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Chronicles Of Riddick

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#1 overdrive


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Posted 29 June 2004 - 08:55 AM

CHRONICLES OF RIDDICK: Escape from Butcher Bay

First off, amazing game. There aren't too many bad things to say about this title.
I'll hit the bad first.

1) On occasion you can see opponents through walls, they shoot at you and can see you but they miss due to you being behind the wall. (very minor)
2) A few awkwardly challenging areas that seem to go endlessly. (again very minor)
3) NO MULTI PLAYER MODE... boooo....

That's about all the negative, now the good stuff.

Amazing graphics, amazing sound, and most of all great usage of the whole screen without distracting icons, maps, healthbars etc. on screen. Gives the game a cinematic look to it. Even if you don't like the "overacting" of Vin Diesel, you'll probably get into this one as it fits and is probably the one role he can't screw up.

Overall I give this one a 9.5 out of 10.

#2 jopo


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Posted 04 July 2004 - 06:56 PM

The only one negitive that i had about the game was where you went throught the mines(first time going throught was great) but when i had to go back to get the bomb to blow the cave open i left all the guys there so i had to sneak past them again. but everything else rocked, another problem i had was the music wassn't streaming that good from my dvd but i guise it was cause of the dvd(- teon), (very crappy dvd, lol) yup

#3 micah


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Posted 05 July 2004 - 02:21 AM

I really loved the stun gun part of this game. Stunning people and then stomping them. Also the death matches in the yard, those were pretty slick. I didn't care for the zombie level(s), but everything else was fun. I personally think the final level is the most fun.

#4 ILLusions0fGrander


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Posted 05 July 2004 - 06:19 AM

yea, besides lookin at vin deasel everytime you get health, the game was amazing... kinda short, but the last few boards were filled with tons of exciting shit like being in the mech-thing, and continuously thinking the games over and theres another part to it...
surround sound helps this game, just wish it was longer... very original tho.

#5 overdrive


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Posted 05 July 2004 - 09:37 AM

you know only after I finished that section did I realize that there was a stun gun available earlier in that part of the game which would have made it alot easier.

I agree though, I got stuck wondering where the heck to go when I was riding the cell.... gotta love the "i think Im almost done... .DOH" moments!

#6 jesus_clone


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Posted 06 July 2004 - 12:00 PM

Its a pretty good game overall, but I got stuck through it sometimesm, repetative and i want a multiplayer mode frig damnit

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#7 rjpear


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Posted 10 July 2004 - 08:45 PM

From a Computer Gamer..and a not too happy Xbox gamer (I find the controls to be awkward..sicne I'm used to the WASD and mouse combo).. I stuck with Riddick.. and found it to be a very enjoyable single player experience. I have not had the patience to finish HALO yet..I kinda lost interest...But I would think that calling Riddick the finest XBOX game out there would not be a stretch.
Riddick is very gritty and I think thats what kept me going. Plus you really could play hte game 2 ways..stealthy..sneak up and break a neck etc..or just guns ablazing. IT's one of those games wher you felt like you were VinDeisel's character..kicking ass and unstoppable...
I would really rate it a solid 9 out of 10 for single player... The only reason it didn't get a 10 is I had to restart midway throug due to a corrupt save game file!! YUK!!

Oh..Sit through the End Credits (all the way..it's like a 10 min stream)..and you will get a little movie teaser... I think that what it's from...

Nice work..Waiting for Riddick 2... muhaha.gif

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#8 deathx88


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Posted 10 July 2004 - 09:30 PM

haven't played it yet
but from what i've seen it looks pretty good

i like some of the things such as if you look down you can see your feet, unlike other games it looks like you can float over edges

also the graphics look awesome

#9 freakdave


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Posted 11 July 2004 - 10:29 AM

by the way :
the original soundtrack is now available for download ! It's 100% legal,so here you go :


file size appox: 43.7 MB

from the included readme:

The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay - Original Video Game Soundtrack
Running Time: 46.6 minutes

The Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay - Original Video Game Soundtrack includes music from the game and four exclusive mixes which are medleys of individual game tracks.

All tracks composed and performed by Gustaf Grefberg
Assistant composer Johan Althoff

Beast Within (Action)
Code Red (Action)
Code Red (Sneak)
Critters (Action)
Critters (Sneak)
Pope Joe Theme
Prison Break (Action)
Prison Break (Sneak)
Showdown (Action)
Showdown (Sneak)
The Arrival
Butcher Bay Slam Mix
Desert All Around Mix
Exploration Mix
I Can Escape Anything Mix
End Credits

The Chronicles of Riddick™: Escape From Butcher Bay is now available for Xbox® game system from MS.

Have fun with it ! beerchug.gif

#10 sulfur


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Posted 13 July 2004 - 04:16 AM

^sweet soundtracks are a nice bonus.

this game is a great example of a movie based game should be. good graphics, nice gameplay. only thing was wish it had more replay value. i got 85% of the bonus stuff, without trying. but very nice.

#11 Unregistered007


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Posted 14 July 2004 - 03:54 PM

I never say antyhing about movie based games but this is one above averge game that every Xbox Owner should play.

The only bad thing about this game has to be the stealth parts, I wish it was in 3rd person. beerchug.gif

#12 jesus_clone


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Posted 15 July 2004 - 02:01 PM

I agree most movie/tv based games are mostly shit but riddik was better than average

#13 MrBones


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Posted 21 July 2004 - 08:45 PM

You people complain about movie based games not being good, but this game isn't based on a movie, only on what happened to a character from a movie before the movie took place. I don't think it would've been half as good if it had been based on either of the movies. When you base a game on something, especially a movie, you usually lose parts of it due to them not wanting you to either play through extremely boring parts, or listen to 15 minutes of dialogue.

I thought this game was excellent, and I'm thinking about starting another game up right now just from talking about it. 9.5/10

#14 tripleXXtreme


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Posted 30 July 2004 - 04:50 AM

Well I just finished that game and heres my opinion.

First off the bad:
I found myself getting lost alot or going to parts of the levels just to find out I had to get a certain item before I could go any farther. Which I had to go back to get. Also some of the rooms/vents seemed pointless in the game. Some left me thinking why was these put in the game because they took me to nothing but a big circle. That might have just been me though. The whole game after getting half way through the game seemed like one big maze. One last thing is lack in weapons(guns) and through alot of the game you couldn't even use weapons(guns). Not all will feel the same way about the stuff listed but I did.

The good:
Some of the best graphics I've seen on Xbox. Great gameplay/control. I liked the stealth alot and how you could do different stuff. Loved the first person fighting and how you do reversals on the guards. Liked how they made it seem you was in prison and really trying to escape(would explain part of the complaints above). Overall I think it was a good game and IMO as good if not better than Halo(which I thinks overrated). Most think the game was to short but not me I don't like a 20+ hour game. I like them in the 10-15 range. I don't have alot of time to play games so I like them to be fairly short.

Since its so short I can only recommend renting it unless you like replaying through games. You can beat in with a 5 day rental at 2 hours a day.

Overall 8.9/10

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#15 darkslider802


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Posted 30 July 2004 - 06:45 PM

i just played a demo of the game and it was great i might ren tthe game adn play it ,i dont know but its a really great game ,xbox finest,it will be on the platinum list in a few months

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