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Confusion With Xbe Files

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#1 Leviathan-ran


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Posted 25 March 2004 - 11:11 PM

huh.gif Okay Recently i started to Hack Tenchu: return from darkness.

What i was Aiming to do was enable the VS Mode characters in story mode,
( yes it should work as the VS mode characters are programed to be attacked by NPC enemys )

Anyway, i found the data that loads Rikkimaru
( Play Rikkimaru ) and replaced it with the string for Bose
( Play Bose )
But There is 3 xbes


the default xbe is smaller than the UK.xbe files and the data i wish ti edit is in with UK/FRANCE files, and when i run the UK.xbe the game loads as normal.

but when i run the hacked one, the game wont load at all.
What the hell is wrong?

( this is my 3rd time hexing a game lol **claps to himself** )

Am i correct in assumeing that even if i do have the game running from HDD, i still need to resign the xbe i changed? if so, how do i go about doing it?

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#2 shavedrat


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Posted 26 March 2004 - 12:08 AM

If you're running an NTSC version of the game, then most likely the default.xbe is the one you want to edit.

Are you just hexing a namechange within the file? cuz that probably isnt enough to unlock the characters or whatever you're trying to do. Best bet is probably to just download a gamesave on xbox-saves.com I think when you change the string you're corrupting part of the file.

#3 Leviathan-ran


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Posted 26 March 2004 - 12:13 AM

i would download a game save but it cant be done with a game save, they have to be actualy put in story mode to replace the main character model.
:/ i Really need help

#4 XBOX War3z

XBOX War3z

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Posted 26 March 2004 - 05:35 AM

Ok when you hexedit a file the size can't change, since Bose and Rikkimaru aren't the same size...
What you could do is fill up the other characters (imaru) with zero characters (00 hex) so you would get like Bose..... in most hex editors smile.gif

[edit] didnt read it all, you dont need to resign the game
what file did you edit and which one didnt start?
like edited uk.xbe and now default.xbe wont start
because it could be that there is just a simple filecheck in uk.xbe, if that is the case and you can just launch uk.xbe directly I would go renaming default.xbe to lets say default.xb_ and then rename you uk.xbe to default.xbe
dont blame me if anything goes wrong tongue.gif you can always get the files back from the original cd smile.gif

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#5 Leviathan-ran


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Posted 26 March 2004 - 11:06 AM

Yesh thats the good thing about having the DVd-rom lol

i Hacked the UK.xbe File, as the Defult xbe, had no character data in it, and its alot smaller than the UK and French xbe
once the UK.xbe was hacked NON of the xbes would launch the game ( not even the french one )

Do you have the game? cos i REALLY need some help :/

Lemme check, if i edit the file, it has to the the same size as it was before i hacked it? example 56,344,32 bytes after hacking it needs to be the same size afterwords?
how would i do that?

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#6 Leviathan-ran


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Posted 26 March 2004 - 03:31 PM

After Running a few tests
What i can gather is

The default.xbe loads first, detects what country the xbox is in
( france or england ) and loads the Respective xbe file
in my case UK.xbe.
From this i gatherd the france xbe is not needed so i deleted it and everything runs fine biggrin.gif

NOW when i hack the UK.xbe its still the same size as when i finish hacking it, so i cant see where the problem lies?
Once again, i Really need some help with this..


Infact the only xbe file i need, is the UK.xbe File
Deafult is not needed enither is the french or the dash update and the update xbes

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#7 Da_death


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Posted 18 December 2007 - 07:36 PM

done yet? biggrin.gif biggrin.gif biggrin.gif

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