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Hdd Install Clairification

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Posted 17 June 2004 - 02:03 PM

OK, before all of you ignore my post I have read all the tuts, each one is different. I am not an everyday noob. I just need a little clairification. If you used this tutorial and know how the .ini file reads please help me out. Thanks in advance!

I have a few questions regarding this tutorial (http://www.xbox-scen...dd-install2.php) on adding a larger Hard Drive. Any help could help me out tremendously.

Ok, yeah it is self explanatory but I want a clearer explanation on the formatting part shown below. My questions are as follow:

1) In the Tutorial it said to delete and replace everything under menu. Does that include the following [Action_10] and [Action_11]? I noticed a line in the replacement that made mention to [Action_10] that is why I ask.

This is what is After [MAIN] in my evox.ini


LogFile = "f:\lock.log"
Info "This function will lock your XBOX Harddisk"
Warning "You will now lock your XBOX harddisk and will be able"
Warning "to boot from an original XBOX bios"


LogFile = "f:\unlock.log"
Info "This function will unlock your XBOX Harddisk"
Warning "You will now unlock your XBOX harddisk and will not be able"
Warning "to boot from an original XBOX bios"

This is what I am replacing the origonal [Main] with to format my new HD. Please note the mention of [Action_10]
Section "Install Menu"
Item "Install New drive",@210
Item "MS Dashboard",ID_MS_Dash
Item "Reboot",ID_Quick_Reboot
Item "Power Off",ID_Power_Off
Info "Install HDD - Xbox-Scene"
Warning "This will format all drives"
Warning "Make sure you have a backup of C & E"
Progress "Formatting drives"

ConfigSector "\backup\disk.bin"
Format c:
Format e:
Format f:
Format g:
Format x:
Format y:
Format z:

2) Notice the [Action_10]??? What should I do? Should I delete the top 2 [Action_XX] headers (are they part of the main?) and its info or should I leave it and add the new information directly above in the [main]?

3) Lastly in part 10, where in the .ini file should I put this?
Item "Lock Harddisk",@210
Item "Unlock Harddisk",@211

Thanks a bunch!

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