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Manhunt : The Review

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#1 Mr. Blonde

Mr. Blonde

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Posted 30 April 2004 - 01:24 PM

Wow I really should of expected this from Rockstar games lately, but they completly fooled me. I thought this game would be a visceral action game on war torn post-aplocaleptic streets similar to the cult hit Freedom Fighters or even Beats of Rage. But instead what I ended up getting was a piece of crap, badly written, hide in the shadoes and kill people stealth game

Now don't get me wrong I loved Splinter Cell for Xbox and the PC. There was nothing like hiding in an alley waiting for a terrorist to walk by before putting a 9mm bullet in their skulls. But in Manhunt they take the whole "stealth" thing to a ridiculous level. Not only do they put "hide space" every 10 steps but if you are caught it's almost impossible to fight your way out of the situation. Even if your armed and the enemy is not. The controls are lousy and after playing such classics as Ninja Gaiden and Freedome Fighters the camera that they give you in this game is awefull. The controls are okay and it's realively easy to execute your "finishing moves" but the game is too lost in it's own faults to be playable to me.


The Story
Oh rockstar why do you try? Nah just kidding Vice City and GTA had great stories. But this game.....You play a convict who is about to be executed who escapes the death chamber thanks to a film director. Now for the rest of the game you follow his "stage directions" as he guides you and films your "executions" of various gang members. No I promise I am not making that up.


I really like the video overlays at the start of the game and taping of executions. But overall the actually in game graphics are your basic Xbox. Nothing special and most of the enviroments are so dark I guess it doesn't matter that much.


Overall Score

Stay away from this one if you can. Instead save your money
and pray that Rockstar doesn't f-up GTA 4.

Review posted at Xbox-Scene, Xboxanomics and FG

#2 Anima


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Posted 01 May 2004 - 05:54 PM

4/10.. cmon

Thats pretty low score for a quality game at best. I mean its no ninja gaiden, but like I said its a very very solid game. I really cant see any actual gameplay faults except the repetitive nature itself of the game. The camera is just fine. Infact the camera is better in this game then ninja gaiden... please dont dispute that ninja gaiden had awesome camera angles. Im sure many people would disagree.

No arguement about story though 2/10 is a bit low. Your giving such low scores man. These scores are deserving of games that are pure junk.

Graphics.. 4/10? How about atleast 7/10. 4/10 is a very very poor quality graphics game.

Not the best game.. but a solid rental.

Anyways its atleast a 7/10.

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#3 rgtaa


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Posted 01 May 2004 - 07:41 PM

Review WAY OFF!

Most of the Major reviewers are giving it about 8 out of 10!

I like it because it seems like you are in a movie!
I like having the director speaking into my communicator in my ear! smile.gif
I like the horror feature of it and the whole atmosphere of the game.
Controls work for me!

I wasn't expecting anything from this Title so I was pleasantly surprised!

I may still agree that some might want to rent it before they buy it just to make sure IT"S their CUP of TEA! I mean it's a SNUFF MOVIE GAME!

I forgot to add that you can RUN useing the Right Trigger and PAD and RUN away from guys chaseing you ... doesn't seem like the orginal Reviewer played it that much!
Before I used RUN ... yeah walking away from the Bad guys kept them coming!

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#4 Kerf


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Posted 01 May 2004 - 11:20 PM


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#5 punksoul257


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Posted 02 May 2004 - 10:43 AM

I personally really like this game.
Ok its repetative, ok at times its annoyingly difficult, but common its VIOLENCE biggrin.gif i've really need a violent game. especially after being kicked out of my band for no reason.

#6 Mr. Blonde

Mr. Blonde

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Posted 03 May 2004 - 01:01 PM

Sorry guys. I really thought this was not a good game at all and in fact a "bad" game. Those are my opinons and I am sticking to them. I really though Rockstar dropped the ball. and yes I did thinkn Ninja Gaiden had GOOD CAMERA ANGLES....<watches as people faint>.

And yes if you hit Run you can "run" away from the bad guys but it is still stupid that an armed man with a sharp object would still take as long to beat a perosn who wasn't armed. That is just bad programming on Rockstar's point. Anyway I just wanna know 2 things

Why did Kerf delete his entire reply? LOL

and what does getting kicked out of a band have to do with my review of Manhunt! laugh.gif

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#7 rgtaa


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Posted 03 May 2004 - 01:11 PM

Most of us understand if you don't like the game ... it's just that you give it too LOW a score... considering there are alot of xbox games that do deserve a 4 rating!

I think the game is about stealth killing ...so you get punished for having to do hand to hand combat! jester.gif

The game is sort of like sneaking around and killing people ... even when you stop walking you hear your heartbeat and the 'PUNKS" talking ...telling how they are gonna get you ... or ... talking to themselves.

The game is trying to create the feeling we all had as kids where we are sneaking in the bushes trying to pull a PRANK on someone!

This game is Not ninja Gaiden.. and most games are not in the 95 percent class ... but this game is not a Dog either.

I forgot to add ... in NINJA Gaiden it's about fighting against others in combat ... in this game ...it's the opposite! You have to be a cunning, back-stabbing, cold-blooded killer who only has the advantage from BEHIND and DARKNESS is your Friend! Your graphics rating of 2 ... is also so wrong! It's called "atmosphere" ... the producers are creating a nitty, gritty, depressing, atmosphere on purpose. Dead or Alive 3 and Ninja Gaiden are Japanese clear, very beautiful graphics ...again for the "atmosphere' ... the charactors are "good" healthy and wholesome!
This guy in Manhunt is a convicted Murderer who is on the prowl for victums ...and only is a STAR when he kills from BEHIND ... that's why the cutscenes when you are killing in stealth ... and NONE for average face to face fighting!

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#8 ChrisF


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Posted 03 May 2004 - 03:45 PM

Regarding the scoring, 4/10 is simply a below average game with 5 being average. The reason why a 4 looks so bad is because all the review sites only use 5 and up because they'd go out of business for giving low numbers (sort of like analyst recommendations in the stock market - buy=hold, hold=sell,). In reality, if 5 is an average Xbox game then 4 is just slightly below. Since no one is paying Mr. Blonde to review and promote their games, he gave a standard unbiased ranking based on a real distribution (where a bad game would be 1 or 2 not 4 or 5).

#9 rgtaa


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Posted 03 May 2004 - 09:55 PM

The same standard they use in school most sites and people use in rating games! :
100 A+ excellent
80 B Good
70 C Fair
65 D Just passing
60 and below fail! smile.gif

In school if I got a 40-50 (average according to ChrisF) I would be embarassed to tell my parents or show my friends ... I could live with a 76! smile.gif Same with this game 7.6 is maybe B minus or C+!

I would give it a Solid B to B+ ... because I like the concept , atmosphere and gameplay!

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#10 CaTcHa


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Posted 04 May 2004 - 09:15 PM

IMHO a very poor review and completly bias , as it was listed so bad (I mean 4/10 would make it a very very poor release) so I tried it as I have got it on the PC and really liked it.

Regarding the reviewers comment....

But overall the actually in game graphics are your basic Xbox

What a crazzzyy comment

Ermm well yes as far as I know I am playing it on a basic xbox , is there any different? have they released a new model with improved GPU that Rockstar could have used to improve the game engine?

Graphics deserve at least a 8/10 compared to most other releases , stop expecting miricles from your box and dont expect every rockstar game to be a+++ , B will do for me.
They deserve at least a few extra points for the graphic effects (the grainy effect is supposed to be there and is on the pc version as well it really adds to the feel of the game and makes you feel like you are watching from a spycam)
in my opinion the motion effects in gta3 didnt quite work but applause to them for trying something different with each game they do.

Its a nice playable stealth game and deserves an 8/10 all round dont let this review put you off guys , rent it try it .

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#11 roar


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Posted 05 May 2004 - 05:16 PM

Perhaps I'm a little confused... but is this the "Xbox Game Review" forum or the "Xbox Review Game Reviews" forum?

You don't agree with someones review, fine, you want to give your own reivew or disagree with this review, fine, you want to tell someone their review is WRONG? Not fine, reviews are opnions, neither right nor wrong, this person gave it a score, end of story, quit telling the guy he is wrong, if you did that to every review people would eventually stop writing reviews.

Edited by roar, 05 May 2004 - 05:17 PM.

#12 rgtaa


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Posted 05 May 2004 - 06:13 PM

Roar! smile.gif

You are right!

The reviewer has the Freedom to rate a game any way he wants.
But it's also OK to review the REVIEW and have honest difference of opinion on the game.

We are here to have fun and share about the games we LOVE, LIKE and HATE!
I liked this game and the orginal reviewer hated the game.

I'm not mad at the orginal reviewer ... in fact ... he has a great sense of humor ...looking at his second post.

(unless I'm playing you HALO ... in which case I hope you die FAST and Painful! smile.gif )
just joking! smile.gif

#13 gescom


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Posted 05 May 2004 - 09:16 PM

i actually had the mispleasure of playing this on the ps2; knowing what i experienced then saved me a dvdr...

with so many better games to choose from why play this piece of shit? unless of course you think swearing and ultra violence makes a good game...? then by all means go out and purchase this game. this game was just another bmxxx... and like the original poster - i'm not surprised; rockstar in my eyes got lucky with one game: gta. that's it. every other game i've played by them has sucked... what was that riot causing game? pppbbpttt....crap.

#14 Corspegrinder99


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Posted 06 May 2004 - 03:48 AM

i really like it....quess its not for some people smile.gif

#15 addyb


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Posted 06 May 2004 - 08:45 AM

Gescom hit the mail on the head with his comments, so far rockstar have failed to impress me (apart from the awesome GTA games) and i think they are carried by that factor alone. Hope red dead revolver is good but manhunt is not very good at all, now dont get me wrong im into my stealth games but this was just poor, it feels like a rushed game and i got very bored quickly. I know its not for everyone, i tried to get into it but couldnt, not because of the difficulty just because its repetitive from the get go.

Come on Rockstar stop milking GTAS fame and churning out crap! Red dead revolver looks pretty good and has some good reviews but i wanna see a review from someone from the scene thats played it!!

Oh BTW dont get me started on midnight club 2 (total mental block, think that was the name) pile of shite!!!

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