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Current Bios - Xecuter2 4983 Bios

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Posted 06 April 2004 - 01:07 AM

Xecuter2 4983 Bios (April 7 16:20 GMT+1)
>> Team Xecuter released a new build of their X2 bios. What's new/fixed:
* Fixed X2 Lite Bank 1 XBE Crash Bug

From nfo/readme:

We were testing some X3 code in the 4982 bios and there was a part of our loader sequence that was not fully compatible with the X2 Lite mod. Therefore 4982 only worked on X2 Lite if you used it as a 1MB bios or on the second 512k bank of the mod. Users could not load XBE's from their hacked dashboard due to this bug - it's now been fixed. If you had this problem simply boot from disc with FlashX(info) or EvoX to flash again - it WILL boot the disc even tho XBE from dash crashed beforehand.

Thanks to those who informed us of this error.

Official Site: http://www.teamxecuter.com
Download: n/a (contains MS copyrighted code)
News-Source: xbins.org http://www.xbins.org...=xboxnfo862.nfo
(April 7 16:20 GMT+1)


X2 4982 bios issues?
>> We received this news from Team Xecuter:

There seems to be many people who cant get X2 4982 to boot any XBE from dash. One sympton is that in Avalaunch(info) the Slave Drive in Hardware Info is displayed corruptly.
We cant seem to duplicate this at all and we do have many others with no issues - so those with problems we have found that it may be possible you flashed with Cromwell(info) and it corrupts in some way.
Can you please try to flash with FlashX(info) 1.2 or with EvolutionX(info) ?
Also if you use Ava boot the dash with no disc in the drive - see if this fixes the corruption.
If you can post your results to X-S forums or Team Xecuter forums we'd appreciate it - need to pinpoint this.

Official Site: http://www.teamxecuter.com
(April 7 05:36 GMT+1)

Xecuter2 4982 Bios
>> A new build of the Xecuter2 Bios has been released.
What's new/fixed (since 4980 - 4981 was an unofficial rls):
* fixed boot order and dash names
* made igr, xbl hack, clock check hack and no reset on eject hack configurable with files
* used files:
* added x2config.xbe configuration app
* added app to verify if release is genuine (md5)
* some minor fixes done
* 4982.06 = LBA48 6
* 4982.67 = LBA48 6+7

From nfo/readme:

Hello again from Team Xecuter. Here is yet another release of the scene's most advanced feature packed Xbox Bios. I know we said there would be no more so I guess we should apologize for that statement, no doubt the usual haters will jump on it no doubt smile.gif
There was a few bugs with 4980 that simply shouldn't have been missed. It was hacked a little by members of the scene and 4981 became an "unofficial" release. Looking at this we decided to build and official release of 4982 with a few adjustments and fixes.

First of all we seem to have many support issues with users of our bios that are in fact using one that has been edited or not the actual release that was tested working, so we have now included a new Bios checker that will confirm that the bios you have downloaded or acquired is indeed the correct and official version. It's a simple dos app that can be run from the command line. This new release checker is included with this release.
Other features we have added due to requests from reading posts on
our forums, xbox-scene.com and worldxbox.co.uk
- Added ability to disable the No Reset On Eject Hack
Reason: Most Requested Feature
- Added ability to disable the XBL Live Check Hack
Reason: Some people report issues when they have an older dash version
- Added ability to disable the Clock Error Check Hack
Reason: Some people report issues with clock constantly resetting

All of these features including the "Disable IGR Hack" can now be enabled / disabled by a simple XBE app which is included with this release.
If anyone wishes to use the XBL Check Feature we STRONGLY recommend you update to the latest dash version (Live 2.0 5659.03) as the patch does not block a game accessing the live service to upgrade if you have an older version. Games like Sega GTO have the file Dashupdate.xbe You can either disconnect your mod and update or rip the file from the game and run manually after FTP'ing to your box.

Official Site: http://www.teamxecuter.com
Download: #XBINS on EFNET
News-Source: xbins.org ( http://www.xbins.org...=xboxnfo858.nfo )
(April 6 03:57 GMT+1) -



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Posted 06 April 2004 - 01:09 AM

For X2 bios.. and future X3 Bios Files.. we'll try to keep this thread updates with a copy of the current NFO/README.TXT from the file.. available on #XBINS on EFNET (IRC)

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