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Cancer Research Utilizing The Xbox Possible?

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#1 CzarMike


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Posted 05 March 2004 - 06:44 AM

Currently running within my background processes is a great program that uses my computer (and thousands of others) to aid in cancer & smallpox research called Grid.org
It is freely distributed by United Devices on their website: http://www.grid.org/projects/cancer/
"With the participation of over 2 million devices worldwide, grid.org projects like Cancer Research Anthrax Research, and the new Smallpox Research Project have achieved record levels of processing speed and success."
I was thinking today that because it is such a small, simple program, that it would be a wonderful device for people to have running on their xboxes in their down time. I have no idea what is involved in porting an application to the xbox, but someone out there could do it, probably very easily I imagine. It even has a neat spinning 3D display of the protein your computer is targeting as a benefit to users
It would generate a great deal of positive press for the open-gaming developers and xbox-scene.com in particular if it were to post an article proposing the project. I think its time we did something really decent with the tools that we have on our very tables.

email me at sheilaridez@hotmail.com if you would like to join a team of sorts

I was thinking that eventually we could convince one of the popular dashboards to include grid.org a cool optional screensaver feature. Also, an experienced programer's tweaking of the information sent to show the spinning 3d protein could possibly make it a really really cool spinning 3d protein utilizing xbox video components.

These benefits combined with knowing that you are advancing mankind should offer some neat perks I would hope

Take care, I usually don't have a lot that I can contribute, but I think this could be a great video game advancement.
Mike Schaefer

#2 CzarMike


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Posted 05 March 2004 - 11:33 PM

Here is a copy of the email I sent earlier today to United Devices forum moderators

Hi, I was thinking of starting a project (as long as I can get United Devices approval) that involves porting the grid.org computer application to a built-in-screensaver for modified MS Xboxes. It would allow the grid access to hundreds of thousands of machines, utilizing the Xbox's impressive components (733mhz processor & ethernet)

Just for reference, here are the specs for current xbox consoles:
/CPU: Intel Pentium III 733-MHz processor technology with streaming SIMD extensions
Graphics processor: 300-MHz, custom-designed X-Chip, developed by MS and Nvidia
Total memory: 64MB of RAM (unified memory architecture)
Memory bandwidth: 6.4GB/second
//Polygon performance: 150M/sec/

This would make the xbox the perfect platform for grid.org, and we would plan on eventually porting the ap to Xbox 2 and Playstation 3 (which are going to be 10-20X more powerful than the current generation), so this would be a great foot-in-the-door for our project and will lead to great future processing power for the grid.

I have a group of developers that I have already contacted with my interest, and they have agreed to work for free as long as everything is 100% legit (we need permission from United Devices to go ahead, & will use open-XDK to port the program to the xbox legally).

In order to have the project take off, I need to gather:
The permission of United Devices to modify their source to work on the Xbox (if you provide the source, my programers will do the grunt work, we have even discussed modifying the information sent to the 3D Protein display to be in Xbox code, giving a remarkable 3D visual that would be the "incentive" for gamers to use the screensaver, we would basically need to make grid.org use the xbox resources, and then make a "dashboard" for it that would allow users to use a menu controllable with their gaming controllers.

Please respond ASAP and we can get the ball rolling, we will all work our hearts out for free as we have great faith in what grid.org is doing. Within a week of confirmation I could probably have a demo of sorts running, eventually it would be great to have a full-out website with a nice polished version of the ap freely available for download (both of which I would be happy to provide)
Thanks & God bless,
Michael Schaefer

p.s. I have had a link to grid.org on my band's downloads page ever since my aunt battled Cancer a year ago (http://www.lockedsound.com), she didn't make it and I feel that I can personally help others in the future with this application.

#3 motox333


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Posted 06 March 2004 - 02:10 AM

Hey, that sounds like a very valid and good question! If i could do anything involved in coding, id definately help, but i cant...anything else but porting/coding that people could do?

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