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Softmod And Homebrew Modchip Please Help!

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#1 GiGaX


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Posted 28 June 2004 - 03:17 AM

First I started by of course reading. and reading and reading. (My Xbobx is an V1.0) So I figured I'd start with a Softmod. I used this guide http://www.maxconsol...id=87#PART2OPT3 to walk me thru the steps. All went well until I edited the xboxdash.xbe file for unicode Latin strings of XTF. the problem wasn't finding them it was that once I saved this file and signed it as noted the Xbox wouldn't go into any dashboard? Everything worked great up until this point. I even upgraded the HD to a 20gig HD. Which works GREAT!!!!

I attempted to use the Easy Phoenix install V1.0 which installed everything without any problems but once again when I reboot or power cycle the dashboard doesn't come up, just the your box is broken error????? (would like to try the V3 if there is a windows compiled version of it. ???)

So I reasearched the homebrew modchip.. http://www.xbox-scen...homemademod.php Sounded like fun and made sense. I restored my Xbox to near virgin status. and found a 32 pin winbond 29c102 eeprom. (which Iam assuming is eeprom, not sure what the diffrence is between eprom and flashrom, I tried the wiring for both types as shown) I flashed it in my system with Evox's bios also tried my own bios after editing it to 256kbs prgrammed fine. soldered the wires on everything looked great. I had a friend come over to verify all 29 solder points. but when I turn it on, it turns off and on 2 times then stay's on on the third time but with either green and red flashing or red and orange.

The tutorial ( http://www.xbox-scen...d_diagrams.html ) pic says to soldier that one unnumbered point to 32 (LINK TO POINT 32 [MB]) so I assumed that it was point 32 on the mother board !!! but when thats on I get problems turns off then on 3 times. If I remove it the system boots fine. So the chip doesn't seem to work. I even installed evox's dashboard?

Any enlightenment would help. or comments..


p.s. I really don't want to buy a modchip...

#2 Sonicjam


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Posted 28 June 2004 - 03:34 AM

hey how can u tell what version is ur xbox

#3 GiGaX


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Posted 28 June 2004 - 03:38 AM

Because its VERY old. one of the first when they came out and by comparing the pictures of the mother board on websites to myown. And I remember seeing it in mxm or evox somewhere??

Please don't ask me questions though I can't guarentee my answers are right. im just looking for info as well.


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