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Prob With Mohrs Hd Backup

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Posted 19 March 2004 - 01:52 PM

What I'm running:
Xenium, 1.1 OS
X2 4981.06
Evox 3935, IGR Off

I've been having that damn clock reset problem on and off. When my clock resets, it goes to the year 8907. My soldering is fine, no bridges or bad connections so I tend to think its caused by either IGR or Re-booting from within the X2 bios as some say. Does anyone using M7 ever have this problem?

I backed up my origional MOHRS disc to my HD, using Complex Tools, and started to play it again off of the HD. After playing for a few days, I had a clock reset that I didn't catch and when I saved my game progress, the save game took the 8907 date. Later, when I went back and tried to use my save game, it would not work ( because of the 8907 date I assume ) so I deleted the saves with XBSM and had to start over.

Now I am wondering if I got a turd left over somewhere on my HD that is affecting gameplay. When I started over, I could swear that there is supposed to be Vibration effects from the explosions when you are trying to escape from your bunk up through the battleship. I get no vibration effects until I get up on deck. Its the same whether I use the orig dis or HD backup.

Could someone with the game verify for me whether or not there are vibration effects in the battleship escape sequence? Its not a big deal, its just that little shit like this drives me nuts. I just don't want this clock reset thing to start buggering with my games.

Now if someone could just get a handle on this clock reset thing...........
I'm new to modding, has the clock reset problem been going on for a long time or is this something fairly new with later bios's?


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