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Frag When Soldered Graph-to Temp Wires...help!

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Posted 23 February 2004 - 11:58 PM

As most ppl get this annoying problem, so have I... I'm now stuck on what to do... Before my mod chip arrived today I went ahead and soldered some 30 gauge wires to the correct points on the mobo... I decided I wanted to test the xbox before graphing the chip's harness (PRO VERSION) onto my wires, so I put the xbox back together with my wires taped up to prevent shorting and now I get the frag... I check my connections with a multimeter using the continuity option and found none of my wires or solder points to be crossing or bad... I used the top option for the d0 wire and screw it up (tugged and it ripped out), so I took some more wire and soldered one end to the top of the mobo's d0 TRACE and wrapped it around do the underside and soldered it to the buttom option location... I scratched some area on the trace next to each solder point and used my multimeter to make sure that both the bottom and upper traces did in fact remain intact... I still don't know why I'm fragging and I fear the worst... I used a 6-volt battery along with a miniture light bulb to -test my points (mock up voltmeter lol) and fear that I may have done something to the tsop, but 6 volts isn't alot, even if most computer electronics run on 5 volts... Yesterday I purchased a multimeter from radio shack to test it right... I'm really really in need of some advice and help... Most users get advice about resoldering this and that, but I just don't see any problem with my soldering... If any1 is in the Orlando, FL area and would like to help me in person I would pay for your service... Otherwise I hope that you guys on these forums can point me in a resonable direction... I would also like to know what visual light pattern would occur if the d0 trace was somehow crossed with a different trace...
Thanks for any help,

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Posted 24 February 2004 - 03:18 AM

Ok you messed up the top d0 and to repair it you connected a wire from the top d0 to the bottom d0. If that is what you did then you need to do this instead. find where the top d0 comes through the underside of the board. Connect the top d0 to that same spot on the underside. Like if you were to push a pin from the top through the board make the connection from the top to the bottom. If you don't understand or that is what you have done already hit me up on IM tomorrow and I'll see if I can help.

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