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Bios Question

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Posted 24 December 2002 - 09:57 AM

I have an unmodded XBOX that's been giving me fits as detailed in my other posts and what I'm wondering is this...can I just flash the XBOX BIOS with the original MS BIOS on a CD-RW disc without having a modchip installed and see if that fixes it?

I'm thinking of buying a new mobo, HDD and a mod but I am short on cash right now and would like a quick fix if possible to tide me over until I can scrape together enough cash.

Please let me know if what I asked is possible and if so please give me the basics of what I would need to get and do...thanks.

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Posted 24 December 2002 - 01:54 PM

No - you need a chip to flash the BIOS, and only certain chips will do. You need a chip to run any EvoX disk, anyo ther custom software ... and it's this you need to do the flash.

OKay - that's a slight lie - but it'd be one hell of a job to take the BIOS out and you'd need specialist equipment to flash it

You'll also need to bridge some wires on the Mobo so it will allow the flash

Once the TSOP (XBox BIOS) has been flashed you can remove the chip.

My recommendations (if cash is an issue)

Buy an original XEcuter - this will do backups, HDD swap etc ... and is easy to install. In the UK they only cost 25 ($40). Or you could buy a cheapmod for 15 ($24). I think this will do everything you want - esp in the short term

Obviously XEcuter2 / Matrix are best, but more expensive.

Finally another idea, buy a cheap old chip (like an Enigmah), install it, flash TSOP, uninstall it, sell it - but this is a LOT of hassle as they're bastards to fit.


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