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Backing Up Baldurs Gate: Dark Alliance 2

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#1 Ashthorn


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Posted 02 March 2004 - 11:03 AM

I am sorry if this issue has been addressed already but I couldnt find anything on the subject.

Until now Ive had no trouble backing up games, but Baldurs Gate Dark Alliance 2 has an error "block size does not match length of something" after I make the ISO and try to burn it.

Ive re copied the files and remade the ISO a few times and it still doesnt work.

Ive heard some newer games need patching to work as backups, if so can anyone tell me what I need to do for this game?

All help is appreciated.

PS. This is the PAL version of the game, but I think its the same basic software.

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#2 adeptz


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Posted 04 April 2004 - 10:24 AM

As a matter of fact im in the same boat as you. i recently tried to backup baldurs gate - dark alliance 2 and had many a problem.

firstly let me state that yes baldurs gate - dark alliance 2 is a game that requires patching, from my re-collection dvd2xbox removed 3 media flag strings from the default.xbe, and after this patching i had myself baldurs date - dark alliance 2 on my xbox hdd working fine, i happened to play this upto the point where you free the caravan master and then saved my progress.

now here the many a problem part.
after copying baldurs gate - dark alliance 2 to my computers hard disk i, 're-titled' the game using XTC (xbox title changer) [i didnt not run the game from my xbox with the re-titled xbe]. then proceeded to make myself a nice image of the game using xISO. now heres the problems ive encountered with so far only this game.

1. xISO would only extract the files upto the file 'village.tex' from the 'res' folder within the disc then proceeded to hangup xISO (this may be due to that fact that files larger than 4gb require ntfs and i use fat.. i dunno honestly)
2. with the image that xISO supposedly created without flaw i proceeded to use my dvd+rw to burn the image (min speed). after it was done i put it in the xbox to give it the usual test. only to find that at the startup/intro movies, if i did not manually skip the movies the xbox would hang at a blank screen and as i mentioned earlier i had a savegame the point where you free the caravan master and accept her proposal to give her safe passage somewhere. now while loading the savegame the xbox hungup while on the loading screen (flames on the loading text indicate it is actually loading).. and also when i accept the caravan masters proposal and it go's to load the next scene it also hangs on the loading screen.

The statements that proceeded this were not made with any 'hardcore' xbox knowledge, im a simple man and as such so was this post. to clarify things so i dont have to make this post longer than it already is. the DVD+RW was a TDK, it was burned using a NEC 2500A DVD+RW, on a 1.2Ghz PC with 512Mb of RAM plently of hard disk space and the xbox was a V1.1 with an XECUTOR Chip.

If anyone has had any success with backing up this title please let me know via a PM.

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