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Crazy Activity Project Going Madd

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Posted 08 April 2004 - 11:51 PM

Edit: I found out that DVD Activity Pin is the one that gives off power and not the LAN activity, but still now the DVD light doesn't come on at all but that might have something to do with using the case shielding as ground. The LAN activity light is still always on, and when It is on, the ethernet port on the back yellow LED is lit up (i must be activating everything or something even though no LAN activity is happening).

Well you guys know how there is a light around the eject button. Well, I made one around the power button. Yeah its didn't turn out the greatest, but it didn't turn out the worst. IT took alot of dremel work and alot of hot glue hehehe. Anyways, I didn't want just a constant light, I made it an activity light. So behind the power/eject assemble, I stuffed 6 5mm LEDs. I pretty much used my dremmel to sand to the fron of the case to make room, then overloaded it with hot glue. In the end, the yellow LEDs lit everything perfectly, red LEDs lit up the upper half good, and blue lit up the top good hehe.

Anyways, I used yellow for HD activity, red for DVD activity, and blue for LAN activity.

Heres a little diagram of my connections:

[point behind motherboard for DVD Activity Pin] + --------- - [Metal shielding of case as grounding]

[point behind motherboard for LAN Activity Pin] - --------- + [Power from HD cable]

[Splice of 39th Wire of HD IDE cable] - --------- + [Power from HD cable]

In the end, there are some problems.
1.)First of all, the HD and LAN lights are always on. The HD light will flicker the power when the HD is doing something, does it ever turn off? I KNOW I did something wrong with the blue LAN activity, that never changes. According to the tutorial, it said use the LAN activity pin for the as grounding and any power source but it is always on, also the ethernet port on the back has its yellow LED always lit. The LED always lit up constant, when I did sytem link games, when I did XB live same thing.
Also the DVD, isn't working at all, I am using the DVD activity pin as a power source and the case as ground. I think it might have something to do with the shielding as ground (which i thought would work). Could someone reccomend a good ground?

2.) The bigger problem is I have the "Power from HD cable" set up in a splitter for my CC. The power comes form the power supply, through the CC then to the HD. I spliced into the power to the CC dual inverter, so I could use the switch, So now, If I have it switched on, the system crashes, I think its liek a power drain or something, but I start with the switch off an dthen switch on it works, but eventually usually crashes. I guess I need a new power source point, but its wired, I hade 4 CC lamps and rings and it never crashed or slowed down, huh.

Anyways, sorry for the long post, but it was a tricky project, not much room in that little spot, and ontl using hot glue and dremmel it took a while. now I just a few problems, I would love to get it so the lights aren't always on, and just flicker, or atleast fix some of the problems, thanks! Ohh yeah, if peopel want to see, I post pics with my completed box later (Project Nintendo long in development).

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#2 spicymeatball911


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Posted 09 April 2004 - 02:30 AM

Can anybody help, all I need to find is why the sytm crashes when I tap into the CC power source, why the DVD activity never lights up (Using pin 8 as power and shielding as ground), and why LAN is always on (Main power source as power and directed on tutorial point under motherboard as ground but is always lit up and makes the ethernet port yellow LED light up always). Those are the main problems, my post sumemd up into one run on sentence. Maybe someone could read that atleast and try to help. Thanx.

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Posted 10 April 2004 - 04:25 AM

My bump of the day to see if anybody can help me sad.gif . Still at a wall here, some poeple must know how to do this... Thanks alot.

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Posted 10 April 2004 - 05:51 AM

the crashing sounds lik eyou're expecting waaaaaaay too mch from your PSU
4 CCFL's are pushing it a bit

the LAN activity sounds like you're using the wrong LED. theres two lED's on the LAN activity, one stays (say) yellow when a connection is mate. the other flickers when data is sent.

try the other LED!

as for HD activity lED being on, I believe the HD output is active low.
this means that, when activity happens, the output is 0v, when activity doesnt happen, the output is 5V.

thats why your LED is on all teh time and only blinking occasionally.
you'd need an inverter of some kind (74LS00 for example, a NOT gate)

for LAN activity you could just parallel up a bunch of LED's and solder them accross the LAN LED that shows activity.

teh same applies for DVD activity, where you getting that signal from?, inside the drive?

all the above methods though have the fundemental flaw that you assume that a device designed for one low power LED can drive several high power LED's.

i'd err on the side of caution and use some sort of buffer logic (AND gates for example, or even transistors!) to protect the xbox mobo

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Posted 10 April 2004 - 09:56 PM

First I got to say thanks alot for helping me. I found the problem with the DVD and that is working now perfectly. When I said I had 4 CCFL, I had them before on working fine, now I only use LEDs and got rid of my CCFL.

Anyways, The problem was with the HD activity. I cut the ground for that, and now the system starts up fine and never crashes. Its the 39th for ground right, the red wire is wire 1 and the last wire is 40... if thats true I cut on the 39th and it was working if i shut it off at first and then switched it on later but it eventually crashed. Also for the inverter, does the inverter intercept the power supply (before it gets to the anode)? Im just wondering cause I've never used an inverter before. Anyways, thanks.

As for the LAN link LED, I switched it to the ground of the green LED, but then the green ethernet port LED is always on and my blue activity LEDs are always on. To be sure, I checked to see if the ground was actually the other side of the yellow ethernet port LED but then the yellow ethernet port LED stayed of always, and my blue LAN activity was still always on. Anybody who did this LAN activity LED, can you tell me if the light always stays on? Did you solder it to the positive or negative side of the ethernet LED, and did you solder it to the green or yellow LED. Also did you use it as a ground or power supply for your activity LED.

Geeeez, more problems, but I'm getting somewhere, the DVD activity LED is sooolliid, hehehe 1/3! Anyways more thanks would be greaaattly apreciated, I have no idea why this is so hard, it looked so easy... blink.gif

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Posted 10 April 2004 - 10:24 PM

I don't really know anything on the DVD activity lead, but are you sure it's not a ground, like the hdd activity light? Rather, are you sure your not supposed to be connected with:

Power (from wherever) + ---------- - DVD activity pin

#7 spicymeatball911


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Posted 10 April 2004 - 11:49 PM

No, I got the DVD activity working and pin #8 definatley gives off power 3-5v if I'm not mistaken, and you can use any ground. It only blinks occassionally, not that often, pretty much on a first read, and randomley at big loading sessions.

Now I just need help with LAN activity led and need to fix a HD activity crash...

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