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Extreme-mods.com Potential Customers Beware!

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#1 Fredas


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Posted 30 December 2002 - 11:46 PM

(I apologize for my apparent recurring theme of public notices about unscrupulous companies. It doesn't change the facts about the companies, or that I desire to inform as many people as possible.)

A good friend of mine was all excited about the Xbox after I explained what all was possible with one these days. He finally got his hands on one, and was basically just trying to find a source for a modchip that wasn't charging a _ridiculous_ $50 (when you can make one for three bucks). I haven't personally checked extreme-mods.com but I suppose they don't charge quite that much since he says that's who he went with.

Today he relayed to me the results of his purchase.

He ordered some unspecified modchip and paid for overnight shipping, after being comforted by what he regarded as a professional-looking webpage and grandiose claims about prompt shipment. Several days later, it had finally been shipped, or at the very least he had a tracking number. This several days' delay was contrary to extreme-mods' claims about their promptness, but then the delay was during the Xmas week so one could conceivably stretch circumstances and use that as an excuse.

Meanwhile, he had been sending them email daily, requesting information about his package. Particularly, why he had a tracking number but no package in his hands since it was an overnight shipment. On Monday, he amplified his efforts to an hourly email, to which he finally received a reply with two words: "Order number?"

He decided to call them up. It took him 30 minutes to beat the busy signal, and he proceeded to wait for approximately 120 minutes before getting someone with whom to speak. Here's a rough paraphrasal of the dialogue that ensued:
Them: "It wasn't shipped."
Him: "How could this be? I got a tracking number Saturday, with information stating it was shipped friday night at 9 pm... and in Ohio Saturday morning by 10 am."

Them: "We dont have it in stock, and we dont have enough people."
Him: "Your manager, please."

Them: "Tell me what you want me to tell him."
Him: "I'm questioning the legality of your operation, since I've been charged and deducted the purchase amount from my bank account and have no explanation for it, let alone the product I've been charged for."

Them: "Look, I've cancelled your order, goodbye, it's cancelled."
And he hung up.
From what I've been able to gather, my friend has not been credited for the money that had been charged, so he will most likely have to tell his bank to drop-kick these guys, which of course they will. Unless he is fully refunded, that is.

Poor business practices, ladies and gentlemen, do not go unpunished in the age of information. There is little doubt that my efforts to spread the word will cost these jokers. Get your chips from somebody else, for sanity's sake.

#2 Knuck3ls


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Posted 31 December 2002 - 12:10 AM

Wa-wa your buying something illegal anyway. (Since it's probably an X2:Lite that has a bios on it that IS illegal, so no one flame me saying it isn't)

#3 2_COOL


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Posted 31 December 2002 - 12:16 AM

You guys flame it out in scam busters,

MY ADVICE (I will have advice in almost every post now)

Without Exageration You wouldn't get anywhere in Life

#4 AZNrider


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Posted 31 December 2002 - 11:34 PM

What was the result?

#5 wtaag


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Posted 31 December 2002 - 11:39 PM

I bought my mod from there with no problems at all.

#6 XanTium


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Posted 01 January 2003 - 01:06 AM

x-ecuter2 lite modchips are in shortage everywhere ... it's also stated on their website they do NOT have x2l mods in stock atm and that it will take 7-10 days before they will be able to send the next batch.

from http://www.extreme-m...ts/xecutor2.htm
X-ecutor 2 Lite - Out of Stock (Ships in approximately 7-10 days)

extreme-mods has proven to be a very good & trusted store the last few months.

I can not tell you what went wrong with your shipment , but they have always been very honnest so I'm sure you'll find a solution with them.

#7 BeloZero


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Posted 01 January 2003 - 06:17 PM

Sorry if I come off rude but can you say a$$hole? Chill out guy. I will stick up for extreme-mods.com

They served me well on the xecuter2 Lite and I would buy from them again. Just chill out and relax.

WHY is it that alot of people dealing online have no patience?

Happy New Year!


#8 ExitWoUnd


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Posted 01 January 2003 - 09:31 PM

I own gotmod.com , extreme-mods.com and me were th eonly USA dealers for the x2's most dealers are over seas and closer to the chip mfg so they get it faster in some cases, but we order as many as we can so that we can meeet our customers needs, but this chip is in high demand so we ran out. we are also out of the chip. i know that extreme-mods and myself are wating on new batches.
Their good guys and i forward my customers to them if i am out any day.

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