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Posted 12 July 2004 - 11:07 PM


Team Xos Dev's & members are a group of people working on a dashboard to help benefit users. They have asked for some rules to be followed which will be listed bellow:

1. Team Xos and Nexgen disapprove of piracy and forbid its discussion anywhere in our forums! We do not want to read your implications of piracy either. You will not get a warning. End of story.

2. #xboxopensource is a chatroom for people to come in & discus general talk about nexgen.

3. There will be no other talk about other dashboards there features or there dev members.

4. There will be no discussion on when nexgen will be released. It will be out when its ready.

5. There will be time when dev's will discuss features in #xboxopensource this means that what ever feature the dev's is discussing will be the topic.

6. We will not tolerate any spamming of any type.

7. There will be no discussion on softmods M$ dashboard errors or mod chips.

8. If you believe you can help us in any way then please let us know.

9. We are not responsible for any damages to your xbox while using our software.

10. Beta testers have been chosen & will receive a beta to test when we feel there is one ready.

11. Beta testers should no way leak any information or builds to other people or teams.

12. We don't host or distribute any binaries & the source code will be released once we are finished.

We have the right to ban or kick any one we believe has violated these rules!

Team Xos dev's are here to code & have fun. We don't accept payment or bribes in anyway. We only do this for experience and learning.

Contacting Us...

Here's a list on how to contact us if you need to...

On X-S Forum you can PM: neo-dilly, swolsten, HoRnEyDvL, Bucko, SNICK! and Sp0oK.

Or just by posting a message on the forum.

We also have a website http://www.xboxopensource.com/ and a forum on that aswell.

We are also on EFNet in channel #xboxopensource.

n3xg3n rules!

Nexgen V2.0.0 NYE NFO...

Feature Log (As this is coded from scratch):
* LUA based skin engine using source obtained from http://www.lua.org
* XBFileZilla(info) based FTP server using source obtained from XBMC cvs code (source will be released soon for all of the dashboard)
* PNG file format support including alpha channel support
* M$ Dashboard soundtrack playing support
* XBG file format support (3d models)
* Dash files can be put anywhere (as long as it's in the same place)
* Cherry's patch code added for switching between PAL and NTSC modes
* TinyXML based XML parser for use with neXgen.xml configuration
* Matrix style screensaver
* File cache for speedier booting of neXgen (has issues)
* Sound player (for use in skins)
* Snowflake render (was for christmas release but too late)
* Fog render!!! (Finally)
* XBE Autolist (for Apps, Emus and Games)
* Autolaunch Audio Discs, DVD's and Unknown's
* Working skin switcher
* 3D Cameras (set position etc.)
* Much more "Behind the Scenes" code
Currently Known Bugs:
* 3d meshes cannot be rendered over 2d layers
To-Do List:
* More formats for music player (such as mp3)
* Virtual keyboard
* Disc Ripper
* Music Manager
* File Manager
* Save Game Manager
* Settings configurable in dash including xbox configuration
* Hardware control (drive locking etc.)
* Other stuff

Site Status...

The new site is done, enjoy biggrin.gif http://www.xboxopensource.com


04/07/2006 - Site (.com) seems to be down now, I tried to contact Harry on MSN but he didn't reply.

02/08/2006 - The main nexgen site has always been hosted by Xbox-Scene so we are thankful for them, I have fixed the site set-up (and the PSP site it was hacked, I updated it as well) to this temporary address. http://spider.xbox-scene.com/~xos/ some things might not work but I tried to update what I can.

FAQ... (from original pinned FAQ thread)


Well neXgen sources are releases & what can i say but wow. Now that XdashOs & neXgen are identicle, we have decided to scap most of our code & implement what other features we have got into neXgen.
So expect a release Soon. Not sure how soon but hopefully soon soon.

Q. Sounds great.....Will it have video support for games?

A. Well u never know we might. Thnx to benjeremy for releasing his sources for mxm we can always make it display a movie instead of displaying the titleimage.xbx

Q. Will it continue to use XML for the main settings file?

A. Yes

Q. Will password support for specified selections be available in future releases (not the buttons pass like the the msdash, but more like a letter/digit password)?

A. Maybe

Q. I noticed that in Nexgen 0.95 it has Flash Bios in the settings.
Does that feature even work and is it being implemented in XDashOs??

A. There is a code there to flash the chips already and it's still there. It probably just needs some testing.

Q. I have some fixes with the code, where do I send the updates? Not much though, just with the FTP Server. neXgen code is one of the cleanest code I've ever seen. It's very easy to follow and understand, kudos to the guys who came up with it.

A. www.xboxopensource.com click on the contact page

New FAQ I have made, here it is, also on the main site now:

What is nexgen?

Nexgen is a dashboard that is developed by team xboxopensource (xos) and it's main goal is to look as good as the m$ dashboard and remain open source at the same time. Nexgen is also having code and 3D modeling assistance from team Blackstormx.

How do you install nexgen beta 1?

You install nexgen beta 1 by extracting the Nexgen v1.1 Beta1.ace file (obtained from the usual places) with Winrar and use an application such as FlashFXP to connect to your current dashboard and place all the folders and files on to the C drive. The XBE can be placed anywhere or on any drive such as your apps folder but remember to rename nexgendashboard.xbe to default.xbe if you want your current dashboard to automatically detect it.

Files & Folders that MUST be placed on C:\

C:\skins (directory)

I want to make nexgen my default dashboard, how do I go about this?

As stated before you install all the main files and folders on C but instead of using nexgendashboard.xbe as an app you put this on the root of your C drive and rename it to evoxdash.xbe and it will boot as your dashboard (how I have done it under Evox M8 on my Xenium mod chip). I only suggest you do this if you have tried nexgen as an app then that way you can see if beta1 works for you or not. There has been some iffy bugs so far that we are trying to nail out in beta2.

I don't have an Xenium Mod Chip, how do I disable that annoying Xenium-OS tab?

Simple, you edit the file nexgen.xml and if you scroll down towards the bottom there will be an option that says <Enabled>yes</Enabled> and change that to say no. While you are in the XML file you might also want to look at some of the options near the top like fan speed, and xbox nick name etc.

When I use the DVD2Xbox feature there is no progress bar, why?

Well this hasn't been implemented yet (remember we are still beta), we hope to have something in beta2 but can't promise anything For now, use your xbox front panel for DVD status, the default LED status colors are as follows, but can be changed to your liking:

Transfer (ripping DVD): Red
Error (if any): Fast red
Complete: Green

When I connect to my Nexgen dashboard via SmartFTP it shows the drives but not the folders or files?

SmartFTP sends some extra commands which which result in the folders and files not showing, we are fixing this in beta2 of Nexgen.

If I place a custom skin in the skins folder it does not show up on the skins menu, why?

Again an annoying bug in beta1, we will fix this in beta2.

I have set-up Nexgen and it detected my games but they do not load, why?

I had this problem my self when Using an X2.1Lite mod chip, I have since upgraded to an Xenium and all is fine now, I have tried to recreate this situation but I can't. If you have this situation please contact us via the contact page so we can iron it out in beta2. The only thing to do atm is to delete the Nexgen cache data in the m$ dashboard game saves then restart Nexgen.

How do I submit a skin to Nexgen?

You can submit a skin to nexgen by going to this thread over at out Xbox-Scene forums and following the instructions by using Easy-Up on our main web site.


How can I beta test the latest Nexgen?

You can beta test Nexgen by going on #n3xg3n on IRC through the EFNET network, this chan will give you FTP details to try our latest beta, please report bugs, suggestions etc in the chan or on the forums.

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