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Hardware Problem?

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#1 Bahatmut


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Posted 25 March 2004 - 09:30 PM

Greetings. I am working on an X-Box (ver 1) for a friend (as he knows zilch about fixing anything that has a power cord). The issue is this. I first got it and it had a blown power supply (main filter cap was exploded). I replaced this. He says there was a MASSIVE power surge, and although the unit was off at the time, was damaged (as was his surge protector, refridgerator, and garage door opener). With the new power supply the system worked. And on my test bench it works as well (different power and a/v cables from his though) He brought it back, saying that initially after 2 hours or so of playing, he turned it off, muddled around, and after abotu 30 minutes tried to power it on, but it wouldn;t power up fully. He says it woudl power on for a few seconds, reach the main menu, then die. This got worse, to the point he coudl only get about 30 minutes out of it. I checked, the Power supply component look good, no singe/burn marks or smells. Hard drive and DVD drive look good, no problems with any test I tossed at them. Both the main cooling fan, and the small one on the motherboard spin fine. He thinks it's a bad power cable, but everything he's said makes me think it's thermal in nature. There are no obstructions on any side of the unit where he puts it, and it's on a hard wooden shelf, and nothing else on the same power circuit is having problems. Any suggestions?

#2 jhop69


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Posted 25 March 2004 - 10:34 PM

dry.gif strange! I would borrow his power cable and try on yours if it works fine at your house, my neighbor had a similar power surge which blew halve of the electrical components in her house and she also had some freaky circuit damage and some wiring problems... just a thought

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