cathodes (CCFLs/CCs)
- There are hundreds of places online to pick these items up, but here are a few reccomended by Xbox-Scene members:
- Try searching Google as well. Don't get ripped off on eBay by shipping charges.. sellers on eBay have a habit of overinflating the shipping costs!!

B04. Soldering Supplies
- The place I go for all my soldering supplies is Radio Shack. They suck for absolutly everything else, but they have irons, solder, solder suckers, desoldering braid, a small selection of replacement tips, and that's basically all you need. Blind_Samuri shared these links with me:
1. http://www.jameco.com/
An excellent place for electronic components and supplies. I have personally bought my soldering iron from them and was very satisfied with their service. They are mostly hobbyst friendly site. Bad thing they charge handling fee if order is smaller than $25 sad.gif .
2. http://www.mouser.com/
Another good website. I think they don't even charge $5 handling fee if order is under $25. Also hobbyst friendly.
I think those places are better than big retailers (Newark,DigiKey) for hobby stuff.

B05. Replacement Parts/Other Parts
- To find more computer case mod oriented modding items, check out all the links in section B03. Items like Lazer LEDs, lighted case feet, etc.
- Two sources used by XS members for Xbox parts are:
---- http://www.llamma.com (TWO M's! wink.gif )
---- http://www.spotted-horse.com
- Don't forget to try Xbox-Scene's BST section to see if people are selling extra parts there as well.
- Can't solder? CustomXbox.net has a wide variety of case mod options for sale.

Section C - Taking Apart The Case

C01. How do I open the Xbox case?
- http://www.xbox-scen...icles/open1.php
- A torx-20 (T-20) bit is needed for the 6 case screws.
- A torx-10 (T-10) bit is needed for the mobo screws and most other screws inside the case)
- A torx-15 (T-15) bit is needed to remove the hard drive from its little tray. This is not nessecary for case modding unless you are taking the HDD out of the tray.

C02. How do I get the face plate/front panel thingy off?
- Read this thread: http://forums.xbox-s...t...t=83735&hl=
- Watch TykSak's video: http://www.indexside...anelRemoval.htm (thanks TykSak)
- Watch brahm2's video: http://brahm2.com/fa...efrontpanel.avi (note: It won't be that easy the first time).

C03. How do I remove the jewel?
- This method is reccomended because it is sooooo easy:
Step 1: Put the top part of your case into the freezer for about 30 minutes.
Step 2: Take it out, remove metal shielding and tap directly under your jewel with a hammer [OR A SHOE!!] and she'll pop right off. (by tester123)

- If tester's method doesn't work (unusually strong glue or something) try this method:
First open up the xbox case ant take off the top. Take the metal shielding off the top. There are 6 little posts that you have to bend a little of the metal back. Grab a hair blower and a small screw driver. Set the hair dryer to hot and high. Point the hair blower at the back of the jewel for 5 minutes, no less. Take the screw driver and stick it under the jewel and leaver it off. Thats it your jewel is off. (by wup)

- Here is a 30 second method:
What you need is a can of compressed air. You use it for cleaning PC parts and dusting things. If you turn it upside down it shoots out a liquid that is super cold and freezes. Anyways, turn the can upside down and spray all around your jewel. Be sure to get alot of it around the sides and underneath. When i was done spraying I had a little pool of this "super cooling liquid air" on my jewel. It evaporated in a few seconds then the jewel peeled right off. Hope this helps! (by EyeCandyAccord)
Note: be careful with this method. Some people have cracked thier jewels.

C03b. How do I make the jewel hole?
- There are a couple ways to do this
- Use a dremel cutting disc to make a rough hole, then a sanding drum to round it down to a perfect circle.
- Get a 2.5" hole saw drill attachment, and drill the perfect sized hole without any other work!
- With both methods, make sure there is a small ledge left over for the jewel to rest on (about 1 - 1.5mm)
- Many other ways.. it's as simple as cutting and sanding down plastic.

C04. How do I clear the jewel?
- The first step is to get that black rubbery stuff off. If you used the freezer method, sometimes you can peel it off like a sticker, or in little chunks at a time. If you can't, try Goo-Gone or some other sticky-substance removing solvent.
- Now, to get the green paint off.

- 3/27/04 - it was just brought to my attention that Rubbing Alcohol works just as well or even better than nail polish, seeing how it is alcohol based. If you have some, substitute it for nail polish in the rest of this explanation. (thanks to vokal4 for the tip)

- Take some paper towel, dab some nail polish remover OR rubbing alcohol on it, and rub. It will take a little while, but it is well worth it. If you don't have a sister/mom/girlfriend, go to a drugstore. It should be cheaper than a million kinds of sandpaper. Look at this result from nail polish:
Note: don't let it SOAK.. RUB it. Sometimes it might depend on the nail polish if it is cloudy.
Note 2: Apparently ACETONE FREE Nail Polish is the kind that does not cloud.
Note 3: This method does not work 100% of the time, and some members still get cloudy jewels. Keep in mind that not all of these methods will be the same for everyone.

A chemical-free method to remove the paint is by sanding. TykSak has an amazing tutorial for jewel sanding:

Keep the following in mind:

Just as a tip, various other household chemicals have been reported to work just as well. Pine Sol and Oven cleaner have both had good results, but sometimes the jewel clouds with oven cleaner. Clear at your own risk!


djmeistro had this to say about jewel polishing: I just learned something new about jewel that i didn't find anywhere on the site. For me, when i took the paint off the jewel with nail polish remover, it started to cloud. The solution to this is just do that final step as if you were sanding the jewel. Use toothpaste and polish the jewel and the clouding goes away.

Xbox-Scene tutorials page jewel links:

Here is a thread with lots of methods of possible jewel clearing - http://forums.xbox-s...howtopic=333877
Thanks eminvil_12

C04b. How do I get the silver Xbox lettering out of the jewel?
- After removing the green paint with a sanding or chemical method, put hot glue into the "xbox" letters, let it dry (try sticking it in the freezer to get it to harden quickly), then just peel it out, and the silver should stick to the glue.
- Repeat the process for any other little bits that don't come off the first time.
- Thanks to PaCMaYNE for this info.
- This hasn't worked for everyone so try it at your own risk!

C05. Okay, So I took off my jewel and sanded it, or got a custom one. How do I get it back on???
-Definitive Jewel Reattachement Guide (by feflicker)

C06. Is it okay to remove the top metal shielding?
- YES. Leave the side shielding if possible, but if the top shielding is in your way, you can remove it.

C07. What the heck is all this white goop on the PSU!?
- Don't panic, it's normal. The goop is placed on the PSUs to prevent the components from vibrating while in-transit. It's non-conductive and does not damage anything.. and it's reccomended you leave it there!

C08. How do I remove the DVD Bezel/Faceplate?
- Thanks TykSak
- http://forums.xbox-s...howtopic=236239

Section D - Lighting Mods! biggrin.gif

D01. How do I change the power/eject LEDs?
- If you have a modchip, or are using an exploit, XBTool allows you to specify the LED color of red, green, or orange and can have them alternate and flash as well.
- If you want to make the power/eject LEDs always red, and you don't want to use XBTool, and you don't want to solder, check this tutorial: http://www.xbox-scen...s/front-led.php
- If you are comfortable soldering, check out dvz's awesome tutorial to get the power/eject LEDs to ANY color you want, as long as you have the right color LEDs: http://forums.xbox-s...showtopic=50825

D02. What size LEDs do I need for the power/eject assembly?
- 3mm is best. You can fit 5mm with some work and trimming though.
- Note: 3mm Bi-color LEDs are the easiest to install, because they are the same size as the originals. When you install two 3mm LEDs, some trimming of the insides may be required. 5mm LEDs require more trimming.

D03. What type of resistors do I need for ____ LEDs?
- A collection of posts and links about calculating resistance: http://forums.xbox-s...showtopic=61484
- Simple and Advanced Resistor Calculator: resistorcalc.sickmods.net/
- Alternative Calculator: http://led.linear1.org/1led.wiz
- Picture for equations (thanks TykSak_):

D04. How do I light my jewel? Cold cathode or LEDs?
- The difference between cold cathodes and LEDs is this: LEDs are bright, and CC's are incredibly bright!!
Mastermods.com used to sell light kits but have had incredible shipping problems and they are generally not reccomended. There are also some tutorials to make your own. Here is the best one (thanks Ben999_):
Another one:
- Circular cold cathodes are becoming extremly popular...they are available at Xoxide.com or any major computer case modding site. A cathode from an 80mm fan is PERFECT for the Xbox. Spiral fans also work very well. Basically, you unscrew the cathode part from the fan, plug the molex connector into the Xbox's PSU (requires Y-splitter) and turn it on. See section B03 for places to buy cathode fans.

D05. I have a cathode or a pre-made light kit...how do I install it?
- You need a 4-pin molex power spiltter for the hard drive power cable...then the hard drive goes in one end and the light kit goes in the other. Advanced modders will be able to figure out which wires to solder without having to buy a splitter. Remember that CCs NEED an inverter to work.

D06. I bought a lighting product that uses an inverter...now Xbox won't turn on!!!
- Depending on where you placed the inverter, it can sometimes interfere with the interior of the Xbox. Mainly, when you place one right near the IDE cable from the HDD. Simple fix.. wrap the inverter in tin foil (stops electronic signals), then wrap the aluminum-wrapped inverter with electrical tape (because electronics and aluminum foil DO NOT MIX!!). If this fix doesn't work for you..post a help thread for troubleshooting.

- Another common cause of the inverter screwing up your xbox is that there's usually a piece of methal inside the inverter thats touching another piece of metal that it shouldn't be. This happens especially with inverters from svc.com (not sure what brand specifically). To open the inverter, usually you can just push in the middle in on both sides and the two covers with pop right off. Then just make there are no pieces of metal touching any other pieces of metal inside the inverter, if there is just pry the 2 pieces of metal away with a flathead screwdriver or something (be gentle with it). This has already happened to me and a friend, we wrapped it and tinfoil first and still had problems with interference, but we opened up our inverters and sure enough there were some pieces of metal touching each other that weren't supposed to. If you tried wrapping it in tinfoil and tried this method also, its probbably time to get a new inverter... (THANKS deviation56)

D07. There is not enough room for my jewel lighting!!
Well, the easiest solution is to take out the metal shielding attached to the lid of the Xbox. It is generally useless and taking it out is perfectly fine.

D08. How do I install LEDs in the controllers?
- Visit this link - bad pics, but good tut.
- Visit this link - awesome pics, awesome tut.
- Visit this link - awesome pics, awesome tut.
- The One-picture tutorial from brahm2's sig.

D09. How do I install rumble LEDs in the controllers?
- brahm2's One-Picture tutorial:

D10. How do I install LEDs in the controllers to make the A, B, X, and Y buttons glow?
- Check these links.
- http://members.cox.n...rook/modcon.htm
- http://forums.xbox-s...howtopic=290268 (thanks ahoatam!)
- Also see Ben999_'s website for another pic of a completed one - http://mywebpages.co...llerbuttons.jpg

D11. How do I install LEDs in the controller dongles/plugs of the controllers?
- brahm2 & AliKaz's tutorial

D12. Easiest, no-solder method to change power/eject LEDs to red.
- Very detailed tutorial, lots of pics of taking apart the xbox and putting it back together:
- http://www.xbox-scen...s/front-led.php
- Troubleshooting:
If the power/eject LEDs do not work after this mod, it is most likely because of a simple wire mixup. This is a common error and easy to fix. Use this image for reference (ignore blue line), and switch all your wires back into their NORMAL positions. Plug it into the Xbox and make sure it works normally. Then, carefully following the tutorial, or using the image for reference, try switching the wires again into their new positions.

D13. Ultimate Jewel Mod (HDD activity + Jewel LEDs)
- Tutorial: http://www.xbox-scen...imate-jewel.php
- Alternate wiring diagram: http://brahm2.com/xs/ultimate.jpg

D14. Underglow Mod!
- Thanks to $langer for making an underglow tutorial!
- http://www.engr.uvic...under_glow_mod/

D15. Side Vent LED mod
- Thanks to mb3k for this great tutorial!
- http://www.mb3k.com/...ntledboard.html

D16. How to use your eject ring to control your LEDs
- Tutorial by TeonHarasymiv
- http://forums.xbox-s...howtopic=364073

Section E - Cooling Mods cool.gif

E01. What are the average temperatures for the xbox cpu and motherboard?
-CPU temp should range from about 40º-65ºC (104º-149ºF)
-Motherboard temp should range from about 33º-49ºC (90º-120ºF)

E02. What is too hot for my xbox?
- your Xbox will shut down if the cpu temperature reaches 71ºC (160ºF)

E03. What's the best way to cool my xbox?
- I have had good experiences with the 12v fan mod (see E06). You can also add more fans, especially one underneath the hard drive. If you add one under the HD make sure it is sucking air away and not blowing air against it because you will just be blowing hot air against the hdd. If you blow the air away from the hdd the back fan will take it out.
- If you are not concerned about looks...then leaving the case lid off is one of the better cooling methods. But what case modder would do that? :-P
- The fan on the back should never be blowing air INTO the Xbox case.

E04. How can I make the fan more quiet?
- Buy a new, more silent one. Such as a Vantec Stealth 80mm (requires some fitting)

E05. What are sizes for the back stock fan?
- 3 1/4 x 2 3/4 x 1 inch or 70mm x 60mm x approx 21.5mm

E06. How do I do the 12v Fan Mod?
- Thanks NeO529.

E07. Hard drive cooling mod
- Thanks FLuKE11.

E08. Watercooling?
- Here are some links for watercooling!
- http://www.xbox-scen...ater-cooled.php
- http://hypothermia.g...xbox/index.html
thanks to One More for pointing these out to me! Anyone else should feel free to send me any other links they find.

E09. Side Intake Fan Mod Tutorial
- Thanks Dreamcazman!
Related post: http://forums.xbox-s...howtopic=176677

E10. What are the dimensions of the Xbox heatsinks?
- Thanks Gotrek for the exact measurements.
- Listed by length x width x height
- CPU 70mm x 60mm x 35mm (max height but I think the HD cradle could be modified but this might screw up the airflow over the heatsink)
- GPU 51mm x 43mm x 25mm (theres room to go as high as 27mm)
- MCPX (didn't measure it but I fit a 40mm x 40mm heatsink on it but the right size would probably be 20mm x 20mm x 30mm (Guessing on height but theres more clearance then over the GPU)

E11. How do I install the Iceberq 4 Pro heatsinks?
- Thanks to potato10 for the awesome write-up!

Section F - Painting Mods

F01. What type of paint should I use on my xbox?
- TykSak, one of the best xbox case modders, uses acrylic car paint. Many people have also had luck with krylon fusion paint. Some other good brands are:
Krylon Fusion (Where to Buy)
Motip Car Paint
Dupli-Color Auto Paint (Where to Buy)
Tamiya Model Paint
Plasti-kote Auto Paint

F02. Painting tips for newbies!!!
- http://forums.xbox-s...t...=24&t=98508

F03. Complete Two Color Painting Tutorial
- Thanks TykSak!

F04. Preview your paint mods with an editable Photoshop Template!
- Thanks to blindbug for creating the template, here's the thread:

F05. Flash app to preview your paint mods online
- Based on the Photoshop template by blindbug, here is a Flash app to quickly test paint schemes without the need for Photoshop:
- colorchooser.sickmods.net

F06. Painting Flames on your Xbox
- Check out thios tutorial by EmTea
- http://forums.xbox-s...howtopic=318217

Section G - Misc Info

G01. Guide To A Dead Power Supply Unit Replacement
- http://forums.xbox-s...t...=24&t=31421

G02. DVD Window Mod Tutorial.
- http://www.brahm2.com/faq/DVD1/ (thanks Emc1683)
- - http://www.brahm2.com/faq/DVD2/ (thanks Muntzster)
- Tips: If you plan on painting your Xbox and do a DVD window mod, cut out the window BEFORE painting. That way, you won't ruin a nice coat of paint by cutting into the case.
- Because there are 3 different DVD-ROMS (possibly more, as newer versions of old models appear), don't be afraid to pause and ask for help in your project if there is something you are unsure of.

G03. In-Depth instructions on how to cut the metal DVD-ROM lid
- thanks mastercheef

G04. deviation56's Xbox-to-PC case mod tutorial
- thanks deviation56
- Related link (by djboo):

G05. Hip Screen LCD Mod
- http://forums.xbox-s...howtopic=289355
- thanks sapper

G06. Moving all the Controller Ports to one side of the Xbox
- http://forums.xbox-s...howtopic=380299
- thanks dougMod

G07. Wireless Controller Mod - Internal Wiring & Mounting
- http://forums.xbox-s...howtopic=445777
- thanks crystalgeek

Section G - Pinouts and Connection Diagrams - a million thanks to Emc1683 and spillage for gathering this info. Note: There was also information on the LPC, which I didn't include, because it varies in later versions of the Xbox. The PSU may change beween the versions as well - if someone could update me on that, I will edit the new information in.

H01. Power Supply Pinout (the motherboard connector)

For more info and diagrams on the different PSUs, visit: http://psu.sickmods.net/

Pin_________Desc._________Wire Color

6_________+3.3V STBY________Brown
11_________Power on_________White
12_________Power OK_________Blue

PSU info not be accurate for all Xbox versions!! I believe this is accurate for 1.0/1.1 Xboxes. Please PM me updates with other versions.

H02. Molex Power Connector (Hard drive power cable)

Desc._____Wire Color


H03. Video Connector Pinout

IPB Image

H04. ATA Connector (HDD/DVD IDE cable)

19_____GND___________________20____Key_____Blank Pin for polarizing
21____DMARQ__DMA Request_____22____GND_____________
23____DIOW____I/O Write________24____GND______________
25____DIOR____I/O Read_________26____GND_____________
27____IORDY___I/O Ready________28____CSEL__Cable Select
29____DMACK__DAM Ackknowledge_30____GND_____________
31____INTRQ__Interrupt Req.______32____IOCS16__16bit I/O
33____DA1____Device Addr. Bit 1___34____PDIAG__Passed Diagnostics
35____DA0____Device Addr. Bit 0___36____DA2__Device Addr. Bit 2
37____CS0____Chip Select 0_______38____CS1__Chip select 1
39____DASP___Dev. Activity_______40____GND______________

H05. DVD-ROM Power Connector

1_______12VDC______+12V Power
2_______5VDC_______+5V Power
4_______Eject________Active low tray eject
5_______TS0_________Traystate status 0
6_______TS1_________Traystate status 1
7_______TS2_________Traystate status 2
8_______Activity______Disk seek/Data transfer
9_______12VDC______+12V Power
10______5VDC_______+5V Power
13______Key_________Not Connected
14_________Blank For Polarizing___________

H06. Front Panel Connector (power/eject assembly)

2________Power Switch
4________Eject Switch
5________Green LED
6________Red LED
7________Red LED
8________Green LED
9________Not Connected but wired
10_______No pin.

H07. Ethernet Connector Pinout

Pin_____Desc._____Wire Color
1_____Transmit +_____Orange Stripe
2_____Transmit -______Orange
3_____Recieve +______Green Stripe
4_____Not Connected__Blue
5_____Not Connected__Blue Stripe
6_____Recieve -______Green
7_____Not Connected__Brown Stripe
8_____Not Connected__Brown

H08. Controller Port

IPB Image

H09. Memory Card Slot

IPB Image

H10. AVIP Chart

IPB Image

H11. Guide to adding Hi-Def Outputs

By: JaredC01

Section I - Updates
Feb 14, 2004 - Initial Post. (Valentines day! love.gif )
Feb 15 - Added link & tips to DVD Window mod tut.
Feb 27 - Heatsink Dimensions
Mar 17 - CCFL Sellers updated & improved
Mar 25 - Four jewel clearing links
April 9 - Jewel hole
April 19 - Xbox-to-PC case mod links
May 9 - Connections and pinouts section
June 22 - Link to photoshop template thread
July 6-8 - Had & fixed hosting problems.. please PM brahm2 if there are any dead links
July 12 - Added "Old pinned threads/key threads" section at the top.
Aug 22 - Underglow tutorial finally made (D14) cool.gif
April 29, '07 - Excellent Iceberq 4 Pro tutorial added (E11) .. thanks potato10

I hope that reorganizing this post, adding a few things, taking away a few things, and re-editing the whole post in general can help people find things a little easier. I put a lot of time into this, because Case Modding is by far the coolest section of Xbox-Scene cool.gif
If you have any suggestions to improve it, please PM me and I will try to make the post better. If I quoted you and didn't mention your name, let me know and I will give you credit!

** If you find information that should be added to this FAQ, send it to me in PM, and I will edit it into the main body of the post. **

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Posted 16 February 2004 - 12:53 AM

SketchUp Files

Added back due to renewed interest 5/26/04!!
Files re-hosted in my webspace 11/13/04


SketchUp Files

First.. If you don't know what SketchUp is, it's a really neat 3D design program for making models of, well, anything. There is a free 8-hour trial available at http://www.SketchUp.com .

This post is to serve as an archive of SketchUp files that Xbox-Scene members have made.

Files are listed alphabetically by member, with their completed files underneath their name, and a short description.

A complete model of the Xbox, the most comprehensive and complete model thus far.

A very detailed model of a Seagate Xbox hard drive.
Simple model of the power/eject assembly.. no rounded curves.

A very unique and innovative custom case designed for twistedsymphony.
A simple, scaled model of the Xbox DVD-ROM, with a window on the top.

A fantastic model of an Xbox motherboard that took 4 months to get from my e-mail to this page because I am an idiot
DOWNLOAD [no preview]

A very unique custom case.
Another very cool and unique custom case.
A file of the main Xbox parts and their approxomate dimensions. Good to start with if you are designing a custom case.

If you are interested in submitting your files, please ZIP them and PM me for my email address. Don't hesitate to send me a PM if these links are broken or down.

Please don't contact me for individual SketchUp help questions. Thanks.

Edited by brahm2, 14 November 2004 - 03:36 AM.

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Posted 09 March 2004 - 10:03 PM

Since we have ALOT of stupid people on XS.. allow me the time to make some points perfectly clear...

XS IS NOT HERE TO HELP YOU PIRATE GAMES. We don't care about your claims to own the game.. or to have imported a game etc. If you are downloading it.. we don't want to hear about it. (DON'T ASK DON'T TELL POLICY!)

If you download scene releases from WAM, PROJECTX, CSiSO etc.. and post problems with them cause you downloaded them.. eg...

"dude.. I download WAM's release of 'J00 SUCK BALLS' game.. and it doesn't work here on my HD"

...expect to get a warning.. and maybe a ban.

"dude.. the CSiSO XBE fix fuxored something.. help"

.. expect a warning.. and maybe a ban.

"dude.. I need the XBE repleacement for "x" game.

.. expect a warning.. and maybe a ban.

"dude.. anyone got a Torrent for..."

.. expect a warning.. and maybe a ban.

"dude.. my mom threw my game out.. can anyone PM a copy..."

.. expect a warning.. and maybe a ban.

"PM me privately.. I can get you the link/xbe/etc for "x" game or the complete game etc..."

.. expect a warning.. and maybe a ban.

You get the idea.

People will be banned.. guaranteed. .for posting "PM me for the XBE".

MODERATORS will be cracking down.

Do not discuss PIRACY downloads.. or PIRATE SCENE PATCHES for problems. All it does is encourage people to use this board.. publicly or privately for piracy.. and that isn't what we are here for.

[b]Links to WAREZ, ROMS, XBE, files produced by XDK will get you AUTO BANNED.
Links to Scene WAREZ "fixes" like WAM/PX/CSiSO/Riot Fixes will get you a warning.. and maybe a ban.
Expect more to be added as we see fit.


If you are dumb enough.. to admit in posts that you downloaded a game and want help with it.. expect the catch the attention of the staf.. who will likely edit or delete your post.. then suspend your posting privs.. then have have you banned.


If you want help on how to backup your inventment.. enjoy our site.

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Posted 25 March 2004 - 04:34 AM

Xbox-Scene Case Modding Dictionary

I don't know when the actual file will go up on the main tuts section of XS, so I finally decided to just post it here while we wait. It will probably stay so that we can add definitions easily. If you have IMPORTANT CORRECTIONS or ADDITIONS please send them to me in PM with a subject like "Case Modding Dictionary".

Use CTRL-F to find keywords in this thread and jump easily to specific definitions.


Xbox-Scene Official Case Modding Dictionary. This was compiled by a lot of helpful members, with the aim of creating simple definitions for those new to case modding!

Contributors: aweirdguy, BamseBjornen, BlitzenWagon, brahm2, Chicken Scratch Boy, cueball13, EvilWays, exobyte, illypso, Master-Chief, Muntzster. pedro, TheMuffinMan, rekphour, Rylinkus, twistedsymphony, Wild_Fire, wziggy101, polyesterjones, MrFish

Edited by brahm2


12v fan mod - changing the voltage of the Xbox case fan from 7v to 12v to increase its speed

616 (Samsung) - the only PC DVD drive that can be modded to work in an Xbox and still play original discs (note only 616t and 616f models will work)

beerchug.gif [ : beer : ] - the official Xbox-Scene symbol for “good job!”

AC (alternating current) - Form of electricity coming from your home wall sockets.

Acryl(ic) = See Plexiglas

Anode - the positive leg of an LED. Almost always the long leg.

ATA - Advanced technology attachment. A disk drive interface standard based on the IBM PC ISA 16-bit bus but also used on other personal computers. The ATA specification deals with the power and data signal interfaces between the motherboard and the integrated disk controller and drive. The ATA "bus" only supports two devices - master and slave. (From dictionary.com)

AWG: American Wire Gauge refers the diameter of a wire. Size is inversely proportional to the gauge number. IE: higher number, smaller wire.

Backdrop - a sheet of something attractive to put under a clear jewel so you don't see the Xbox guts (DVD-ROM, HDD, and the IDE cable)

Bezel: The front of the DVD Drive that has XBOX printed on it.

Bi-color LED – an LED with two anodes (positive legs) that has two separate colors.

BIOS: Basic Input Output System. The code that controls booting and configuration of devices.

BGA - Ball grid array. Instead of pins, balls of solder are used to connect a chip to the circuit board. The MCPx, CPU and GPU are attached in this way

Breadboard - a bare circuit board used to create circuits (usually for hobbyist that are only making one of a circuit)

Button/pushbutton - A momentary contact pushbutton used frequently in controllers for the reset button mod.

Button-swap - a trick where you switch the wires going to the power and eject buttons, so the big button is power and the little button is eject

Cathode – 1) the negative leg of an LED 2) See CC/CCFL

CC/CCFL – Cold cathode. Cold cathodes are very bright lights. Circular cold cathodes from 80mm fans are often used to light up the jewel.

Chaser - an LED circuit designed to make LEDs light up one after the other.

Cold Solder - Any soldered point/junction with poor conductivity due to poor solder coverage/hold. A cold solder may work intermittently or may not work at all. Basically, a cold solder is a poor product of soldering and should be redone.

Continuity - measure of whether a trace in a circuit conducts electricity (measured as either open or short. Good for determining alternate vias and solder pads and to test for lifted traces, vias, solder pads and LPC points.

CPU: Central Processing Unit

Dashboard - basically, the operating system that the Xbox runs on. What you see when you turn your Xbox on with no disk in the drive.

Daughterboard - Only in v1.0 boxes. A small PCB, which attaches to the Xbox motherboard and the controller ports plug into.

DC (direct current) - Form of electricity used by the Xbox and most other electrical components. Must be converted from AC to DC via a PSU (power supply unit).

decibel (db)--unit describing level of volume.

De-solder Braid – A copper metal braid used to absorb excess solder when mistakes are made while soldering (used in conjunction with a soldering iron), this is best for removing solder from delicate areas or flat surfaces.

De-soldering Pump - a hand held spring loaded pump used to remove solder, usually when replacing components (used in conjunction with a soldering iron), this is best for removing solder from through holes in a circuit board, or when large amounts of solder need to be removed.

Digital Multimeter - a device capable of measuring volts (DC and AC), amps, resistance, continuity (though this might not be available in all multimeters), etc.

DIP - Dual in-line package. The most common type of package for small and medium scale integrated circuits, with up to about 48 pins. The pins hang vertically from the two long edges of the rectangular package, spaced at intervals of 0.1 inch. The pins fit through holes in the circuit board to which they are
soldered or into a socket. (from Dictionary.com)

Dongle – 1) The receiver from the DVD kit that plugs into the controller ports on the console 2) The piece of the controller breakaway cable that plugs directly into the Xbox

Dremel – A powerful rotary tool used in many case mods, for cutting the case, drilling, sanding, anything.

Dupli-Color - An automotive spray paint. Known for the variety of "different" colors not available from Krylon. A good choice. Found at most auto-car stores.

DVD Window – A mod that involves cutting a hole in the case and the top of the DVD-ROM, and adding an acrylic or Plexiglas window so that you can see which DVD is in the drive without even opening your case.

Dykes - small pliers used for holding small and delicate parts

Eject LED Mod: Changing the colors of the front green lights of your Xbox to another color.

Electrode - formal name for the leads/legs on an LED or other electrical component, through which electricity flows.

Fader - a led circuit designed to make LEDs fade in and out, usually from one color to another

Ferrite core - the circular magnet-looking item wrapped around the controller cords. This is to help clean up the signals going to and from the controller.

Flux – A rosin based gel used to prime areas to be soldered

FRAG - Flashing Red And Green, refers to an error displayed on the Xbox’s eject LEDs.

Full Spectrum LED - a single LED with 3 LEDs inside (red, green, and blue) with the proper circuit these LEDs can display any color in the color spectrum

Hack Saw: metal cutting saw, very useful cuts through anything given enough time.

HD44780 - Refers to the Character type LCD standard developed by Hitachi. This has been adopted as the industry standard and a screen should be HD44780 compliant to be used as an LCD for the 4th Gen modchips.

HDD – Abbreviation for hard drive. (or Hard Disk Drive)

Heatsink: piece of copper or aluminum used to disperse heat from chips

Hole Saw: a drill bit used to create holes. Amazing. Everyone uses a 2 1/2 inch hole saw to cut a hole for jewel lighting.

Hypertransport Bus - an 8-bit, high-speed, point-to-point bus. In the Xbox, this bus connects the MCPX chip with the nVidia GPU/Northbridge chip, and consists of 8 pairs of traces.

I2C - Intelligent interface controller. Also stands for Inter Integrated Circuit.

IC - Integrated circuit, a small computer chip used for a variety of functions

IDE: Integrated Drive Electronics. The most popular way to hook up internal devices to the computer. Refers to the large ribbon cable and connectors attached to the Hard Drive and DVD drive

Jewel – 1) The circular green Xbox logo on the case 2) the Xbox logo on either of the controllers (Original controller jewel, S-controller jewel) 3) Any article that replaces the original jewel(s)

Jewel LEDs: Installing LEDs (light emitting diode) under your jewel to give it a nice glow effect!

Krylon (Fusion) - A spray paint most commonly used to paint the Xbox. Also used for painting plastics. According to the can it "Bonds to plastic!". Found in most common stores.

LCD - Liquid Crystal Display, not to be confused with TFT LCD a simple display screen like a digital clock face, typically gray-green with black characters and sometimes backlit with LEDs

LED – Light-emitting diode.

Lockable - refers to an aftermarket Hard drive with the ability to Lock to the motherboard allowing you to use that hard drive with your modchip turned off.

LPC points - set of points located on XBOX mobo. Also, the location of modchip wires. Stands for "Low Pin Count" refers to an Intel standardized port allowing for legacy free computers to have legacy devices, in laymen’s terms a computer with only USB ports can have a PS2, Serial, Parallel, Game port, etc ports attached through some circuitry into the LPC port. In addition to legacy devices the LPC port can also be used to connect an IR port, Smart Card Reader, or External Bios (this is why modchips connect to the LPC and why the new modchips are able to run LCD screens)

Marble - huge blob of solder

Masking Tape: used when painting to mask off areas you don’t want painted. WHOOAA

MCD - the higher this rating is, the brighter the LED. MCD stands for millicandels, which is the unit for luminescence.

MCPX - a small nVidia chip, which, if overheated, is often the cause of Xbox motherboard problems

Mobo - short for motherboard, the main board, which is the core of the Xbox

Mod – 1) modify, modification 2) referring to a modchip or exploit

Molex - the standardized 4 pin connector attached to the hard drive, the Red wire is +5V, the Yellow wire is +12V and the Black Wires are Ground

Multimeter – see Digital Multimeter

MXK - Mega-X-Key, a product that acts like a memory car but it can also be used in your PC to transfer games saves to and from your Xbox.

Nibbler - a hand held broaching tool used to cut perfect square notches out of sheet metal or plastic

NTSC - National Television System Committee refers to both the global region the Xbox comes from as well as the video signal standard that is produced. NTSC-NA refers to North America and NTSC-J refers to Japan; the video signal output by an NTSC Xbox is 60Hz

Ohm - value on a resistor. Higher the value the less current it will allow to pass.

Ohm's Law - V=IR where V = volts, I = current (amps), and R = resistance (ohms).

Original Controller - The original Controller that came with the first generation Xboxes that was much larger than the current "s-type" controllers. Also referred to as "Duke" "Fatty" "gigantor" or "big momma" a Favorite for modders because it has more space to work with as well as a jewel that can be easily modded.

Oscilloscope: A piece of electronic equipment which allows the viewing of changes (oscillations), in various electronic reading types (Voltage, Current, Resistance, etc) usually via an adjustable comparative line graph using multiple probes which shows the reading over time.

PAL - Phase Alternation by Line, refers to both the global region the Xbox comes from as well as the video signal standard that is produced, PAL Xbox’s come from Europe, the video signal output by an PAL Xbox is 50Hz

PCB - Printed Circuit Board; used to describe any circuit board with traces printed on it.

Phill(y) = Philips DVD drive

"Pin-39" - refers to pin 39 on an IDE connector, this is where Hard drive, and DVD drive activity can be monitored for a variety of mods.

Plexiglas: type of plastic used mainly for windows in cases and other such applications where clear plastic is needed.

Pinned - a post that permanently resides at the top. Most posts where people say “pin this!” don’t get pinned because brahm2 doesn’t like clutter, instead, he likes to add a link into his neatly organized FAQ topic smile.gif

Piracy – not allowed on Xbox-Scene

Polycarbonate - aka Lexan, an alternative to acrylic

Potentiometer (aka: pot) - a form of resistor with a small screw, which allows you to adjust resistance on the fly.

Pot tweaking - tweaking a potentiometer in an Xbox DVD drive (usually a Thompson or Phillips brand) to make it read discs better, note this method doesn't always work and sometimes damages the drive.

Power/Eject Assembly – The name given to the small PCB that contains the power and eject buttons, as well as the LEDs that indicate the Xbox’s status.

Proto board - a thick plastic sheet with accurately spaced holes used for prototyping circuits before building a final version on a breadboard or designing a PCB for printing.

PSU - Power Supply Unit; used to convert AC power from the wall into DC current to be used by a computer (or Xbox)

QFP - Quad Flat Pack. The Xbox memory and video encoder chip (Conexant or Focus) use this kind of chip.

Radio Shack – the place NOT to buy LEDs

Resistor/Resister - a small electrical device that limits current, commonly used with an LED to keep it from burning out

RGB LED - similar to Full Spectrum LEDs these LEDs can display any color in the spectrum however they typically switch automatically from color to color, sometimes referred to as Rainbow LEDs

rtfm - read the fucking manual (but since we are so nice in case modding, we would rather give a polite answer!)

Sammy - Samsung DVD drive

Sequence – See Chaser

Shielding/Shield - The (unnecessary) metal cage inside the case. Top is easily removable, but try not to remove what you don’t have to. These are there to meet with FCC regulations to keep interference out and to keep noise produced by the Xbox from interfering with other devices (it has been proven that removing all of this doesn't hurt at all in most situations)

Search Button: a java script to pick out specific topics for a given keyword. TOP RIGHT OF EVERY SCREEN! smile.gif

Skin – a vinyl appliqué that can be stuck on the console like a big sticker. An easy substitute for painting.

SMT – 1) Surface-Mount Technology. These devices are soldered to the circuit board and have a very low profile, using little room. Examples are resistors and capacitors. 2) System Mods Technology, a modchip selling store.

Solder - 1.) a soft lead or silver bare wire like metal used in conjunction with a soldering iron as the "glue" to permanently hold together electrical circuits. 2.) the act of using a soldering iron and solder(1) to connect items in an electrical circuit.

Soldering Iron - a pen or gun shaped tool with a red hot sharp metal tip used to heat up solder for permanently connecting electrical circuits

Solder Pad - Small spot also called a 'point' on a pc board where components are soldered on.

Solder Splash - when you drop solder on something and it splashes

Solder-Sucker - (see De-soldering pump)

S/PDIF -The Xbox's digital output. Available in optical and electrical ('coaxial') versions, each of which provides identical sound quality. Many AV packs provide optical S/PDIF, but no (known) AV packs provide the electrical version. Dongles can convert one to the other, or an electrical S/PDIF can be easily added to the Xbox or AV pack.

SPI - Serial Peripheral Interface. A serial interface in which a master device supplies clock pulses to exchange data serially with a slave over two data wires (Master-Slave and Slave-Master). This term probably originated with Motorola in
about 1979 with their first all-in-one microcontroller. (From dictionary.com)

Thermal paste: silicon & silver used in conjunction with a heatsink to adhere/fill the space between the heat sink and chip.

Thompson/Tommy - usually refers to the Thompson brand DVD drive, very common in the xbox but it does not read burned media very well

Torx – a form of screwdriver with a 6 point diamond shaped head. The Xbox uses these exclusively (in sizes T20 [case], T15 [HDD], and T10 [everything else]).

Trace - A path of conductive material such as copper, silver, or gold, on the surface of or sandwiched inside a PCB, printed circuit board. Individually, these traces are often refered to as a "run." Traces carry electrical signals from one electronic component to another, with minimal use of space. In other words, traces are all the small lines you see on a PCB (printed circuit board).

Tray, DVD or HDD – The HDD or DVD-ROM trays are the large plastic pieces that hold the hard drive and the DVD-ROM in place inside the Xbox.

TSOP - Thin Small-Outline Package. The chip that Xbox stores the onboard BIOS. People sometime flash them to run different BIOSes.

Ultraviolet (aka UV or black light) - A form of light not visible to the naked eye. There are UV cathodes and LEDs. They make fluorescent paint (and most other colors) give off a colorful glow. UV light sources generally appear purple in color

Tutorials - a set of instructions used to perform a mod. Found here: http://www.xbox-scen...m/tutorials.php

USB: Universal Serial Bus, the Xbox controller port interface.

Watt's "equation" (might have a different name) - P=IV where P = power (watts), I and V are as above (amps times voltage).

Wood Burner - looks like a soldering iron... but it is NOT a soldering iron wink.gif

Variable resistor - see 'potentiometer'

VD-Z3 – A VGA adapter for Xbox (play Xbox on your computer monitor)

X2, THE - refers to one of the first custom Plexiglas cases made... used as a bench mark for really bad case mods laugh.gif

X2VGA - the most popular VGA adapter on the market (play Xbox on your computer monitor)

Xbox - MS gaming console biggrin.gif

XIR (Xbox Infra Red) - Modification that adds another button to the DVD remote, allowing it to control the Xbox's power via the button.

Yellow wire - refers to the 5 wire in the Xbox's controller ports. The controller ports are a modified USB port with a different shape and the addition of this wire. As of now this wire is only used as return line for light guns.


Updated 1/06/05 - thanks for the corrections BamseBjornen smile.gif

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Posted 12 July 2004 - 05:13 AM

List of Key or important threads

Xbox Image Galleries! Places To Show Off Your Xbox

Any Color Front Panel (eject Button) Leds

How To Find Which Resistor(s) You Need For Leds

Guide To A Dead Power Supply Fuse Replacement

Moderators, add and edit this as you deem necessary.

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