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Popular Lg 8160b

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Posted 24 March 2004 - 07:48 PM

"DRD-8160b" is a very cheap dvd-rom drive from LG, simpler to find than SAMSUNG SD-616 or SD-616 TEBB (a black one).
A lot of people alredy have it in their PC and, if you use it in place of SAMSUNG, you can buy more efficient DVD-ROM drive for your PC or a DVD-Writer.
If you alredy have a "dvd-reader", you can definitively spare money reading DVDs with the recorder in your PC.

Some say about the "usury" at the lens of recorder reading DVD with it, but in a "common situation" you'll proprably change or discard your hardware before of these problems.
Of course, consider that it's not the best choice, is the cheaper! (I think) tongue.gif

Main problem using this drive is reading original games...
But, Projects of these 2 drive (SAMSUNG and LG) are very very similar, and it's not impossible to flash LG drive with the firmware of original SAMSUNG SD-606 XBox drive and have fun with it! tongue.gif
They have the same EliteMT 100MHz buffer DRAM, the same MediaTek Main CPU MT1329E, the same MediaTek MT1326F DVD-ROM RF amplifier etc.. etc...

Some differences came from secondary pcb components, polarity of motors, and other solvable (I wish) problems, because if you simply change LG firmware with the one of original XBox Samsung drive, it doesn't work properly due to "spin up" problems (but when you simply flash PC SAMSUNG 616, it doesn't work too tongue.gif).

I'm a flash-rom programmer with a company and with my knowledge my wish is to solve firmware problems and using the LG drive instead of SAMSUNG, spare money and, above all, have fun! biggrin.gif

Reason of this post is, before doing needless tests, to find most possible informations about this drive without reading fragmented and often inconsistent informations, finding them all around the net in hours and hours of a boring reserch blink.gif .I would like to know considerations of who have tried to use it with Xbox for the same purpose, where are TrIn - TrOut signals on LG drive PCB, and all is possible to know about this, specially if my goal is alredy achieved tongue.gif

Sorry for my english,
ByeZ smile.gif

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