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N00b Problem

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#1 LazarusofLife


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Posted 20 May 2004 - 01:52 AM

ok so this is the tale of the n00b. First post so give me a break

xbox. 1.4
executer 2.3 lite +

took it apart. Installed the chip, felt firm. Turned the power on, with nothing connected, the two blue lights lite up and and the green on the switch. My friend, who's modded a few, says we're good. So I reconnected everything, installed the new 120 gig HD and powered up.
It boots to cromwell asks for disk and ejects the tray. so I go to make the bios cd, got the bios, x2 4983.06 ( I had no idea what the difference was between the .06 and .67 so I used the one executer had on their site's tutorial, the .06)
Just like they said I used the bios manager to double it to 512k, saved it. named it bios.bin
made the dummy file, 200mb
Used nero, duplicated the settings on executers site. burned it to dvd (I have the thompson.)
so I booted the box, with enable unproected and bank 1 all switched. and put the dvd in when prompted it turned off after the bar progressed and turned off. all good right. well I reboot and get an error code 13 with a list of error by superfro.

So being a n00b I freaked and flashed bank 2 with the dvd. It progresses and then turns off and when I turn it back on it goes back to the cromwell bios......ok...keep trying it and no go.
So I have no idea. switch it to bank 1 again, this time I notice it dosen't have the executer logo at the bottom of the X splash screen before the error code.
So I look into the error 13 and realize I got the still bare drive and reconnect the old hard drive, the original and when I boot it it says executer at the bottom.
I jumped for joy, stopped my heart attack, and said ok, time to work on evox. well I turned it off. realized I forgot to put the little metal piece that shrowds the front of the dvd rom drive so I opened it up again, put that on and closed it up. booted to check to see if it was still all working and now it didn't say executer at the bottom, it says MS and just boots to the ms-dashboard. I use my friends evox disk, and it keeps saying that it cannot recognize the disk, make sure its a game disk or dvd movie or that its not dirty, remove the disc to continue. Could the evox disc just not be working? its a dvd.
I take it all apart, check to see the chip is still all firm, it is. power it up, the two blue lights are on and the green is lite too. reconect everything and still it says MS and the evox won't boot.....so what the heck man, what do I do?

I lay myself at the scene gods. Rip me apart ask your questions do your worst, as long as it helps me, whatever helps. As you can tell by my novel of a post I am totally freaked and worried and tired. So please asap give me some advice. Thank you all for your help in advance.


#2 xiii13


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Posted 20 May 2004 - 07:02 AM

Sounds like it is booting the retail M$ bios, the Xecuter bios's always say Xecuter at the bottom of the screen not MS. Check your mod chip connections, maybe you knocked something loose with all the taking apart and putting together. I believe the Xecuter bios boots the D drive anyways so you can pop that evox disc in with a blank HDD, it should have the options to format the HDD and stuff on the disc.

#3 el_diablo


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Posted 20 May 2004 - 07:26 AM

try with 4981.06..

4983.06 is being a bitch to me dry.gif or try use slayers to flash..

.06 makes one big f drive while .67 adds support for a g drive smile.gif

#4 death_driver_911


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Posted 20 May 2004 - 09:47 AM

do you have ur chip set to enable? i did this too, took me 2 hours to figure out what the hell i did. that switch on the left (not right or middle) should be turned to the left (slide) ***I THINK***

thsi sis what happened to me. my dam modchip wasnt turned on laugh.gif

#5 ChrisF


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Posted 20 May 2004 - 10:00 AM

The lights are undependable indicators. They tend to overestimate the quality of your connection i.e. good enough to turn the led on but not good enough to establish firm connection with the point on the motherboard.

When an Xecuter bios loads it will always so Xecuter so if your chip is actually enabled then it means your chip is out of alignment if you get the MS bios (until you install Evox etc.. or have a boot disc the Xecture/MS text is all you have to go on to determine whether or not your chip is connected properly and it's enough). If the Xecuter bios came up even once then it's not a bios issue so don't bother reflashing - and leave Cromwell on the other bank as it's a good safety precaution.

Basically, realign/reinstall your chip. If you continue to get problems look to the D0 point (enabling the chip grounds D0 which loads a bios from the LPC so if you see the MS bios you know D0 isn't being grounded because the MS bios does not exist on your LPC modchip - read my Basic Troubleshooting Guide in my sig for a more indepth explanation on how this works and how to diagnose these issues).

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