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Rice Vs. Power

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#31 Rylinkus


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Posted 26 March 2004 - 05:52 AM

You don't need a V8 to be fast. Search "Relentless" and see that ANYTHING can be made stupid fast. God I love that car. And can post vids in a day or 2 if you guys like.

#32 mike96sc2


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Posted 26 March 2004 - 09:59 PM

This Speaks Volumes, Even Before Fast & Furious

#33 Liquid Oxygen

Liquid Oxygen

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Posted 01 April 2004 - 04:53 PM

^ that site hasn't been updated for years. He probably got "taken out".

#34 Rylinkus


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Posted 01 April 2004 - 07:57 PM

A couple fast cars that aren't V8s
How bout a Dahlback Golf....
A Neon..........
My personal favorite sleeper.... Relentless.... For more info go www.TheDodgeGarage.com. Gary Donovan is the man.
And since I'm a Probe owner, how about a few Vids of Darin's Probe. (It's considerably faster now)
Big Probe
Big Probe

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#35 lordvader129


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Posted 01 April 2004 - 09:28 PM

QUOTE (polyesterjones @ Mar 21 2004, 08:58 PM)
Muscles cars for me. Mmm, a 1970 Chevelle SS with a 454 cubic inch V8 LS-6 powerplant sure would be nice right about now. That or a 1971 Plymouth 'Cuda with a 426 cubic inch Hemi V8.


#36 parkerbender


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Posted 02 April 2004 - 05:29 AM

yeah, if only they made a 454 cubic inch ls-6 :shrug: unfortunately it's only a aluminum 350 and you can only squeeze 395 out of it with a lot of bore and stroke and enough knowledge that you cant and will never get (b/c it just doesnt make sense) a 454 ls-6 why dont you look it up! aaarrggggghhhh!!!!!!!!
okay, now i ot that out of my system, ummm, whell muscle all the way, has anyone seen the '0 stang, god, if only they werent going to crucify it by making 90% of em v6 i would be licking bill ford's nuts now, damn, ford is the shit, you cant go wrong between aston martin jag ford landrover volvo (i guess) lincoln mercury and mazda, shit with the gt coming uot, the new stang and mazda's new renesis, ford all the way!

#37 jesterrace777


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Posted 04 April 2004 - 06:21 AM

Speaking of Mazda that is the route I choose. Anyways I prefer to mod under the hood vs. outside. I will tell you why.

1. There is nothing more satisfying than kicking a flashy car's ass with a sleeper.

2. With a body kit, fancy paint job, ect. you are just asking for a busted window and some vandalism. You might as well put up a sign that tells thiefs to break into your car.

3. It never fails that you scrape the underside of your car on something and when you have a fiberglass body kit, that just gets damned expensive to maintain. I can't tell you how many "riced out" cars I have seen around town with chipped/peeling body kits and quite a few that are just beat to shit.

4. How many of us can honestly say we could ever afford to mod under the hood and the body? You are looking at at least 15 grand to make any noticeable difference with the looks and performance under the hood.

realistically I would like a black 3rd Generation RX-7 modded with a Greddy T-66 or T-78 single turbo, straight piped exahust and a few other features. If I am allowed to really dream then I would get a 3-Rotor engine with a similar turbo configuration. The car has a very nice shape to it as is and the only thing I would do to the exterior would be to add a nice set of tires and rims. Oh yeah, A nice stereo system would go in it as well. wink.gif

#38 Rylinkus


    X-S Hacker

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Posted 04 April 2004 - 04:23 PM

FD rims are so nice and light as it is. Seems a change to swap them. But you COULD buy one, swap the rims, and send me the FD rims smile.gif

I personally like the look of the FC RX7. Something about the offset hood scoop just looks so badass to me.

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