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#61 VanydotK


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Posted 08 January 2009 - 08:04 AM

Order number: 16621

Ordered a Maximus Passkey from foundmy and it arrived DOA. It powers on but it will not eject the drive. I've sent two emails so far and I have not gotten a response. It looks like I'm going to have to buy another one from somewhere else.

#62 controller-guy


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Posted 09 January 2009 - 07:14 PM

I order with them on the 29th of december and was provided non working shipping info 5 days later I have not recieved the correct shipping info two weeks later and I cannot get a response to any emails or form of contact.

same as bong I had order twice prior and had the orders at my door 3-4 days later and they were quik to respond and what not then but not this time around.

Soon here he is going to foundmy foot in his ass.

---------- January 23, 2009 update: ----------

Order #16595 (Shipped)

Order Date: Monday 29 December, 2008 Order Total: $65.50

Delivery Address
United States
Shipping Method
Zone Rates for your Country (Shipping to US : 0.5 lb(s))
1 x M3 DS Real Perfect Pack Bundle + Bonus
- Option: - None $57.00

Billing Information

Billing Address
Payment Method
Secure Credit Card Payment
Sub-Total: $57.00
Zone Rates for your Country (Shipping to US : 0.5 lb(s)): $8.50
Total: $65.50

Order History

12/29/2008 Creditcard Order please include the 2GB MicroSD, Protective Case and NDS/NDSL USB Charge Cable!
01/02/2009 Shipped canadapost.ca

Sent Me broken junk and I emailed and tried whatever I could to make contact and still no reply item or refund.

it is a shame becuase I had ordered there before and they alway's answered me that same day and the items arrived within 3-5 day's.

This time around it took almost 3 weeks so I emailed them every 3-4 days letting them know I have not recieved my item nor any replies.

3 weeks go by and I get the item but it is non working junk and now same thing been over a week going on two and no response to the broken junk they had sent me either after waiting 3 weeks.

I use to suggest them to other but never again will I do that or order from them ever again unless they right the wrong but until then I will use consolesource and suggest them to otehrs instead of foundmy.

please foundmy working replacement already or let me now something huh.gif

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Posted 12 February 2009 - 10:33 AM

Alright since my post got deleted.

Order #17255 (Shipped)
Order Date: Tuesday 03 February, 2009
Delivery Address
Marc Mapes
xxxx xxxx xxxx
Council Bluffs, Iowa 51501
United States
Shipping Method
Zone Rates for your Country (Shipping to US : 0.28 lb(s))

1 x WiiKey device Bundle (Special)
- Video Cables: - None
- Option: - None
- Installation Wii-Clip Kit: - None
- Free: Tri-wing screwdriver and Install $18.50
2 x DuoX2
- Installation Wire Kit: Yes
- LPC rebuild Kit: 1 Pack
- Qty: 1 Pack $34.00

Sub-Total: $52.50
Zone Rates for your Country (Shipping to US : 0.28 lb(s)): $8.50
Total: $61.00

I received (1) WiiKey with no screwdriver kit
and only (1) DuoX2 from them.

I received what I got from VGS out of California.

May I please be refunded for the DuoX2? I don't even care about the shipping or the screwdriver for the WiiKey.

I have 2 kids that I have to support and I don't really have the money to throw down the drain.
Terry if you would please email me back. PLEASE!!

#64 BoNg420


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Posted 13 February 2009 - 02:35 PM

File a chargeback, you will never hear back from him. I had to do that and I never got anything, but I had ordered from there 2 or 3 times before that and got my stuff.

#65 colshag


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Posted 03 April 2009 - 11:33 PM

[Order Number: 16190]

Hey Everyone,

I'm a new user, I'm actually joining your forum just to let you know about my experiences with Foundmy.com.

Foundmy was referred to me by a friend, apparently he had good service in the past and apparently the guy running Foundmy lives in our city (Edmonton, Alberta, Canada). I bought an R4 and when it shipped it was completely broken. I tried many times to contact Foundmy, but the guy would ignore all my emails. a few weeks ago my friend emailed him and the Foundmy guy replied to him, but once my friend brought up my situation the Foundmy guy simply stopped replying to him as well.

Apparently this Foundmy guy is no longer honoring his return policies that he advertises on his site. I would recommend that you all stay away from this guy, and pass this information on to anyone you know if they are considering Foundmy.com.

If you don't believe me (why would you I guess, anyone can post something on a forum), simply google 'foundmy scam', and you will see other people with similar complaints.

Beware, and happy modding everyone. Btw, my modded Xbox is the best thing I ever bought, still works great, my kids use it everyday for movies and gaming.


Chris from Canada.

#66 controller-guy


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Posted 20 May 2009 - 09:57 AM

just a followup from my last jan 9th 2009 post (order #16595).

well I got jipped waited all that time only to recieve broken junk and now over 4 months later I still have never recieved a replacement refund or even a reply to anything so I had threw the item in the trash and warned others that the guy had taken a turn for the worst and to avoid at all cost.

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