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Switching Between X2vga, And Pc - What Do U Use?

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#1 xbox_4me


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Posted 07 March 2004 - 06:08 PM

Okay, what do you guys who use a X2VGA adapter
do when you want to flip back and forth from your
XBox to your PC?

I manually unscrew the monitor cable and move it to the XBox
or PC every time.

I'm worried that If I use some kind of VGA switchbox, I'll loose
some quality to the monitor!!

Any ides?
What do you do?

#2 redwolf


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Posted 07 March 2004 - 08:12 PM

double post tongue.gif

#3 Nathan561


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Posted 07 March 2004 - 08:48 PM

I use this and it is SWEET. Very little quality loss, not even noticable if any and allows the PC to remain at very high resolutions.

It's designed to be used to swap mouse and keyboard as well (KVM) , but as long as you just plug one of the PS2 ports into the PC to get power, you can use it as an extremely high quality VGA switchbox, and its cheap! Only one downfall however, the PC must be on at the same time as the xbox since the switch draws power from a PC. This is no problem for me since my PC is on 24/7 but I'm sure not everyone does the same. You can by similar KVM switches which have external power, however i do recommend Belkin as like i said, the quality is great.


#4 xbox_4me


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Posted 08 March 2004 - 12:16 AM

Thanks. I'll keep this in mind...

Cheap? $60+ I don't know about that, wink.gif

I don't think I want to keep the PC on all the time, just to get the
video signal through... Sometimes yes, like when I am transferring files
to the Xbox, or doing online gaming... other than that I'll probably
have the PC off....

Any other ideas?

#5 tNCecil


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Posted 08 March 2004 - 08:30 PM

Not sure if this would work, but if you need one of the PS2 ports, could you use wires and such so that would just plug into an xbox to gain power? Not sure if it would supply enough power though.

#6 TB_88


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Posted 09 March 2004 - 02:42 PM

I searched a bit and found this http://www.kvm-switc...om/gcs632u.html

It's good if you don't like to swap with mouse and keyboard (USB)...
It also got support for audio.

I think I will buy something like this.

#7 Orgasmic Chilli

Orgasmic Chilli

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Posted 10 March 2004 - 09:37 AM

I wouldn't need anything my monitor has BNC cable and d-sub. so I could hook up the x2vga to my monitor and my pc, without the aid of a box. just need a x2vga now

#8 xbox_4me


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Posted 12 March 2004 - 03:07 AM

Ok.. this is wierd.

I looked around at a couple KVM switchboxes and found they are
pretty pricey...

The latest Tiger Direct magazine came in 2 days ago.
Guess what was on the back page?

A $29.99 KVM switch
I ordered it immediately and it works beautiful.
to switch between the PC and the XBOX and the best
part is that there is no resolution or clarity loss on the screen!!!!

This was an awesome find!!!

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