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Posted 23 February 2004 - 07:09 PM

TeamXodus Xenium Modchips

* BMMods (USA/CAN)
* Extreme-Mods (USA/CAN)
* MrModchips (Europe)
* Divineo.com (USA /CAN)
* Divineo.de (Germany)
* Divineo.it (Italy)
* Divineo.fr (France)
* Divineo.es (Spain)
* Divineo.co.uk (UK/Europe)
* Divineo.cn (rest of world)
* ModWhiz (USA/CAN)

Other Official Resellers (non xbox-scene sponsor):
http://www.modchipman.com **

Note: ** denotes TeamXodus Offical and Unofficial Sellers listed on their site. Also.. not endorsed in any way by XS.



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Posted 18 March 2004 - 07:48 PM

How to tell if you bought a FAKE/CLONE XENIUM Chip
user posted image

Original Xenium has
1. Silver Quick Solder pads
2. Black knob on switch
3. High quality LED , white base (no extra PCB)
4. D0 white print under D0 solder pad
5. Straight ground mesh
6. Capital X in ozXodus.

Fake Chip has
1. gold quick solder pads
2. blue knob on switch
3. makeshift poor quality Led
4. no D0 print
5. semicircle in gnd mesh
6. lowercase x in ozXodus

NOTE: If you have purchased a Xenium as an original and were shipped a FAKE. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO CLAIM CREDIT CARD OR INTERNET FRAUD AGAINST THE DECEITFUL SITE THAT MADE THE SALE. We strongly advise you to claim full refund of your money either through the site or through your bank. Please advise us through fakes@ozXodus.com of any sites selling Fakes. We will do our best to help you obtain an original Xenium ASAP

News-Source: www.ozxodus.com
(March 18 22:34 GMT+1)



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Posted 19 March 2004 - 09:17 PM

Beware of the scammers and the sites that will sell the fakes.. and the statements they will make.

".. gold plate is better..."

"better quality PCB..."


none of this will do you any good when most have hardware flaws.. and some can even damage your XBOX to the point that a REAL replacment chip used after using one of these clones.. will still result in a non functioning XBOX.

Caveat Emptor
Buyer Beware.

Clones are for Chumps.



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Posted 26 March 2004 - 09:08 AM

It's too late.. I bought a fake chip.. what do I do now...

Ok.. you didn't get a chance to read this forum.. or the XS news before you got nailed by one of the handful of deceitful lying online shops currently selling CLONE/FAKE Xenium chips.

Now.. you are stuck with a chip that is fake.. and likely does not work as advertised. Should you waste the time and install it?


You were defrauded. You paid for a REAL AUTHENTIC XENIUM Modchip.. likely at full price. You deserve the REAL AUTHENTIC CHIP.. not shops telling you the following lies...

The FAKES have superior materiors.. like thicker PCB or Gold Plate.

What good are these superior materials as they say.. when the hardware failure rate is so high? It isn't. The chips are useless to you.

So.. what should you do.. simple..


They lied and defrauded you once.. they are not deserving of your time or money a second time.

If they won't give you one.. or make up stories to convince you to keep it.. like they will fix it.. or worse.. claim their chips are real.. but are from another factory (which means they are NOT real) do the following.

If you order with VISA or other major CC.. contact them ASAP. VISA Especially.. is amazing at fixing issues like this. If you explain to them that you were sold a product.. and you were decieved as to it's authenticity.. VISA with get you your money back in 1-14 days. They will do a clawback of funds from the shop. Enough of these clawbacks.. and VISA will remove the CC privilege from them.

That will hurt ANY shop. Especially online ones.

If you used paypal.. follow the same process. In PAYPAL.. you'll have less time to start the process of getting you money back.. so start ASAP. PAYPAL has a limited protection setup.. but they too can get you back your funds.

In many cases.. when a shop won't refund you money.. or give you the story.. and you use PAYPAL or VISA.. and contact them.. you may be able to get the money back.. and keep the fake chip. VISA for example.. makes little or no effort to ensure you are actually sending the product back.

So.. if you have been screwed.. turn the tables.

Knowledge is the only power you have when you are ripped off. Hopefully.. you now have some.

If the CC company or PAYPAL require some verification that the seller is selling fakes.. give them a link to the story.. or to this thread.

Summary: Get a REFUND.. accept nothing less.



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Posted 05 April 2004 - 09:19 PM

Team OzXodus about new Xenium fakes
>> From ozxodus.com:

As expected, the thieves over at the "fake factory" have been so badly criticized and have had so many come-backs that they have been hard at work revising and revamping their chip to get it closer to the original (in looks mainly). Seriously, even though they are clowns they at least have the common sense to admit failure in their first attempt and will try, try again. Below you will find pics of the 'new and improved' version. Sadly, there are still many obvious mistakes that have been made, which is why we cannot call them clones yet, they are still FAKES. Very rough and raw and badly manufactured fakes. Copying is really easy, replicating and cloning is not that simple and straightforward is it?

We are now issuing our third and final warning. It is not about the few extra bucs saved as many people are thinking. It is about the few extra bucs lost when these chips fail. Many retailers have finally realized their mistake and are scrambling around to recover huge losses in capital outlay. All of a sudden chips are starting to fry without warning and failing in many other ways. What amazes us is how utterly nave and short sighted some people are in that they try them out initially and assume they will work forever! Genuine Xeniums have been out in the market for over three months and have proven themselves in more ways than one. Fakes have not. WE HAVE NEVER LIED TO YOU AND DO NOT INTEND TO START NOW! FAKES WILL NOT WORK! We will not issue any further warnings after this post. It is now up to you.

user posted image

Click on picture for large version

Original Xenium
1. Solder filled pads (only on these points)
2. White spot(s)
3. Clear (see through) LED case
4. 3 Dots are blue
5. Font centre points of W and M go half way D differs as well
6+7. Grounding Mesh differs as shown

Fake Chip
1. No solder filled pads on these points
2. No White spots
3. Opaque (milky) LED case
4. 3 Dots are silver
5. Font differs
6+7. Ground Mesh differs as shown

Note : If you have bought a Fake thinking it was an Original please feel free to do a credit card charge back and site FRAUD as the reason.

(April 6 00:58 GMT+1)

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Posted 11 May 2005 - 12:47 AM

Xenium ICE Clones

>> From TeamXodus.com:


It has come to our attention that fake Xenium chips have re-surfaced and that they are once again failing as we have warned. ACT 2 is active against all non genuine product and is now being triggered at random. It is our right to protect our OS and our customers who have purchased original product and we will exercise that right at will.

Below are pictures of fake chips with clearly marked differences from the originals. Ensure that you check the chip you are sold and if you find that it is a fake, send it back and claim credit card fraud from the reseller that sold it to you. Do not accept a replacement chip. Demand your money back. If you have been defrauded, let us know, and we gladly assist and point you in the right direction.

user posted image

Hi Res version of image: http://www.teamxodus.../fake/HiRes.jpg

(February 9th, 2005)

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