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Piracy Will Get You Banned

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Posted 09 March 2004 - 05:46 PM

From the Xbox-Scene Gods..

Since we have ALOT of stupid people on XS.. allow me the time to make some points perfectly clear...

XS IS NOT HERE TO HELP YOU PIRATE GAMES. We don't care about your claims to own the game.. or to have imported a game etc. If you are downloading it.. we don't want to hear about it. (DON'T ASK DON'T TELL POLICY!)

If you download scene releases from WAM, PROJECTX, CSiSO etc.. and post problems with them cause you downloaded them.. eg...

"dude.. I download WAM's release of 'J00 SUCK BALLS' game.. and it doesn't work here on my HD"

...expect to get a warning.. and maybe a ban.

"dude.. the CSiSO XBE fix fuxored something.. help"

.. expect a warning.. and maybe a ban.

"dude.. I need the XBE repleacement for "x" game.

.. expect a warning.. and maybe a ban.

"dude.. anyone got a Torrent for..."

.. expect a warning.. and maybe a ban.

"dude.. my mom threw my game out.. can anyone PM a copy..."

.. expect a warning.. and maybe a ban.

"PM me privately.. I can get you the link/xbe/etc for "x" game or the complete game etc..."

.. expect a warning.. and maybe a ban.

You get the idea.

People will be banned.. guaranteed. .for posting "PM me for the XBE".

MODERATORS will be cracking down.

Do not discuss PIRACY downloads.. or PIRATE SCENE PATCHES for problems. All it does is encourage people to use this board.. publicly or privately for piracy.. and that isn't what we are here for.

Links to WAREZ, ROMS, XBE, files produced by XDK will get you AUTO BANNED.
Links to Scene WAREZ "fixes" like WAM/PX/CSiSO/Riot Fixes will get you a warning.. and maybe a ban.
Expect more to be added as we see fit.


If you are dumb enough.. to admit in posts that you downloaded a game and want help with it.. expect the catch the attention of the staf.. who will likely edit or delete your post.. then suspend your posting privs.. then have have you banned.


If you want help on how to backup your inventment.. enjoy our site.

If you do not understand these rules you can either PM ME or another moderator.

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