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I Need An Xbox Mod Consultation

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Posted 22 March 2004 - 04:13 PM

Ok, Im modding m yfriends xbox. To date I've modded about 8 or 9 boxes with no problems. I modded my friends first xbox a few months ago ( he had two) and usin ghis dads 20 watt soldering iron, lifted a trace, ruining it. Well now I'm modding his second and lo and behold, there are problems. Let me describe:

If you dont care about the details, skip ___2___ paragraphs!

After installing what looked like solid LPC points and and a good d0 connect, I got fragging, which generally means a mis aligned d0, so I resoldered and it werked. So I closed the box, and restarted to test it, and got a fag. So I openned it, resoldered d0, and tested: it werked again. I closed th ebox, frag etc. Well I finally got it to be normal. Upon closing and restart, everything seemed to be going great. The next morning I go to install his new HDD, and frustratingly enough, FRAG.

Ok, so I take my xbox apart and start troubleshooting. It's not his chip, it's not his HDD, it must be on the motherboard. And it would start up, but then if you reboot, it would frag. The only thing I could think is that the heating up of the motherboard must be causing the problem.

Well since I feel shitty, I'm looking for someone in my area I can bring the XBOX to for consultation. Maybe you can see something I don't. I AM willing to pay if you fix the issue. If you feel savvy enough to figure out what I can't ( I'm no expert, but I have modded other boxes, so...) then either PM me, respond here, or email me at AkumAPRIME@yahoo.com.

Also, if there is another place you suggest I post this, or look into, please recommend it to me. This is the closest forum I could find to what I need.

thanx muxh


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